OLTL Update Thursday 2/6/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/6/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

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The D.J. discusses people getting lost in the darkness that was once Llanview and is now hidden by the snow. The D.J. begs the people not to be frightened because sometimes when youíre lost you find exactly what youíre looking for.

Todd sits at Capricorn and finds Max playing cards. Sam comes in and Todd doesnít want to hear whatever heís about to say. Todd asks why Sam made Blair hate him. He informs his former friend that he did it to himself and that Blair deserved to know the truth. Todd in return informs Sam that Blair will never love Sam.

Max asks R.J. not to be angry with him anymore. He swears he wasnít trying to make problems between he and Liz. He tells Max that Antonio is the bigger problem. Max suggests that perhaps R.J. is the problem and is just looking for someone to blame. R.J. throws it back at him, Max agrees, and asks what R.J.ís going to do about Antonio. R.J. responds by leaving to go take action.

Starr wants her mother to take everything from her father. Suzanne comes knocking, surprised to see Blair there. Starr kicks her previous babysitter. Suzanne apologizes to them both and Starr tells her about naming her iguana after her. After Starr goes upstairs Blair lets her have it. Blair puts her in a tight spot and then asks if Starr was too much for her. Finally Suzanne admits the reason she did it, because Todd truly loves her. Todd comes home and Starr is happy to see him and then confused by her emotions. Blair throws Suzanne out, refusing to believe her. Starr asks Todd why he hurt he mother. He says he did it because he loves her and heís sorry that he made her cry. Todd admits he couldnít think of anything better and reminds her that they arenít normal people. He adds that he hates waiting and gets Starr to agree. She tells her father that she understands why he did it and asks why Blair canít.

Blair takes Starr aside and tells her that her father does things like this a lot and sheís sick of hearing his excuses. Starr insists that this involves her too.  But, Blair refuses to work things out. He tells her that the vows he was making about lying were in regards to the future, and swears it wonít happen again. She reminds him that it always happens again. She adds that itís too late. He says she forgave him for Jack because she knew he had done some good things too and she says she wanted to believe it and she thought she knew him. He reminds her that he came back from the dead to be with her. She remembers when he came back from the dead. She gives the play-by-play and reminds him that he said he was going to go take a shower and then slept on the sofa. She says he did that, and everything, to punish her. She tells her daughter to say god-bye to her father and tells Todd that heíll never see his children again. Starr cries and tells Todd she loves him and Blair has to peel her away.

Marci calls Jen, again, still concerned about her. Rex asks for a cup of coffee and Marci takes the opportunity to mention how sexy she thinks the D.J. sounds, and the Reverend. Antonio and Jessica make it back to the diner and are greeted by the pleased Rex and Carlotta. Carlotta says she couldnít get a hold of Viki and hasnít heard from Cristian but knows heís safe. She starts in on Natalie but Antonio puts her in check by telling her sheíll have to learn to accept that Cristian loves Natalie. Carlotta tells him that Keri was in here earlier and he asks about her being out in the snow. His mother informs him that its okay, but that R.J. and Liz arenít getting along very well. Antonio tries to call but his phone is dead.

Rex asks Jess if sheís home for good and she says she needs to see her mother. He offers her a cup of coffee but she wants to be by herself. Carlotta tells Jessica she tried to call Viki but couldnít get though. Carlotta advises Jessica to go home with police escort and Rex offers to walk her since sheís headed in that direction. He informs her that he now lives with his mother. Marci asks if she can walk with them since sheís worried about Jen. They leave and Antonio offers to take Jessica to see her mother but his mother makes him eat. Jessica sits with him and they discuss their mothers. She thanks him for getting her back to Llanview. She finally leaves to go home, on her own. 

R.J. comes in and tells Antonio everything he knows about he and Liz. He vows to tell Keri the truth about it, and Carlotta overhears. Carlotta asks if itís true and R.J. rubs it in. She starts speaking in Spanish. Antonio tells R.J. that Keri canít know yet because itís too dangerous for her and the baby. He asks about why Antonio never said anything before Keri was in the hospital. R.J. explains that he didnít even know who Liz was and R.J. demands he stop trying to make excuses. He storms out and Antonio admits to his mother that itís true. Then Antonio goes after R.J. and drags him back in, handcuffs him to the table, and leaves to go tell Kerri himself.

Cristian and Natalie continue to enjoy each otherís company secluded in their hiding spot, the cabin. They look out at the snow and bask in their happiness. They cook popcorn and Cristian informs Natalie that he can cook, while she admits that she canít. He offers to teach her how to cook when they get back. Natalie mentions Jen and the lengths she went through. He swears they both can handle Jen. With a laugh, she says the only person she canít handle is Carlotta. He promises his mother will come around and reminds her that he didnít like her much in the beginning. He swears nothing will change his love for her now. He answers his cell phone, believing itís his mother, and hears Mitch on the other line.

Viki, Bo, and Gabrielle come looking for Andrew since he called, but Andrewís not there. Viki allows them to go home to rest, after they fight her on it, and Viki sits in the church and prays for her familyís safety. Mitch asks about the manís condition and tells him to hold on and promises heíll bring the girl. Mitch eavesdrops on Vikiís prayers and she says she blames everything on Mitch. Then she thinks about how much she misses Ben and her sons. She swears she just wants them to be happy. She feels guilty for feeling bad that theyíre so far away and she asks God for help. Mitch comes out and tells her that God wonít help her because he wonít help a sinner who keeps a man from his wife. He throws her words about whom she blames back at her, along with her attempts to keep Natalie away from him, and Viki becomes angry. She swears that the divine owes him nothing and he insists that Viki does. He threatens to make her suffer for all eternity.

In the church, Joey calls to his mother and when she turns around Viki is ecstatic to see her son. He tells her that heís here for good and she becomes even happier. She asks how he knew to come at the time she needs him the most and he admits that Andrew informed him. He assures her that he was coming anyway because Andrew got him assigned here his first year if he passes divinity school. She says itís what she was praying for and thanks God. Then they head home. She asks him to make her a ĎJoey specialí and as sheís hanging up his coat she hears him say Jessicaís name. First they embrace and then Viki cries with joy. Joey tells Jessica to turn around and she does so and sees her mother.

Bo comes in to Capricorn and asks Max where R.J. is. Max informs that R.J.ís not here, heís out taking care of some business. He asks Max if a few people who lost their electricity can stay at the club and get something to eat. Max offers them all of R.J.ís resources. Sam comes along and asks if he can help but before he can do so Lindsay comes in to see him, frantic about Jen and the men who are after her. Bo calls Jen and leaves a message. He goes to get a patrol car and Lindsay and Sam discuss their daughter. Sam tells her about Jenís working with Mitch and Bo overhears.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle asks Max why he doesnít own Break Bar anymore. He tells her about the divorce and about Roxy getting everything. He tells her Al is living at the dorm. When she asks why Al isnít living with her, he insults her and then quickly apologizes. She just as quickly accepts it and says she just wants Al to be happy, then asks whoís paying for the dorm. He promises that Al will be okay and she offers to take care of Alís finances. He argues but she assures him he can take over again once heís back on his feet.