OLTL Update Friday 2/14/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/14/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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The voice of the night reminds it’s viewers what special holiday today is. The voice talks about dreams and in them the search for knowledge about ourselves and the ones we love. He says that in dreams we ask to see the line between obsession and love.

Cristian calls out for Natalie but Todd has already left with her. Cristian sees a vehicle and tries to get it to stop. A trucker picks him up and follows Todd’s car on Cristian’s request. Cristian falls forward, unconscious. The driver wakes him up and says he needs to find Cristian a hospital. He orders the driver to follow the tracks instead because it’s a matter of life and death for his girlfriend.

Blair dreams that Todd is sitting next to her, there to rescue her and bring her to a Valentine’s party. He tells her heart is filled with love and forgiveness. She asks if it’s a dream and he asks her not to be so suspicious. The party is filled with people talking and dancing, like R.J. catering to Renee and Rae, Troy and Lindsay dancing close, and Bo and Gabrielle in love, also dancing. Todd leads Blair by the hand and tells her she’s safe. She says she can’t relax because she doesn’t trust him and he says that deep down she knows she’s safe with him. He pulls her close for a dance.

The clock ticks and Blair returns to Capricorn, only it’s now empty except for Todd. He says it’s her dream and she can bring them all back to the room if she wants to. She says she’s upset because she’s letting him back into her life. He reminds her that it’s her dream and he’s there because she wants him there. She replies that he followed her into her dream and he haunts her worse than ghost and complains that it’s not fair. He reminds her that they complete each other, and that she knows it. She asks him if he’s coming for her and tells him about Mitch and being held hostage. She asks if she can count on him. Blair wakes up and says Todd’s name. Mitch asks her who she’s whispering to, God, as a final prayer, or Todd? He asks if Todd answered. She tells him to go to hell and he counter that Todd’s time is running out. She says she can feel that Todd’s coming for her.

Natalie dreams about searching for Cristian. She asks Troy and Hank for him, and then she asks Bo who asks to see her license and invitation. Bo suggests she look elsewhere for Cristian. She asks Rae, then Lindsay and Sam they refuse to help because she’s a thief of hearts. She asks Jessica and she tells her to stop whining, and then adds that she doesn’t belong here and she’ll never fit in. She asks Jessica why she won’t help and she responds that helping her is a job that never ends and she doesn’t belong. Jessica says that the music is much more interesting than she is, and asks her to leave. Natalie tells Jessica she doesn’t have a right to talk to her like that and then asks her why she’s so shallow. She tells her that Cristian is the only one who will ever see more in her than what she really is, and then points out that Cristian has disappeared. She vows to find him and says their love is stronger than fear, stronger than anything. Mitch comes in and tells her she’s wrong, as usual. Suddenly no one is there except Natalie and Mitch and he swears she will never escape him. Back in the real world, Todd feels Natalie’s forehead and notice that the fever is gone.

Natalie returns to her dream and she tells her husband to get out of her life. She tells Mitch that she has so much love in her heart she can conquer anything, including him, because he’ll never know her kind of love. He asks her why she’s all alone, and then. Cristian suddenly appears and tells him love is stronger than hate and he’ll lose. Antonio and Bo arrest Mitch and take him away as he screams for his wife and daughter.

Jessica dreams that everyone at the party compliments her but she walks past, and straight to Antonio who calls her little miss rich girl. He’s unimpressed with her dress. He calls her princess and she explains that she’s had a lot to deal with in her life. He gets a call and then arrests her for being Mitch’s daughter. She makes a comment about his life falling apart and he looks behind him, following Jessica’s glance, to see Kerri, R.J., and the baby. She apologizes for the comment and then he apologizes for having jumped all over her. They discuss mistakes and she assures him that he can move on now that he’s admitted to them. She adds that if he ever needs anything, she’s there for him. He thanks her but says it’s not that simple and he can’t talk to her because she’s Mitch Lawrence’s daughter, which is a crime, and then he handcuffs her and leads her away. She wakes up and looks outside. Starr awakens from a nightmare and Jessica is there to comfort her.

Todd calls Starr and asks her to hang in there, assuring her that he’ll bring back Blair soon. Todd instructs her to go back to sleep and when she wakes up everything will be over. She falls asleep and dreams

Flash dreams about Joey coming to take her some place special. She says she’s too cold to move and he suggests they heat things up. He takes her to the party and she says she’s never been to a place like this before. He tells her to think of this as a night of possibilities and the voice of the night says the same. She doesn’t think she belongs there, but he asks her to relax, and Bo and Gabrielle compliment his date, as do R.J., Troy, Emily, Rae, Renee, and Hank. She says she feels like she knows them all just by hanging around.

Joey asks Flash what brought her to Llanview and she says she’s looking for someone she lost, the most important person in the world to her. She says that when she lost him, a part of her died. He asks who the person is and why she can’t talk to Joey about him and she replies that it’s because everything would change, and she doesn’t want it to. The singer at the party sings on and Flash recognizes the song. Flash is surprised that she’s there and all of this is happening. Joey suggests that dreams may show the future, and, thinking that if she dreams something it may come true, she brings him to the dance floor. She says he’s the only who who’s ever looked at her and didn’t care that she’s poor and homeless. He says it’s not her, those things are only temporary, and calls her smart and beautiful. They share a slow, close, passionate kiss and then Flash awakens.

Nora dreams about entering the party wearing a gorgeous white dress, which Emily, sitting with Lindsay, calls tasteless. When Nora reminds them that today was supposed to be her wedding day, Lindsay suggests she should have worn black instead, for mourning. She suggests she should have a whole closet full of black since she’s a perpetual loser. Rae comes up and tells her to wake up and smell the inadequacy because she’s never been able to hold on to a man. Troy comes up and agrees, adding that he had to go with Lindsay because Nora couldn’t keep him interested. Then she sees Gabriele and Bo dancing and he takes the opportunity to chime in with his agreement. Sam walks up and informs her that she does the falling in love part well but can’t keep the romance alive.

Finally Hank comes and hammers the last nail in Nora’s coffin, by adding that her work is so important to her that she couldn’t even keep their daughter in her life. Bo agrees, again, while continuing his dance with his newest love Gabrielle. Troy, followed by everyone else in the room, points out that here she is all alone, once again. Nora admits that it’s true, and agrees that she’s made some mistakes, but assures them all that the mistakes don’t define her anymore, they inform her, and she’s going to be a better person because of them. Then she apologizes for causing them all pain, except Troy, but she’s learning and she’s going to make it and even be better. She wakes up and rips up the invitation. The voice of the night says that sometimes you need a dream to show you your center so you can realize that nothing can destroy you, not if you stay strong and fight back, and trust you r dreams to show you the way.

The voice of the night says you’ve gotta love a good dream, and a good storm. Then he adds love and music and warns them never to forget those. Mitch calls Todd and tells him he’s late. Todd replies that he’s not late, and that he’s almost there. He asks to speak to Blair or else the deal is off. Mitch puts her on the phone and he promises that he’s coming to get her and that everything will be okay. Cristian follows behind, and like Todd, vows to save the woman he loves. ‘L’ reaches for a glass of wine and spills some on his ‘L robe’, causing it to look like blood.