OLTL Update Wednesday 2/5/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/5/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

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Camera settles on the Welcome to Llanview sign as the radio D.J. talks about being alone, staying warm, and reaching out. Lindsay returns to her loft and calls Troy to tell him she thinks tonight was for the best and adds that in time he’ll realize it.

Nora refuses to listen to Troy. He tells her he did it because Lindsay knew about his wife. Nora freaks out and asks how many more secrets there are. She asks him if he’s still married or was he planning to commit bigamy. He tells her about Joanna and she asks why he kept it from her. He admits that he feels responsible for her death and why. He tells her about the jealousy and about getting even. He tells her about how he pretended to be Colin. She tells him it’s disgusting. He agrees, and then continues. Nora responds that it has nothing to do with Lindsay. He tells her about the painting. She’s appalled that they’ve been sharing the secret for months. Nora asks how long they’ve been sharing this secret.  He swears he never confided in Lindsay and she only found out in order to try to hurt them.

Troy says Nora never would have loved him if she knew about Joanna. She gets angry that she was never given the chance. He says he figured out a way to keep Lindsay from telling Nora. He says he did it for “us” and reminds her that he loves her and would do anything not to lose her. He asks her to tell him there’s still a chance. She asks if that’s the entire explanation and he says it’s the truth. She tells him he’s as sick and twisted as Lindsay is. She adds that she doesn’t know who he is.  She should have trusted her first instinct that he’s no different from Colin. She says he wants to be different, the good twin.  He even took Colin’s money to set up a free clinic, even convinced himself that he’s in love with Nora but isn’t, so that it would make him feel good about himself, bring him respectability. She says he wanted to be the good twin but a part of him wanted to sleep with Lindsay. She asks what turns him on more than her.

Nora finally informs Troy that if he had told her about Africa, she would have accepted it because he loved and trusted her enough to tell her, but what she can’t accept is the lying and the cheating. She tells him that what she saw destroyed any feelings she had for him and now it’s over. He reminds her that she has also made mistakes. She agrees, and adds that she’s paid for them. She reminds him that she didn’t make this one and now he has to live with it. Then she turns his back on him until he finally leaves. Nora continues to stand in the snow and takes off her engagement ring.

Keri enters the diner and Carlotta worries about her being up and about. Neither has seen Antonio, and R.J. come in looking for him as well. Liz comes in and tells him not to upset Keri. He says he’s only upset at Antonio for letting her go out into the cold alone. She gets frustrated and reminds them she’s not a baby. Liz pulls R.J. aside and asks him to allow Antonio to be the one to tell Keri.

Antonio finds Jessica in the train station in N.Y. They discuss London and Clint. She says she came back because she realized she can’t run away from her problems. She’s going to go back and make everything okay with her mother. She tells him her arrival is a surprise because the telephones weren’t being answered. She asks about Keri. He informs she’s six months along. Then he informs her about Cristian and Natalie’s annulment. He also tells her about Jen’s working with Mitch. She’s surprised but is happy that Natalie has Cristian. Before long they’re talking about growing up on different sides of the track. She changes the subject quickly by repeating that she needs to work everything out with her mother.  Antonio asks her who she’s trying to convince, him or herself.

A crash is heard and Antonio takes charge. He tells everyone that a passenger bus and a car have crashed and the car is on the tracks. He adds that due to the weather it’ll be a while before an ambulance can come and asks for a doctor. A nurse volunteers to help. Jessica takes out a t-shirt and Antonio gets annoyed, thinking she’s changing her clothes, and asks what she’s doing. She says she’s making bandages for the injured.

Mitch’s servant finds Viki at the airport. He tells Mitch Viki’s on her way to London. Viki walks up to him and swears she’s unafraid and then tells him to inform Mitch that he will never hurt her family again.

Bo and Gabrielle get snowed in at the airport and she’s just happy they’re alone. Then Viki comes up and tells them about her delayed flight. Gabrielle asks about Mitch and Jessica and Viki informs her that Mitch is only out for revenge and doesn’t really care about Jessica. She tells Bo that Clint left her a message but she couldn’t get through when she tried to return the call. Suddenly her phone rings and it’s Jessica. The line is garbled and Viki doesn’t hear her say she’s coming home. She checks the caller ID and wonders who would call from New Jersey. Gabrielle checks and informs Viki and Bo that the airport is closing. Viki considers asking Asa for his plane and takes off.

The news on the radio tells the diner about the train wreck and about the beige SUV that got hit. Carlotta and Keri begin to get scared. Marci doesn’t help. Antonio calls his mother and tells him he’s there but he’s fine. He asks her to tell Viki that Jessica is there and she’s fine. He asks her to tell Keri he’s fine and he loves her. Liz takes the opportunity to prove to R.J. that Antonio needs to be the one to tell Keri the truth but he’s not buying it.

Andrew leaves Max a note. Max looks at pictures of his kids and Luna. He picks up a crystal and basks in memories of Luna. Al looks at his transcripts for Llanview University and sighs. Marci gives him a hard time. Renee comes in and joins Al while she waits for Andrew. She tells him she’s worried about Max because it’s only going to get worse. He tells her he hasn’t seen his father since the divorce and she asks Andrew about him when he walks in. Al suddenly leaves. Marci calls Lindsay and leaves a message about how worried she is about Jen. Al asks what the problem is. She refuses to give him anything. Andrew tries to convince Renee that Max will be okay because he has friends like her. Al goes to see his father and they discuss that they both miss Luna and that Max has been thinking about Luna a lot lately. Al says that Luna is gone and doesn’t have the answers to all of his problems. He asks his father what his plans are. Max promises that he’ll bounce back. Al worries about the fact that he’s flunking half his classes and is about to be expelled but doesn’t tell his father any of it.

Jessica and Antonio help the accident victims. Jessica takes money, and her foot, and forces a lot of snacks to fall out of the vending machine so she can feed the patients. She falls back into his arms and he’s impressed by her work, smarts, and caring nature.

Lindsay lies in bed, waiting for and thinking about Troy, when three men dressed in dark clothing come in and grab her. She tells them where the money is and the men tell her they don’t want money, they want to know where Jen is. Lindsay begs them not to hurt Jen. Then she plays back her messages and immediately calls Jen’s cell phone looking for her. Someone whose face cannot be seen finds Jen and picks her up and carries her away. Jen still lies helpless in the snow. Two small children find her body but get called away by their mother.