OLTL Update Monday 2/17/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/17/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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The voice of the night calls Valentine’s Day a mask, an easy way to say ‘I love you’. It’s al the other days that loving someone really counts.

Mitch takes out a costume and shows it to Blair who is far from amused. Mitch tells Blair it wouldn’t be a show without Todd and she gets hung up on the word ‘show’ realizing that Mitch is trying to pull a fast one on Todd. She assures Mitch that Todd’s coming for her, and pumps him for information about what he’s planning. She says she’s just trying to pass the time, and assures a worried Mitch that Todd will show and then Mitch will be sorry. She warns him that if Todd feels threatened he attacks like an animal and it’ll be over before Mitch knows it. He calls on God and she assures him that God’s not going to help him. He calls Todd who answers the phone and tells him he sees an abandoned theatre up ahead. Mitch instructs him to pull in and be patient.

Natalie wakes up and sees Todd. He yells at him, hits him, and demands to know what her uncle did to her boyfriend. She offers to do whatever he wants if he just drives her back to save her boyfriend. Todd laughs when he realizes that she thinks he shot Cristian. He assures Natalie that all he did is drug him to go to sleep, and he’ll wake up soon enough just like she did. She demands to know where they’re going and he admits that they’re going to see Mitch and he also explains the reason. She grabs his phone. He says he does care, because she’s his sister’s kid, but they have no choice. She asks why he has the gun but asks him to tell her what he wants her to do.

Natalie talks to Todd about the snow and then calls herself stupid. He tells her she’s not stupid, all she has to do is stick to the plan, and when she mentions it, adds that marrying Mitch was just a simple mistake. He tries to assure her everything will be okay and she won’t mess up everything. Todd assures her none of this is her fault and that just because she screwed up in the past doesn’t mean she’ll screw up now. He tells her it doesn’t work like that and says her mother should be giving her the advice. He adds that if Viki’s on her side then she can’t be all bad, and reassures her that everything will be fine.

Cristian and the driver see the car swerving and Cristian informs the driver, upon being asked, that the guy they’re following has a record. The driver points out that they’re in the middle of nowhere. Cristian pleads with the driver to move faster and then daydreams about Natalie and their time together making love, then about Todd’s sudden presence and what he did to her. The driver starts to worry about Todd being dangerous. Cristian suggests that they run Todd off of the road and the driver is extremely reluctant to harm himself or his truck. Cristian offers to allow him to do the driving instead and the driver refuses. The driver tries to get Cristian to relax. He says they’ll follow them but if Todd doesn’t get there soon they’ll lose ‘em because they’re almost out of gas.

‘L’ awakens; surprised he made it through the night, and asks if ‘it’ is today. ‘L’ wonders why Mitch hasn’t called yet and says he’d better call soon because he has no patience, or time, left. ‘L’ takes his pills and swallows, in order to keep his heart moving. He assures the nurse that it’s “the girl” that keeps him alive.

Jessica tries to comfort Starr after her nightmare, and asks her if she wants to talk about it. She says she can’t talk about it. Jessica offers to tell her about her dream. She tells her about the party, and about her being dressed up as a princess. She tells her bad stuff happened at the party but assures her that the things that happen in bad dreams can’t hurt you. Starr finally divulges her dream about her father going after her mother who was kidnapped by the “guy in the newspaper”. Then she tells Jessica about Blair being called a “bargaining chip”.

Bo tells Antonio about Cristian’s call and sends him to check up on he and Natalie. The officer who was sent earlier arrives and tells Bo that he got clopped from behind and it looked like Natalie and Cristian cleared out before he got there. Antonio assumes it was Mitch, but they realize that Mitch was in Bo’s office around the time the officer was at the lodge. Bo then explains to him why he thinks it must have been Todd instead. He gets a call from Jessica telling Bo that he needs to know something Starr told him.

Jessica wraps Starr up in a blanket and makes her some hot chocolate, like when she was little. Starr asks Jessica to promise not to tell her father that Starr divulged her dream to her. She promises, and also promises to do whatever she can to get them home safely. Starr then asks Jessica why she had a picture of the scary man. Jessica says it’s because she’s scared of him too, and admits that he hurt her mother also.

The doorbell rings and Jessica tells Starr that there’s a few people there who want to ask her a few questions about her dream in order to help her find her parents. Starr wants them to know it was only a dream. Bo and Antonio tell her about Natalie and she has the ‘twin feeling;’ that Natalie’s in trouble. They fill each other in on what they each know. Bo goes to call the station and Jessica asks Antonio about the baby. She calls him a good man but he doesn’t believe it. He asks her if she’s okay with the Mitch Lawrence thing and she feels guilty for dragging her uncle and aunt into this.

Mitch is thrilled to see that Todd has arrived, and that he’s with Natalie. Mitch orders him inside so they can exchange wives. He assures Mitch that if he hurts Blair he’ll kill Natalie but nods in Natalie’s direction to let her know it’s not true. The truck driver and Cristian also pull up to the theatre. Cristian gives the driver Antonio’s number and instructs him to call. The driver wishes him luck and lets him off. Todd and Natalie walk into the theatre and the spotlight is on them. Mitch instructs him to bring Natalie to the stage and then to leave her there. Todd repeatedly asks for Blair and Mitch makes comments about how he must miss his wife and her kisses. He goads Todd about allowing him to let Blair get away and Natalie urges Todd not to let Mitch get to him.

Cristian heads around the back and hears people talking about killing a woman. Cristian sees the men carrying Blair away and he comes out, catches them by surprise, and attacks them. A man pulls out a gun, and with a little help from Blair, Cristian wrestles it away. He helps Blair get out of the ropes and Cristian asks if Todd hurt Natalie. She assures him that Todd wouldn’t hurt his niece and then he makes her wait while he goes inside to checks on things and get Natalie.

Todd asks for Blair, and starts to scream the question when Mitch leads him towards a dummy dressed to look like Blair. Mitch explains to Todd that he hasn’t followed all of Mitch’s instructions and orders him to leave Natalie with him. He walks with her and demands to see Blair. Mitch tells Todd to leave Natalie on the stage, throw his gun into the audience, and go. Natalie begs him to do as he’s instructed. Mitch promises he’ll lead him to his wife but Todd refuses to do so until he sees Blair. Todd asks Mitch where he is and he assures him that he’s in the audience. Todd gets scared and shoots at the first person he sees, who happens to be Cristian. Mitch turns on the lights and laughs maniacally at Cristian lying helpless on the ground. Blair hears the gunshot from outside and fears that it’s Todd.

Jessica brings Antonio into the room where Starr’s watching television. Antonio’s phone rings and it’s the truck driver informing them where Cristian is. He tells Bo that he’s found them and they take off. Jessica calls to find out what’s going on but there’s no word. She tells her cousin that her parents will be home very soon.

Natalie sees Cristian, screams his name, and runs to his side. She holds his hand and begs him not to leave her. Mitch becomes angry that Todd brought someone with him, against Mitch’s orders. Todd looks stunned. Bo finds Blair and she tells him she just heard a gunshot. Todd looks at Natalie and Cristian and can’t believe what he’s done. Mitch clobbers him from behind and takes Natalie away, literally kicking and screaming.