OLTL Update Friday 2/7/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/7/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Mitch calls Cristian and tells him he’s closer than he thinks and if he doesn’t bring his wife back to him now then there will be grave consequences. He tells her it was a prank call but when she quickly figures out the truth he admits to it. He says he doesn’t believe Mitch knows where they are and couldn’t make it there in the snowstorm regardless. They agree to leave, and not to take chances. She goes to fix a mirror before leaving and she and it fall to the ground. He helps her up and she discovers that her foot’s bleeding from the broken glass. He carries her to the couch and says she can’t go anywhere on that leg. He adds that if Mitch were coming then he’d already be here. She wonders aloud if he’s already out there. He goes outside to check and then checks her leg. He tells her it’s swollen and red, infected.

Viki’s ecstatic to see two of her four children in her living room. She tells her daughter that her prayers have been answered twice. Jessica responds that she’s back for good, for now. She seems impressed to have a minister for a brother. He tells her he’s assigned to St. James. Jessica says her father, Clint, told her to go back to Llanview because it’s what she wants. Joey assures her that they’re her family, not Mitch. She says she’s going to fight Mitch and they both agree to help her. She asks to see her sister and Joey informs her that she’s in hiding. Viki hopes for Natalie to come home soon too, safely, and Joey thinks it’s cool that he’s going to meet his new sister. He tells them that Bo has been working to get Mitch in jail. She says it’s weird wishing your father would get arrested and Viki reminds her again that Clint is her father.

Todd comes in and interrupts Viki’s family gathering. He’s surprised to see the siblings but is happy Jessica’s back. He cracks a joke about losing a bet and Viki informs him that Joey is preparing for the ministry. She hints that Todd should leave but he says he’s there because of Mitch. He says the Sun and the Banner need to work together. She insists it’s not the time. Joey takes Jessica in to the kitchen to make the “Joey special”. He notices a pattern in Mitch’s followers having double letters in their names and Viki immediately asks him why he’s so upset. After naming Mitch, he admits it’s really Blair. He says Blair always comes back. Viki guesses he’s there to help him get his family back. He tells her what he’s done this time and Viki is shocked. He quickly changes the subject to Mitch and her children. She says she knows Mitch won’t hurt Jessica so she’s more worried about Natalie because he’s hell-bent on punishing her. She wants to go after him but she warns him not to do anything rash with Mitch or Blair. He insists nothing comes in between him and his children and she needs to do the same because if anyone can figure out where Natalie is, it’s Mitch.

Joey and Jessica bond over coking Fettuccini Alfredo. She says all they need now is to get Kevin home and he knows that means with Kelly. He says he majored in forgiveness in seminary school and it was hard to let go but even harder to hold a grudge. He asks her how she’s taking the new changes in her life. He tells her that some things you don’t get over, you just learn to live with them with help from God and family. She says she can’t wait for him to meet his cool new sister. She says it’s weird that he hasn’t even met his real daughter yet. He again reassures that the three of them are Clint’s real children too even if though they’re all adopted. They begin to reminisce about the family and all the great things Clint is and does. She adds that Joey is great too and they hug. Andrew calls Joey for some help setting up the community center for a shelter. Joey eats quickly so he can go to the community center. Viki thanks them for being there and adds how proud she is. They hold hands in prayer as Joey says grace over the food.

R.J. demands that Carlotta let him loose and she’d rather lose her customers. Liz comes in and he and Carlotta tell her where Antonio is. R.J. asks her to cut him loose but she runs to see her daughter instead. He demands Carlotta let him loose and she points out how bad for business he is. She says she’s not letting him go until Antonio says so. Flash comes in and R.J. asks her for a fork. Carlotta informs her that an officer handcuffed him and when she goes to do something in the kitchen, he pleads with Flash, adding that it’s personal and not police business. She says she hates cops but asks him how much it’s worth to him. He hands her some money and she hands him a safety pin. He promises he won’t forget it and then he flees. Carlotta comes out, frustrated that he’s gone. Flash replies by ordering a meal.

Antonio and Keri embrace. He begins by telling her that he loves her and then says he needs to tell her who the other woman is. She asks if he’s still seeing her, and he says ‘no’, but that it’s her mother. At first she’s speechless. He tells her that Liz had been a stranger, and adds that he should have told her, and wanted to, but she tries to throw him out. He says he can’t leave, because he hasn’t told her everything yet. He adds that the baby is his. She insists he’s wrong and that her mother wouldn’t have lied to her. He tells her about the paternity test, and that Liz lied to him too. He says she knew the minute she was pregnant. He says he didn’t tell her because she wasn’t allowed to have stress. She cries and says she wonders if their entire relationship has been a lie.

Antonio swears he loves Keri and that he hated keeping the secret from her. She calls herself an incubator. He cries and she reminds him this whole thing is because he didn’t trust her enough to tell her the truth. When he refuses to leave, she walks out. He stops her and says it’s not good for the baby and she’s convinced the baby is all he cares about. He says he’ll go ands she’ll stay but she says she can’t because she won’t be able to look her mother in the face. She opens to door to go and finds her mother standing there. Keri tries to walk past but Liz won’t allow it. Keri tells her mother that she knows everything and that all Keri has ever done is lie to her. She suddenly doubles over in pain and falls to the ground.

Al carries Jen into the hospital and calls for help. Troy comes first and Al tells him everything he knows. She wakes up and says, “Call the police” and then loses consciousness again. Troy takes her for treatment. Bo, Sam, and Lindsay meet with Al who informs them he doesn’t know anything. The nurse comes out and tells them they can’t come in but Dr. McIver will talk to them. Al tells Bo that she had a certain look in her eye and that she was outside in a bathrobe. Bo says the spot Al found her is near Mitch’s house. Troy comes out and tells his lover and her ex-husband that Jen’s temperature is rising but it doesn’t appear to be anything serious. Lindsay gets closer to him to thank him and he backs away.

Troy tells Sam and Lindsay that they can see Jen but she first wants to see Bo. They all go in and she tells them about Mitch and the documents at the house. Al sits outside the room waiting as she wonders how she got there. When they inform her she’s alive because of Al she immediately wants to see him. The nurse gives Lindsay Jen’s belongings and she observes Jen doesn’t own that robe. Jen asks Al why he helped her and he says he couldn’t leave her there to die. She thanks him. Mitch calls a nurse and asks to speak to the dying old man but she tells him he’s too ill and won’t last much longer. Mitch says he has to because he’ll be there soon, with the girl. Bo looks at the robe Jen was wearing and sees the initial ‘L’ Then we see the dying old man and when he reaches into his pocket an ‘L’ is seen on his robe.

Blair tries to explain to her daughter that Todd messed everything up and Starr is angry with her mother for leaving him anyway. She admits that she’s mad too, but adds that she still wants them all to be together. Starr wants to call her father and Blair won’t allow it. She reminds her mother that daddy always does bad things and she always forgives him. Blair insists it’s different now because he had promised not to. She says she refuses to cry anymore over him. She smashes his picture and Starr immediately tries to comfort her mother by promising everything will be okay. Starr looks out the window as her mother calls to hire a guard first thing in the morning. They both admit neither is fine about things not working out with Todd. Starr says she wants her father and Jack starts to cry. Starr lies down and falls asleep with the door open ajar. Mitch comes in, picks up Starr, and carries her out.