OLTL Update Tuesday 2/18/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/18/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

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The radio announcer Voice of the Night talks about the storm and says it looks dead out there as the camera pans to the bodies of Todd and Cristian lying on the floor.  Outside, Blair is upset because she heard a gunshot.  The police go in carefully, with Bo in the lead.  First he finds Todd and wakes him up.  Todd is a little confused and feels his head where Mitch hit him.  At some point Todd remembers everything but he hides it from Bo because he doesn't want to admit what happened.  Antonio rushes in and sees Cristian and gets upset.  He takes off his jacket and puts it under his head as he yells at the cops to call for an ambulance.  Later he seems to have applied pressure to the wound to stop Cris from bleeding.  The ambulance takes a long time to get there.  Blair is outside a long time wondering what's going on.  Bo questions Todd, who lies and says that Mitch shot Cris, but he does tell the truth about everything else.  Bo finds the gun and bags it, then arrests Todd (not sure why but he does suspect of course that Todd is lying).  Todd pretends to be outraged but Bo shuts him up by saying he can see Blair outside for five minutes unless he doesn't keep his mouth shut.  A cop reads him his rights as he leads him away.  Outside, Blair is still upset and when Todd comes out, she rushes to him and hugs him tightly (his hands are cuffed).  He assures her that he's going to be all right.  She asks about Cris.  Cris awakens long enough to answer Bo's questions about who shot him.  He also tells Antonio to tell Natalie that he loves her.

At the hospital, Antonio runs into his mother, who was visiting Keri's baby.  He tells her that Cris has been shot.  Later we see Carlotta praying by Cris' bedside.

At Llanfair, Jessica tries to console a scared Starr, who is worried about her parents.  Viki returns so at first Starr thinks she's Todd and Blair.  Jessica and Starr fill Viki in on what happened briefly and then Viki gets Starr to leave the room so she can get the details from Jessica.  Viki tells Jessica that Ben is still in the coma but made the trip from Switzerland to New York.  Viki tells Starr that they're going to the police.  Starr doesn't want her to because she promised Todd she wouldn't, but Viki points out that Starr is not going, they are.  Starr wants to go because she hates waiting there but Viki convinces her that it's best if she stays and waits for her parents.

Jen is released from the hospital.  She is bummed and feeling sorry for herself.    Marcie arrives and blathers on.  She was so worried about Jen before.  Jen mopes and asks Marcie if she can help her get through the hospital paperwork but Marcie is going to be late for work.  Jen snaps at her so Marcie feels bad for her because Cris didn't visit her in the hospital.

Viki and Jessica find Todd handcuffed in Bo's office.  Bo fills her in on what happened.  Viki and Bo question Todd to get more information.  Todd finally does confess that he shot Cristian because he thought he was Mitch.  Todd tries to make excuses as they yell at him. They try to find out why Mitch wanted Natalie so badly, but Todd is no help.

Blair and Nora are at the hospital, concerned about Cris.  Blair tells her what happened and laments her relationship with Todd.  Nora tries to see if Blair knows anything that can help find Natalie.  Blair remembers that Mitch had some hair dye.  Bo and Nora touch base over the phone and compare what they've learned.  Blair tells Bo and Nora that Todd would never have shot Cris on purpose.

Jessica goes to see Cris and tells Antonio and Carlotta how sorry she is.  Carlotta blames Natalie.  Troy tells them that the bullet went through Cristian and there's no internal damage, so he should recover.  Jess runs into Jen in the hallway and tells her about Cris.  Antonio visits Cris, who has awakened.  His only thought is to get to Natalie.  Jen visits and tells Cris all about how she went to Mitch's house, and what she found, and how he threatened her and so she changed her story.  She blames herself but as usual, Cristian doesn't.  He wonders if there's anything she saw that might help find Natalie.  She can't think of anything but then remembers something.

Blair goes to Llanfair and is joyfully reunited with Starr.  Starr thinks Todd might be a hero.

Viki is irritated at Todd for what he did.  She sees the scarf that was with Natalie.  She recognizes the L monogram and the scarf as being like the kind her father, Victor Lord, used to wear.  It leaves her shaken and Todd is a bit weirded out, too.

Antonio talks to Jessica about how Cris wants to leave the hospital already, to search for Natalie.  He wishes he could spend more time with his daughter.  Jess consoles him as he worries that Keri may never forgive him.  Jen tells them that she lied about Mitch.

Mitch and Natalie arrive at a motel; she is bound and gagged.  She tries to scream but he threatens to kill her.  He phones the nurse at the hospital where the old man "L" is and tells them he has the girl so they should start the preparations.  Mitch drugs Natalie and then does something mysterious to her in the bathroom (she's wearing a robe).  Later, he drags her in to see the old man and tells him Victor Lord to meet his granddaughter, Jessica.  Natalie is out of it but still looks surprised at what he says.

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