OLTL Update Monday 2/10/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/10/03

By Brandon
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

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Flash listens on as the voice of the night assures it’s listeners that as bad as things may get, they can always get worse. Andrew, Joey, and Jessica set up the shelter for the homeless coming in from the storm. When Andrew hands Joey the can of donated money, Joey finds it empty and Flash looks on looking guilty. Andrew calls Hank to tell him about the stolen donations and Hank informs him that police picked up a young girl outside of the community center with cash and items from St. James items. He says that Joey will come down to press charges against the girl they found. Flash insists the money was planted on her. She hears the radio D.J. talk about bringing out the best and the worst in people, and she gets angry and tells him to shut up.

Bo and his men check out Mitch’s home and Bo discovers that Sam has followed. He gets visibly frustrated but when Sam explains how scared his daughter was, Bo allows him to stay. Bo asks why Jen was there in the first place. An officer finds a broken coffee cup and Sam thinks it’s a sign of struggle but Bo doesn’t think it’s Mitch’s style because he likes to keep his hands clean. Another officer points out to Bo and Sam the medical records for Natalie and Jessica.

Bo gets back to the station and is thrilled to see his nephew Joey and to hear that Jessica’s back too. Bo assures Joey that his family really needs him right now. Joey says that Jessica’s doing okay, considering, and that he’s back in town because he’s working with Andrew. He adds that he’s at the station regarding the girl who stole money from the church. He sees Flash, tells his uncle that Andrew left it up to him whether or not to have her arrested, and he decides not to press charges. Bo lets her go, into Joey’s custody. She tries to take off but he won’t allow it. Sam and Bo look into the medical records and wonder why Natalie’s test is there as well since there’s not one for Lawrence.

Hank calls Nora down to the station but he automatically figures out something’s wrong by the fact that she has on two different earrings. He asks if she’s okay and brings up wedding jitters. She brings him up to speed that there won’t be a wedding but before she can explain, Todd interrupts. He, along with his attorney, tells Nora and Hank that things are better between he and Blair and wants to be sure that the restraining order has been dropped so he can give Blair some alone time and take the kids out of town for a while. He adds that Blair is going to prepare the wedding stuff, which Nora should know about, and even shows them a marriage certificate that Blair’s signed. Hank informs him that Blair has already moved to have the restraining order restored and wants to press charges against him, something about false pretenses. Hank apologizes for Todd bringing up the wedding and attempts to comfort Nora. She says she’s fine and reminds him he’s had a lot of practice. He wants to help but she says no one can. She adds that she was stupid and should have seen this one coming. Hank gets a call from Liz about Keri and he and Nora head to the hospital.

Mitch begins to leave Blair’s home, carrying Starr, but Blair stops him. He assures her that she’s in no position to tell him what to do. He tells her to stand still if she values her daughter’s life. Starr wakes up and screams. He tells Starr that he’s there to take her to her father and she says he’s lying because her father hates him. She bites him and he lets her go. He informs Blair that Starr’s going on a little trip because he needs something from her husband and needs to use one of the children as a bargaining chip. When she tells him Starr’s not going anywhere he suggests Jack then instead Blair tells him it will happen over her dead body and he suggests, with a gun, that it can be arranged. She tells him to take her instead because she and Todd are back together and decided tonight that they were going to remarry. He asks Star if it’s true and at her mother’s insisting that she tell Mitch the truth, that no matter how much they fight her parents really love each other, Starr does so. He thinks about taking the both of them and Blair assures Mitch that the children are adopted and aren’t of any real concern to Todd.

Todd comes to see Blair, barges in, and finds Starr locked in the closet. Starr tells her father that the bad man came and locked her in the closet and took her mother. He thinks she’s telling stories again and reminds her that there were no bad men and that he had lied. She gets upset and frustrated and explains that it was the creepy guy who’s on the front of the paper. Todd finally figures out that she means Mitch Lawrence and he insists that he does believe her. Mitch takes Blair to his house at gunpoint in time to see Bo and Sam leave. Mitch tells Blair that they can’t stay there long because the police are on to him and tells her that they’ll leave soon, though doesn’t answer where they’re going to, and adds that he has to tie up a few loose ends first. Starr asks her father what he’s going to do and if he’s going to call the police. He says no and before he can answer any further, Mitch Lawrence calls him and tells Todd that he has his wife, and that she looks good. Blair is tied up stripped down to her underwear.

Keri goes into premature labor.  When the doctor asks if Antonio is the father, he says ‘yes’ but Keri interrupts and insists she wants to do this on her own. When R.J. arrives and Liz tells him what’s going on, he immediately looks at Antonio. He yells at Antonio for putting Keri in danger by causing her stress. Liz yells at R.J. not to blame Antonio since he was going to go tell Keri anyway. She says she was the only one who was right by not telling Keri and now because of them both of her children are in danger. R.J. insists that if anything happens to Keri he will make Antonio pay. Keri hopes that the medication will stop the contractions. She insists that she doesn’t want anyone in the room with her. She begs Dr. Cockland to save her baby but she informs Keri that the baby is about to be born.

Liz tells them that the baby has been born and that Keri didn’t want anyone in there with her. Nora suggests people say things they don’t mean when they’re in labor, but R.J. insists that’s not what’s going on here. Dr. Cockland tells them that Keri doesn’t want to see anyone but adds that Keri is okay and the baby is on a respirator but should be okay as well. Dr. Cockland says that it’s too soon to say if the baby will be all right. Dr. Cockland insists, at the family’s persistence, that Keri doesn’t want to see anyone. Nora goes to the waiting room. Liz falls, with sorrow, into Hank’s arms. Dr. Cockland comes out, says the baby is in good hands and that Keri is fine, and Antonio asks the doctor to convince Keri to allow her mother to see her. She replies that Keri finally is asking for someone, her father. R.J. goes in and when he says he know about Liz and Antonio she thinks he lied to her too. He assures her that he just found out. She says she never wants to see either of them again and he tells her to consider it done.

Dr. Troy sits in the waiting room thinking about what he’s lost and what Nora said when she said god-bye. Emily brings him food and when she brings it up, he explains there isn’t going to be a wedding. She suspects that Nora found out about Joanna and he explains how it’s even worse than that. Emily tries to comfort her big brother, the voice of the night assures that the worst of the storm is not over for all, and Lindsay comes in looking for Troy. Troy asks Lindsay what she wants and she says she came to thank him for saving Jen’s life. Emily orders her to leave her brother alone. He asks his sister for some alone time with Lindsay.

Troy tells Lindsay that there’s nothing left to say to each other but she disagrees. He assures her that he’s not interested and that they’re through. She says he’ll tell her how much he hates her and then they’ll end up on the couch together. He calls her sick but when she comments that he’s even sicker, he agrees, because he put up with her. When she reminds him that it’s the best he’s ever had, Nora walks in on their conversation and Troy them to go off and do what they do. His pager goes off and he begs her to listen, and then to stay and wait until he’s taken care of the emergency.

Lindsay takes the opportunity to request “a little talk” with Nora and suggests that Nora should be thanking her. She tells Nora that she owes her for saving her from the wedding and allowing her to find out before the marriage took place. Nora gives in and thanks her for keeping her from making the worst mistake of her life. She adds that the best part is that she’s finally rid of Lindsay. Lindsay says she won, and she knows how it feels to be on the losing end, like with Bo and Sam. Nora finally figures out that it’s not about Sam, Bo, or Troy; that it’s about her. She figures out that Lindsay just wants to hurt her. She says she refuses to let Lindsay do it, and that she’s moving on. Then she gives Lindsay her life. She gives Lindsay the wedding invitation and tells her to simply cross off Nora’s name and write her own.

The D.J. discusses friends and family and home and Jessica asks Andrew who the voice of the night is but he has he’s asked and yet has no idea. Joey brings Flash to the shelter and assures her that she’s going to help out there or else she’s going back to jail. She asks how much she’s going to be paid and after he explains she has the wrong idea, he introduces her to her assistant. She asks if Jessica is his girlfriend and Jess laughs and answers that she’s his sister, Jessica Buchanan. Flash appears to recognize the name.

Mitch calls the old man, ‘L’, and tells him to hang on because he and the girl are coming. ‘L’ tells him to hurry, then peruses a file containing Jessica’s medical records.