OLTL Update Wednesday 2/12/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/12/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

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An officer goes to check on Natalie and Cristian and finds them missing. Before he can get a hold of Bo, Todd knocks him unconscious from behind. He follows their footsteps. They’re back in the car and Cristian goes to get her some help. Natalie gets out of the car and starts walking. Cristian asks why she’s out and she says she was trying to fix the car. He carries her to shelter. She tells him her fever is gone. He tells her they’ll have to stay there for a while. She says she can handle it and adds that she’s going to make the best of their time together. Todd finds the car and keeps following the footsteps. Cristian tells Natalie a story about an earthquake and a couple who ended up on separate sides of the earth. The couple tried to get to each other and finally went to sleep, and in their dreams they turned into birds and flew away. They embrace in the beauty of the story but are soon interrupted by Todd finding them.

Antonio talks to the doctor who tells him that the baby and Keri are okay. She goes to check on the baby and Liz goes with her. R.J. keeps Antonio from seeing Keri but Antonio says he can’t keep him away from her forever. R.J. brings her comfort food. She says she’s not hungry. She asks if Antonio is still there. He asks her to leave Llanview with him when she’s feeling better. He tells her to get strong first, and then come home with him, and they’ll figure it out from there. She reminds him that she’s lost everything and then remembers he’s lost Liz. He tells her it was never meant to be between them.

Bo and Gabrielle embrace and he tells her he’s waiting for a report on Jen and on Natalie and Cristian. He says Jen may be the key for locking up Mitch. They’re interrupted by Mitch, who demands to know Natalie’s whereabouts. Bo says he called him down there to question him. Mitch tells Bo he should be out looking for his abducted wife. He asks about the illegal search of his home and Bo offers to show him the search warrant. Bo then asks him why he has Jessica and Natalie’s medical records and he says it’s because they’re his wife and daughter and he’s responsible for them.

Bo then shows Mitch the robe Jen was wearing and asks him about it. Bo informs Mitch that Jen is in the hospital and Mitch asks how she is and then tells Bo that Jen’s capable of anything and he knows nothing about the robe. Mitch asks what Jen’s said to Bo but he suspects Mitch may already know the answer. He tells Bo he helped Jen and tried to keep her warm. Mitch suspects Bo’s just fishing for answers and doesn’t really know anything. Mitch asks for his belongings to be returned to him and Bo refuses to oblige.

Hank tries to comfort a distraught Nora who insists she’s doing great. She says she’s moving on. He says he can help, if she’s interested. They discuss a case and when he asks if she enjoys her job. She says winning at defending criminals means she may set someone free who can someday hurt Matthew. He reminds her of their working together in the past and asks her to become his ADA. She asks for time to think about it, until the end of the day.

Bo asks what’s gong on and Nora fills him in on the job offer and how tempting it is. He says he’d be happy if they were on the same side. He asks her how she is in regards to Troy and she swears she’ll be fine. She adds that she’s already half way over it but Bo knows better. Nora tells Bo she had refused to see who Troy really is and is also baffled by the fact that Lindsay had been trying to tell her all along. She asks how she could have been so wrong and he reminds her that he almost married Lindsay and that Nora simply only saw the good in Troy. She starts to cry and he holds her. Gabrielle walks in on them.

‘L’ drops the file on Jessica and the nurse writes that he is ‘deteriorating rapidly’ on his medical chart. He asks her not to lie to him and she tells him he doesn’t have much time left.

Lindsay sits at Jen’s bedside and she wakes up and demands the police get called so they can help Natalie and Cristian. Al interrupts and Jen allows it. She begs her mother to go call the police and she goes to do so. Jen thanks Al and he tells her they can call it even and she won’t hold the fire over his head anymore. She agrees that it sounds fair. He asks why she was out in the storm and she says she went to Mitch’s house to help. She tells him the story he says it’s funny to think of her as tough. She asks him to warn Jessica and tells him about the medical files. She tells Al that Mitch is going to hurt them.

Al asks Jen if she’s working with Mitch again and she gets angry. She says she did it all for Cristian and this time Al gets angry. She asks why he came and he says he wanted to know what it would feel like to be around her again, like a test, to see if he’d be out of control and obsessed. She says it’s not her fault and he says they’re the same because she’s obsessed with Cristian. She says she goes after what she wants. He reminds her that she uses people and she calls him a jerk. He agrees that’s how he is when he’s around her. Jen has nightmares about Mitch’s house. In reality, he is in her hospital room standing over her.

Liz visits her newborn daughter, who is “doing better than expected”. Antonio comes in as she is discussing names with the doctor. Liz swears Kerri will talk to Antonio again at some point. She blames herself and apologizes to Antonio and hopes Kerri will forgive both of them someday but believes it is more likely that she’ll forgive Antonio. The nurse gives Antonio Kerri’s jewelry and he finds the ring. R.J. comes to check on the baby for Keri, after Antonio leaves, and Liz tells him he was right, about secrets. He says he understands about secrets but this is on a different level. She asks him to still help her raise the baby and he responds that he wants nothing to do with the baby, or Liz.

Mitch tells Blair to start praying Todd gets Natalie to him before nightfall. He leaves and tells his guards to watch her closely. Blair tells the guards the police will find Mitch and they’ll go to prison for kidnapping. She says he’ll pin this on them. She then tries to play the mother/sympathy card. She then offers them money to let her go. Finally, she knocks over a mop bucket and it falls against some wiring, causing a blackout. They light some candles and tell her she made a dumb move and they’re not letting her go. She uses the flame to break the ropes but pretends to still be tied up when the guards return from finding a flashlight.

Antonio reports back to Keri about the baby and then apologizes, through his tears, for lying to her. He says their love is all that matters and adds that he still wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He begs her to put the ring back on and she yells at him to get out. Antonio leaves and R.J. asks him what he’s ding here. Antonio doesn’t answer; he just walks away. Keri tells her father that she made Antonio leave and told him she never wants to see him again. R.J. hold hers and promises that everything will be fine. She says she’d be lost without her father.