OLTL Update Wednesday 2/26/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/26/03

By Laura
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Natalie assures Cristian that she’s ready to move out. He thinks she should wait but she says it doesn’t feel like home and it never was. He tries to convince her that her family loves her as much as they love Jessica, but she wants to drop the subject. He obeys and goes apartment hunting. Jessica comes in and Natalie tells her she and Cristian are getting a place together now and she’s moving out. Jessica wonders if it’s going to take some time and suggests she stay at Llanfair until she finds a really great place. She insists that she and Cristian just want to be alone. Jessica reminds her that she really loved Llanfair when she first got there and she begins to remember the past.

Jessica asks Natalie if she’s moving because she’s not happy being a part of the family anymore. She fails to tell the truth. Natalie asks about the trunk and Jessica tells her it’s Victor’s old things and it’s how she and Viki found her. Jessica adds that it was very difficult for their mother but she did it because she loves Natalie and nothing could have stopped her. Jessica asks her what’s the matter with her and why she doesn’t feel lucky to have two wonderful parents instead of a psycho dad. Natalie says she’s the lucky one and then storms upstairs to continue packing.

Al falls asleep at the diner with his books and laptop in front of him. Flash orders fries and a black coffee and Marci gives her attitude instead. She puts a CD in Al’s laptop. He wakes up and sees the time. He runs out and Rex catches him and tells him the professor already collected the exams. He tells Rex he studied for it all night and then slept through it. Rex offers him some help, a few “study aids”. Al says if Jessica knew she’d be glad he got kicked out of Llanfair. Al assures him he doesn’t want that kind of help and Rex suggests that if Al drops out of school he can save his broke dad the tuition. Rex then says hello to Flash and asks about the hangover. He asks if she remembers everything that happened? He tells her that one of the rooms got ripped off last night.

Gabrielle and Max come to see Al at the diner. They ask about the exam and he tells them he aced it. Max admits that they’re checking up on him because he’s flunking out of school. Al tells them they don’t have to worry but they assure him it’s a part of the job of being a parent. Max says they’re not there to pressure him or make him feel bad and Gabrielle says if he needs anything then ask, and then she gives him some money. Max takes out his wallet and feels embarrassed but Al just laughs and tells him it’s okay. Max promises that they’ll both get back on their feet soon and then Al leaves because he has “an appointment” with one of his professors. He says it's to make up some of the classes he flunked last semester.

Gabrielle tells Max not to worry so much and suggests that the midterm grades coming out soon will show that Al is doing much better. Rex overhears the conversation and thinks of ways to use it to his advantage. After Al goes, his parents are skeptical that he’s really doing as well a he says he is but hopeful that Al will surprise them. Rex comes up behind Al and teases him about his parents, and adding that he’s lucky Roxy doesn’t care about his grades. Al agrees to meet rex’s friend.

Victor awakes and reaches out for his daughter who backs away. He tells her he loves her and she says no one who loves her could have done what he did, trying to take one of his daughter’s hearts. She informs him that she remembers everything he did to her. He tells her that the world is filled with sickness and he needed to go somewhere disease couldn’t find him but death came so close. He adds that he knows she loves him but she swears that’s not true. He tells her he wants to live forever. He adds that Lawrence tricked him by bringing the wrong girl. She says it doesn’t matter because he still planned to kill his granddaughter either way. He assures her that he needed the heart of a Lord and that all families have sacrifice. She counters that he is beneath contempt and always has been.

Viki asks her father to make her understand why he is how he is and begs him to make her feel something for him other than revulsion. She asks him to tell her why he’s such a monster. She confronts him, with strength and anger, about what he did to her when she was a little girl and the devastation it caused her. He says he loves her and she assures him that she used to believe that, and loved him in return, ad honored his memory when he died, but he never loved her and his mind had fractured to keep her from discovering the secret. He asks what secret, what is it she thinks he did. She says he can pretend otherwise but he knows exactly what she’s talking about and she’s going to stand there until he admits what he did and why. He swears he doesn’t know.

Viki yells that she got on with her life in spite of her father and raised a wonderful family, something he has no understanding of, but since he is back now, she is going to hold him accountable. She says she’s going to find out how any father could do that to his child and then she is going to let him die. He begs for his life, begs her to bring him a heart, and agrees that he’ll tell her if it saves his life. She orders him to admit it before he dies, he goes into arrest, and Troy comes in to save Victor’s life. Troy tells Viki that something is putting too much strain on her father’s heart. He tells her that her father needs to rest and isn’t strong enough for visitors right now. She asks him to keep her father alive and Troy assures her he’s doing all he can to find a compatible heart. He assumes she must love him very much and she in turn assures the god doctor that wanting her father to stay alive has nothing to do with loving him.

Keri takes the baby home, with her father there supporting her. He shows her the stroller and crib and everything else in baby style. Liz walks in, frantic since finding out Keri took the baby home. Liz tells her daughter that she knows what she and Antonio did was unforgivable, but it doesn’t give Keri the right to take their baby. Keri tells her mother that the baby isn’t hers but she won’t hear it. She tells her mother that she was already carrying Antonio’s baby when they did the transfer. She asks if Antonio knows and Keri assures her that he’s not going to, and that she’s going to take her baby some places Antonio won’t find them.

The phone rings, a pipe has burst at Capricorn, and with Keri’s insisting, R.J. goes to his underwater hang-out. Liz brings up the daughter she lost but says after everything she’s glad the baby is hers and Antonio’s, the way it should be. Keri assures her mother that nothing is the way it should be but Liz thinks that it can be. She tells her daughter that they can build on the blessing they’ve been given but Keri thinks Antonio doesn’t deserve a blessing. Liz reminds her that she once thought the same and then robbed Keri of the chance to know her father. Keri says she doesn’t want her child to know someone who lies like Antonio does. Liz thinks she’s making a mistake and she says she doesn’t care what Liz thinks. Liz promises that if Keri doesn’t tell Antonio, she will. Keri tells her that if she does, she’ll never see her granddaughter again.

When Liz opens the door to storm out, Antonio stands in the doorway asking why Liz took the baby to R.J.’s place. He asks if Liz is trying to take his baby away from him. He asks what’s going on and she advises he speak to Keri. He sees the baby and she tells him that what’s going on is that she’s leaving Llanview and she doesn’t want him to know where she’s going. She adds that her mother is going to take the baby back to Chicago and that will be the end of it. He says that he is the baby’s father and Liz is not going to shut him out of her life. She says she’s not the one shutting him out and he asks who is. R.J. comes in and informs Antonio that he’s the one trying to keep him from his daughter, because he’s trying to protect his own daughter. Antonio promises that he’ll have them thrown in jail if they try to take his baby from him. R.J. demands that he get out of his home until then. Antonio goes, after swearing that it’s far from over.

Cristian visits his mother and she gets on him about leaving the hospital before being released. He asks her for a favor, for he and Natalie to stay with her for a little while. She tells him that he and Natalie are both always welcome in her home. She says she needs to get to know Natalie better if she makes him so happy. Cristian then goes to Llanfair and tells Natalie that he found a place for them to live and he’ll tell he later, after Mitch’s arraignment. He goes to put her things in the car and she goes to tell her twin that she’s leaving.

Jessica tells Natalie that she plans to be with their mother during the arraignment. Natalie asks Jessica to not tell Viki that she’s moving out. Jessica says that their mother will find out sometime, but she agrees to wait, for Viki’s sake. Natalie tells her twin that she’s not doing this to hurt her. She says that they didn’t choose their family, but it’s the only one they have, and it’s a pretty amazing one. Natalie agrees and asks Jessica to take care of their mother to which she agrees. Viki comes home and burns the contents of her father’s trunk. She stands there and watches them burn while Victor lies helpless in his hospital bed.

Todd comes back to visit Mitch and to find out what Victor was talking about. Mitch bates him about shooting Cristian and having a murderous streak. When that doesn’t work, he bates him about Blair. When Todd still won’t let it go, Mitch tells Todd him Victor is just a delusional old man rattling on before he dies. Todd threatens to kill Mitch before Victor dies unless Mitch answers his question. Mitch tells Todd he had his chance to kill him at the theatre. Todd reminds him that Cristian got in the way but Mitch tells him to face the fact that he didn’t care who he shot as long as someone got hurt. Todd asks Mitch if he has any idea what he’s done to his family. Mitch again calls him a cold-blooded killer.

Todd claims he doesn’t understand why Mitch isn’t upset he’s going to spend the rest of his life in prison. When he assures Todd that he put his faith in the lord he asks if he means ‘Victor’ Lord. Todd tells Mitch there’s no way he’s ever going to let him hurt his family, but Mitch whispers, “Watch Me.” The lawyer arrives and Todd recognizes her, and then he leaves. She tells Mitch the documents are all taken care of. Then she prepares him for the arraignment and advises that everything is under control. Todd breaks into a room in order to find his father’s will.


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