OLTL Update Monday 2/24/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/24/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Starr demands to know why Toddís not allowed to come home and Blair assures her that heís out of their lives for good and only has himself to blame. She replies that somewhere Toddís thinking about how much he loves Blair. Blair demands Starr pick up something she threw but she just stands there. Blair asks if sheís listening and she says no, she doesnít listen, because she takes after her mother. Then she runs upstairs. Sam rings the doorbell and Blair lets him. He asks her if sheís okay after the incident with Mitch and she says sheís been better.

Blair confides in Sam that her daughter hates her because she broke it off with Todd. She says this time itís different and Todd knows it; this time Todd heard her. Blair tells Sam she asked Nora for help to put some money in a safe place for the children. He offers to help but she wonít allow it. He tells her his feelings havenít gone away, he still loves the children, and her. He says he understands that sheíll never love him like she loves Todd but she tells him he still means a lot to her and agrees to let him help. Sam asks if Todd accepts that what he did was wrong and she replies that Todd accepts that he has demons inside heíll never be free of.

Natalie is resisting the drug and the doctor is reluctant when Mitch orders him to give her more in order to speed up the process. He leans over and tells Natalie what theyíre doing, in a teasing manner. Victor turns around and he and Viki, along with Jessica. See each other for the first time in many years. He tells his daughter itís wonderful to see her again but assumes itís safe to say she doesnít feel the same way. Viki insists that this canít be happening, but her father says he thought he had taught her that things arenít always the way they appear. She starts to loudly and repeatedly demand that he tell her where her daughter is. When Mitch comes out to see what the commotion is, she asks him where Natalie is and Victor wants to know who Natalie is.

Viki barges into the operating room, grabs a knife, and warns them to stay away from her daughter. Viki asks if the woman standing there is Jessica and Jessica confirms that she is Jessica, his granddaughter. He calls in a few men with guns to point them at the man who has ďdared to double cross himĒ. Viki helps Natalie to sit up then demands to know whatís going on. Her father informs her that she needs the heart of a Lord or heíll die and admits that he plans to take Natalieís heart because it was a perfect genetic match. He adds that Mitch tried to pass the girl off with an imposter. Mitch assures him that Jessica and Natalie are twins and Jessica confirms that she has a twin. Victor agrees to leave the choice to Viki, to decide which heart he takes, which daughter she sacrifices.

Victor assures his daughter that heís taking a heart today and she needs to tell him which one. She calls him insane, Mitch comments that the girl on the table is already prepped and ready, but he tells Lawrence to shut up because itís Vikkiís decision. He reminds her that he taught her the world is a cruel place and if she wants to be a Lord she has to be strong enough to make hard decisions and decide what means most to her. He orders to be a lord and speak up, which she can she live without. She looks back and forth repeatedly from Jessica to, but before she is forced to give a name, Bo and his cavalry, including Cristian and Antonio, come to the rescue. Cristian goes to Natalie and they embrace while Antonio puts the medical staff on the ground by gunpoint.

Bo places Mitch and Victor under arrest but Mitch takes Jessica into his arm while holding a gun in the other. Bo asks whatís going on and Mitch tells him all of it, especially how sick Victor is in body and in soul. Mitch swears he wasnít going to allow anything to happen to Jessica. Bo asks Mitch what he was supposed to get out of the deal but before he can respond, Antonio gets him from behind and they struggle over Mitchís gun. The police take out Mitch, Victor and their men in handcuffs. Cristian follows the paramedics who take Natalie away. Jessica and Mitch share a glance, as do Viki and her father, Viki and Natalie, and finally Jessica and Viki who then embrace.

Joey looks for Bo and Hank tells him about the clinic in Jasonís Landing and that it seems to be where Mitch took Joeyís sister. Finally Bo and Antonio bring in Mitch and Jessica runs into her brotherís arms. She tells him Natalie is at the hospital. When he asks for details, she gives them while staring at Mitch. She tells her father that sheís here instead of at the hospital because she wanted to see them lock him up. He swears he did it all for her and Antonio takes him away. Joey assures his little sister that Mitch isnít her father in any way that matters. He asks why Mitch would want to do that to Natalie and she tells him about the deal Mitch made with their grandfather.


Viki asks the doctor about Natalie who thinks she is going to be fine. Cristian gives them a moment alone and Viki tells her that she would never have made the decision, that she never would have chosen between she and Jessica because she loves them both equally, with all of her heart. Natalie says she understands that, but her face when she turns away from her mother tells another story. Natalie tells her mother that sheís tired and she leaves her to rest. Joey comes to see his mother and then looks in on his grandfather. He tries to console his mother and then wants to see Natalie but his mother asks him to wait until tomorrow. He gets a phone call and she urges him to go to whoever it was that needs him. He goes but encourages her to call him if she needs anything. Viki asks the doctor about her father and the doctor tells her that his heart is deteriorating rapidly and if he doesnít get a heart transplant his chances are poor. She tells the doctor that he canít die because they have a lot of unfinished business.

Mitch makes another plea with his daughter and swears he did all this to save her. He asks for understanding, and a chance to show how much he cares. He says he was powerless against Victor Lordís power. She slaps him and says she now feels a lot better. Bo takes Mitch to a jail cell and Jessica thanks Antonio for saving her life. He says he was just doing his job. She argues, saying he was doing more than that. Then she goes to check on Natalie.

Cristian apologizes for not being there any sooner and she tells him how worried she was about him being shot. He jokes that he was never shot before and it was kinda cool. She laughs and they kiss. She begs him to never let her go. Meanwhile, Bo fills Nora in on what happened with Mitch and Victor. He tells her itís up to her and Hank to ensure that they pay for it, so long as Victor lives long enough to stand trial.

Flash and her male friend, the one with a platinum card, enter a hotel room at the Palace. He promises to show her the time of her life but she wants more alcohol first so he orders a bottle of their best champagne. They finish the bottle, order another, and he begs her to dance but she wonít so he asks her to sing instead. She refuses and he wants her to then do something else with her lips. Joey knocks on the hotel door and finds Renee worrying about Flash whoís passed out on the bed.

Roxy and Rex enter the hotel and she asks Renee for something with some booze in it. Rex asks her how sheís going to pay for everything since they donít have a dime left. Asa cancels all of Raeís credit cards and regrets that he hasnít had her killed. Then he blames Roxy for all of this. He swears that he hates her but Nigel believes that he feels quite the contrary. Roxy gets drunk and tells jokes and Rex is less than amused. Asa insists to Nigel that Roxy is rude, loud, drinks too much, has no class, that they have nothing in common, and that heíd never be hung up on a floozy like that. Rex tries to stop his mother from drinking any more and when she orders a meal Rex divulges to Renee that they canít afford it. He offers to work off any charges his mother ran up.

Rex asks Renee for a job and informs her that he canít keep his job at Break Bar because his motherís going to lose it in order to pay her debts. Renee is confused, thinking Roxy should have all of Maxís money, and Roxy fills her in on the accountant saying that the IRS is getting everything. Rex adds the bit about bad luck in Atlantic City, which annoys his mother. He tells her that everyoneís going to find out anyway, and to get a job from Renee he has to be completely honest with her. Renee tells Roxy that he can learn from him and after receiving a quick, unpleasant phone call, tells Rex to fill out an application so he can start tonight. He explains to his mother that once a person can properly fake sincerity, they have it made.

Todd pries open Victor Lordís coffin and promises that if Lordís not dead, heíll kill him. Then he goes to the Palace bar. Nora then enters the Palace bar and runs into Todd, literally, while talking on the phone to Sam. Todd calls her a stupid klutz and when she says he could help her pick up what sheís dropped, he says heís helping but not stepping on her fingers. Then he orders a double then changes his mind and orders a triple Vodka. Nora tells him about her new job and hints that she may get the opportunity to put him in prison. She adds that maybe when heís sixty heíll learn that he canít go around kidnapping or shooting or raping people. Todd assumes itís about Troy. Nora then asks about why he thought it was a god idea to trade Natalie for Blair. He suggests perhaps he was just born evil. She agrees he may be right but adds that it would never hold up in court. She asks if itís about the fact that his father may be alive, and then says that if Victor is anything like Todd, she hopes Victor is dead. Todd ends a phone call and angrily storms out of the bar. Todd pays his biological father a visit.


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