OLTL Update Wednesday 2/19/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/19/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Special fan favorite episode today, so no story progression

From Suzanne:  The show was divided up into different segments like little movies starring our favorite characters.  Each segment was introduced by Viki.  One was a western (in sepia tones) starring the Buchanans (including Clint!).  Mitch was the bad guy in the black hat.  One was like "The Matrix" starring the Vega brothers, Keri, Natalie, Jen, Hank, and oddly, Flash.  One was an old-fashioned 50's-like romance with Lindsay, Nora, Troy--and Tad from All My Children (Catherine Hickland's real-life husband).  I think that was my favorite (Al was also spotted).  One was an old-fashioned musical from the 30th's, in black-and-white, starring Todd, Blair, Starr, Viki, and Rae (only Blair and Starr sang).  One was a James Bond spoof with Max, Luna, Roxy, R.J. (and Rex in a small role).  They were very cute and you could tell the actors had fun with it and chewed a lot of scenery (i.e. over-acted).  I especially like R.J.'s Bond villain.  Sadly we did not see Gabrielle, Sam, Nigel, Emily, Liz or Carlotta.  It would have been fun to see Gabi in western attire or as one of Max's ladies!

From Laura: Max as Bond was close to my heart, R.J. had my favorite performance of all by far, and I LOVED seeing Luna again. The Vega boys looked HOT in their Matrix outfits and the male viewers would think the same of the leather-clad ladies. I am a HUGE fan of Chicago and I LOVE watching Blair and Starr do singing and dancing numbers. Mitch with a western accent and a cowboy hat is a hoot and the Clint and Natalie scene was one I’d been waiting to see for a long time. And watching Nora grovel at Lindsay’s feet, seeing Tad play “soul connection” with Lindsay, and Nora and Lindsay deciding their friendship is more important than any man, was almost too hysterical too watch. (Hillary and Catherine ALWAYS do great spoof scenes together). That being said, I think my favorite ‘movie’ was Bond, but my favorite moment was Clint and Natalie bonding.

Instead of being welcomed by “the voice of the night”, Viki welcomes us, eager to give us everything we’ve asked for. She shows us the movie posters starting with the dream of fame and fortune, “Starr over Broadway”, moving onto the love story of “Every Woman’s Dream” starring Lindsay Rappaport. Then she shows us dreams of danger, in Roxy and Max’s “Licensed to Kiss” (Holden, Max Holden), The Vortex starring the heroes, the Vegas (and their women). And finally, the dreams of action and adventure; the Buchanans take on the Wild, Wild West. Viki wishes to see that one first, so we do.

Clint brings in an injured Jessica for the cowboys Joey, Bo, and Asa, along with the loving mother, Renee, to help heal her. Clint tells Viki, also helping, that Jessica lost consciousness after saying only “Natalie.” Jessica comes to and tells her Pa that Mitch has Natalie. Cowboy Mitch assures his men that Jessica didn’t make it all the way home because there were to many hardships for her to endure. Suddenly, Bo and Clint come up behind one of the men who left for a cigarette and tell him that if he plays his cards right tonight, he’ll still be alive in the morning. Three of the good guys come in shooting from the front, and the angry father, Clint, comes in from the back, demanding that Mitch tell him where his daughter Natalie is.

Natalie runs into her father’s arms and when she says she was scared that her father might not come for her, Clint says nothing could have kept him away from her. He holds her and tells his daughter that he loves her. He tells her he knows it’s been difficult for her not knowing if she’d fit in, but she found her place and it’s as if she had been there all along. He adds that he’s not about to let anything mess that up, and that they’ve lost a lot of time, but asks her to start the catching up process. He holds his little girl and they walk home together. Asa tells his boys that everything they do is for the family. He says that it’s all worth it. The End.

Flash and Kerri help the Vega brothers save Natalie. Flash fixes the computer system so that the bomb won’t go off when they enter. They get inside and Natalie tells Cristian that Jen is here. Jen and her goons come to meet the Vega boys and their friends. Cristian tells Jen to let Natalie to go since it’s him she really wants. She agrees with him, reminding him that he broke her heart, after she taught him all the secrets made him a part of the Vortex. He tells Jen that Natalie is his way out, but she assures him there is no way out, the Vortex is everywhere, and growing so that soon there will be no outer world left, and in this world there’s no room for love.

Antonio attacks Jen’s goons, Flash gives him the number to unlock Natalie’s neck cuff, and when he takes it off the bomb is triggered. Jen orders that either Cristian stays with her or everyone dies. Suddenly, the lighting goes green as they’re distracted by “Gannon” pulling them out of the vortex. Natalie takes the opportunity to attack and kills Jen. The group returns to the station but when Antonio asks what happened, Hank tells him he doesn’t want to know. He explains that he got them out just in time and the vortex imploded and took Jen with it. Antonio and Keri go home together, Gannon buys Flash a drink, and Cristian and Natalie kiss. The End.

006 Holden wants to take Luna away but she’s more interested in giving him his mission, to stop Dr. mean and his beautiful mistress, Roxy Goldmuff. She gives him an anecdote for poison, a book of “Wise Sayings by Luna Moody”, and sends him to “stop Dr. Mean’s evil operation and steal the start button on the doomsday machine”. Roxy Goldmuff gambles, and wins, Dr. Mean encourages his mistress, and Rex runs the table. Dr. Mean assures that Goldmuff is ready should 006 arrive, and then goes to check on the hovercraft. Holden arrives immediately and places one million dollars, on 00, and wins, of course. He introduces himself to the lady, as Holden, Max Holden, and she does the same, and then offers him a drink. He orders a martini, very dry, shaken and not stirred, and she places a toxin in his drink.

Holden refuses the drink, stating that it was supposed to be stirred, not shaken. He takes out his lucky crystal to rub for good luck, but really uses it to see what she’s hiding. He’s convinced she has a heart of gold under all that…gold. She agrees, adds that she’s falling for him, and he asks her to come over to the god side. He asks her where he can find Dr. Mean and the man in question comes up behind Holden, with a gun. Dr. Mean tells Holden that the doomsday device informs them that the world has only 2 minutes and 59 seconds left. Holden asks him what he will rule if he blows up the world. His reply is “the universe” and as he’s laughing, Ms. Goldmuff attacks him, which ends in Dr. mean capturing her. Holden has a gun pointed at him, but Mean threatens that if he shoots him, he’ll kill Goldmuff.

Holden hands his gun to him, congratulating him on his win. Goldmuff drinks the poisonous drink and her last words are “Save the world, Max”. Dr. Mean wishes him better luck in the sequel. Dr. Mean shots him and when he doubles over he takes out a poisonous spray that he lets loose in the Dr.’s face. Dr. Mean coughs and crawls out of the bar. Holden then quickly gives the poison anecdote, given to him earlier by his beloved Luna, to Ms. Roxy Goldmuff, in order to save her life. He helps her up and she says she thought he was dead and he must have more than one life to live. He says he got “Always Be Prepared” out of Luna’s book of sayings. The time winds down to six seconds left and he presses a button to destroy Dr. Mean. It works, they feel something similar to a low-grade earthquake, and he saves the world. She asks him to save her as well but before he can kiss her, Luna interrupts. Luna agrees to take a trip with Holden to paradise. He tells her he’s licensed to kiss, only her, and as they do, he pulls down the shade. The End.

The waiter, Al, delivers a drink to the gorgeous and classy Lindsay Rappaport from one Mr. Tad Martin. Mr. Martin comes over and informs the lady that her luck is about to change, and that he has felt a connection with her since he first saw her across the room. Tad pulls her close, and they dance. Troy arrives and looks on. Tad asks if it love can happen like this in a town where not a lot happens. She assures him that actually a lot does happen here and he counters that it was a rhetorical question. He asks if he may kiss her and she says she can’t because she doesn’t know him. He tells her she knows all that she needs to about him and speaks of the “connection” Before they can kiss, however, the bartender tells him he has a phone call. He tells the woman on the other line that he doesn’t love her anymore because he just met the woman of his dreams, in a bar. He tells her that if he’s drunk, he’s going to stay that way.

Lindsay asks Tad how she’s supposed to trust him when every man has left her for someone else. He guarantees that her heart will never be broken again. Troy comes over and interrupts, assuring her that he loves her and has never loved anyone else. Then he adds that this man, Tad Martin, is set to marry another woman tomorrow. Tad admits he’s been married before, more than once, but states that his life has been a hollow, shallow shell up until the moment he met her. Then he proposes marriage to her. Troy begs her not to listen to Tad, trying to convince her that Tad’s been lying to her, and proposes marriage as well. She remembers though, that it’s Troy who’s really been lying to her. Tad grabs her and kisses her. She apologizes to Troy as she turns him down. She says that Troy had really been in love with…”Nora” Tad says, before Lindsay can. Troy repeats the name, seeing what Tad does, Nora standing behind them.

Lindsay asks Nora how she knows Tad, but when she jut repeats the question, it’s Troy who responds. It appears Nora is the woman Tad is set to marry. Lindsay and Nora both put the missing pieces together and Tad reiterates to Nora that they’re over because Lindsay is the woman he’s been waiting his whole life for. He says that love doesn’t take that long when it’s destiny. Lindsay asks her to give him up, if Nora really wants to be her friend like she says she does. She tells Lindsay that she does want to be her best friend, and asks where they went wrong. Lindsay replies that Nora made her do all those terrible things to her and then when she got put in prison Nora took Troy away from her. Nora insists that it’s all her fault and adds that she doesn’t blame her for anything. She asks for forgiveness but Tad says only a saint could forgive her. Troy and Tad attack Nora verbally and then say good-bye to her. Lindsay returns just long enough to tell Nora that she forgives her, and it puts Nora at ease. They drink to old times and good friends, good times and old friends, and never fighting again. Nora suggests shopping but Lindsay suggests that first they eat some chocolate. They agree that it’s every woman’s dream as Troy and Tad look on less than thrilled. The End.

All Starr wants to do is perform on stage as well as her mother does, but Todd comes in to tell them they’ve been evicted and they can only open if an angel comes in at this very moment with a briefcase full of cash. Viki comes in, looking for a Broadway show to invest in. He’s skeptical, but she assures him she came all the way from Llanview to invest 50 thousand dollars in a Broadway musical. He shouts that she’s not from Llanview; she’s from Heaven. But the problem is they can’t do a sister act without Blair’s sister, Rae. She finally enters, with a broken leg. Starr begs her mother to allow her to go on in Rae’s place. Viki convinces Todd to allow the kid to go on. Starr goes upstairs to get ready and comes back down instantly, in costume. She says she’s scared but Viki convinces her she’s going out there as a kid, but coming back as a star. Rae, Viki, and Todd look on as Blair and Starr perform Chicago’s “All That Jazz”. They get off the stage and Starr gets flooded with compliments. Todd tells them she’s going to Hollywood; Starr realizes she’s going to be a star. The End.

Bo finds Vicki in the room with all the posters of all the movies. He asks what she’s been doing and she tells him she’s been having the most wonderful time. He observes that all there is there are a bunch of old movie posters, but she corrects him. She says it’s the stuff that dreams are made of. Viki looks to the camera and recognizes that it’s our dreams, and theirs. She thanks us for sharing them and Bo asks us to keep dreaming.

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