OLTL Update Thursday 2/13/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/13/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Gabrielle watches Bo comfort Nora and Nora apologizes for monopolizing her boyfriend then tells her about the cancelled wedding. Nora assures her that Troy is not a wonderful man and she and Bo agree that the break up is the best thing that could have happened Bo asks Nora to join them for dinner but she turns them down. Nora takes them up on the rain check though so she can get details on how he plans to get Mitch Lawrence once and for all. Nora reminds him to do it by the book and Bo tells his girlfriend that Nora is the new assistant D.A. They call each other stubborn, joke about old cases, tell Gabrielle the old stories, and Gabriele pretends to be entertained. She congratulates Nora on her new job. Nora goes along with Bo when he gets a call from Sam stating Jen is ready to give her statement.

Bo and Nora are met by Troy at the hospital. He tells them Kerri and the baby are doing okay. Nora comments that it’s good Kerri has all her friends around her with all the deception she’s had to endure lately. Troy points out that they will run into each other from time to time and says he doesn’t want her to feel… but she interrupts him and tells him that he should have thought about that before.

Cristian asks why Todd’ there and he says Bo sent him to bring them back to Llanview. He tells them that Bo has Mitch locked up. He tells them they’re needed to help build Bo’s case. Cristian asks how Bo nailed Mitch and for what. Todd gives them something to drink. Todd yells at Cristian for not taking good care of Natalie in order to dodge his questions. Cristian says it doesn’t make sense that Bo would send Todd and he says it doesn’t matter because they’re both freezing to death. He tells Todd they’re not going anywhere with him. He gets frustrated but they still don’t buy it. Cristian asks for one fact, what Mitch did Todd says he doesn’t know and Cristian continues to refuse to let Todd take them. Then Natalie passes out. Cristian tries to get her to come to, and then blames Todd for her condition. Cristian suspects Todd drugged the tea. Todd sticks Cristian with a needle and he too passes out. Then Todd picks up Natalie and carries her away. He puts her in the car then calls Mitch and tells him they’re on their way. Mitch warns him to come alone and make no missteps or Bair will die. Cristian comes to and finds Natalie gone.

Mitch is about to inject Jen’s IV when she wakes up and asks him what he’s doing. He says the needle is something some nurse must have dropped and the gloves are because it’s cold outside. She tells him her mother will be there son and he asks her why she ran outside on such a cold night. She accuses him of having planned to rape of kill her and he tells her that she came downstairs in his wife’s robe. She reminds him that he had told her to and he says he didn’t hold a gun to her head and he misread her intentions. He apologizes and swears he would never want to hurt her. He refers to them as friends and assures her that soon she will see things as he does; clearly. He warns her not to make any false accusations and she apologizes for having lead him on. Sam walks in on their conversation and gets in Mitch’s face but Jen assures her father that she’s okay. Sam tells Mitch not to leave town and he reminds Sam that he has friends and family in Llanview and there’s no place else he’d rather be.

The doctor tells Kerri that the baby is doing well and Keri asks to see her. She says first she wants to run some additional tests on the baby. Antonio and Liz visit their baby and Liz stops Troy to ask him to page Dr. Cockland because she wants to take the baby home. Troy agrees to find out for her. Antonio tells her she’s not taking the baby back to Chicago and R.J. and Kerri walk in on the conversation. R.J. tells them to leave so Kerri can see the baby. Keri mentions the tests and R.J. advises their curious minds to ask the doctor instead of them. Liz asks Antonio about it and he explains that Dr Cockland acts like he doesn’t exist. Liz goes to get some straight answers. Keri thanks her father for running interference. The doctor comes in and tells Keri that the baby’s weight and lungs were far enough along that she ran some tests regarding the date of conception. She tells Keri that Liz is not the baby’s mother because Kerri was already pregnant when the transfer took place. Keri is in shock but the doctor congratulates her. She tells her father she doesn’t ever want Antonio to know about it.

Jessica asks Troy if she can interview him for a paper she’s writing for school. Troy tells her to stop by the clinic later and they’ll talk then. Jessica looks at the babies and sees Antonio who asks him if he’s okay. He snaps at her for slamming him for breaking Kerri’s heart. Jessica tells him that all she was going to say is that his baby is beautiful. Antonio calmly fills Jessica in on what’s going on and how he lied to Kerri about being the father of the baby. She says she lied about her own baby as well and won’t judge Antonio. She tells him not to let Liz leave town with his baby. She takes a few pictures for him and they discuss the baby’s health. He begins to emotionally confide in Jessica about his feelings for his child and she supports him. He thanks her for not giving him a hard time and she says he’ll be terrific father.

Blair starts a fire and the guards put it out then get the lights turned back on. When they come back to her chair, she’s no longer in it. They look for Blair but she works her way towards the exit. She makes a diverting noise but still can’t escape because Mitch returns. They tell him she got loose and he screams at them. He tells them to get him her children and Blair shows herself in order to beg him not to do it. She swears Todd will come for her and he’s not so willing to believe her anymore. He puts her on her knees and she continues to beg. He tells her that her escape attempt put her children in danger. He demands that that she follow his every word to the letter, but refuses to promise he won’t hurt her children. She agrees to follow his orders. He makes some preparations and she asks what he’s going to do to her now but he says it’s not for her.

Sam asks Jen what Mitch said to her and then Nora and Bo come in. Jen says she had been out of it earlier and only remembers a little of what happened. Jen says Mitch didn’t try to hurt her and Nora asks for a little girl time. Nora asks Jen if Mitch tried to rape her and she says no. Jen apologizes for having her dad call them and says she had been tired and made a mistake. Sam asks her why she ran out in the cold with nothing but a bathrobe on. Sam tells them that Mitch got to her earlier and he threw him out. Bo says he’s going to post an officer outside her room and she doesn’t have to be afraid of Mitch. Nora says the fastest she tells them the faster they can put her in jail. She says the files are all that she knows about. She says Mitch was trying to help her. Nora says she’ll come back later after Jen rests. She asks her persistent father to just drop it.

Jessica catches back up with Troy and he asks her if they can postpone it. Jessica is more concerned with Antonio not knowing about his daughter and they both ask Troy for his help. He agrees to help. Troy tells them that, off-the-record, the baby’s doing fine, but that the hospital has been cracking down on confidentiality. Troy says Antonio is not officially the father until his name is on the birth certificate and can’t go anywhere the baby until the mother says it’s okay.

Nora meets with her son and he says he wants to show Dr. Troy how he’s been practicing to be the ring barer. Nora sits him down and tells him that she and Dr. Troy decided not to get married. He asks if Troy will still come over to play and Nora tell him that he won’t. Matthew says Troy used to try to fool him while they played, but Matthew was too smart. She laughs.

‘L’ asks the nurse if the girl is here yet and she tells him not to get upset, and just to hold on a little longer. He says he’s not sure he can make it through the night.