OLTL Update Tuesday 2/4/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/4/03

By Brandon
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

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The D.J. welcomes the night owl listeners and advises them to do what they have to in order to keep warm, but also reminds them that this is the kind of night that changes things, forever. He then comments on the storm, and love, coming when you least expect it. Natalie and Cristian enjoy each other’s company. He calls her beautiful and they whisper compliments and feelings for one another. She thanks him for standing up to his mother on her behalf. She mentions Roxanne never cared about her and adds what her loser boyfriends used to try to do to her while Roxy was passed out. She asks about his growing up and he tells her about the gangs of Angel Square and where those people have ended up. He divulges that art was his alternate path to the gangs and then tells her about hurting his hand and it causing him to lose his touch even now that it’s better. She hands him a sketchbook and asks him to draw but he says he’s different now. She tries to persuade him and he says he’ll only draw again if he can draw her. She takes off her robe and asks him to go for it. He draws her and it becomes a loving and passionate moment between them. Cristian thanks her for making him do this, giving him back his dream.

Jen walks out into Mitch’s home and he catches her. He asks what she was doing in the closet and from who she was hiding. She makes up a story about her car and he wonders how she got in with the doors being locked. She admits she opened the French doors with a credit card and adds she just wanted to use the phone and then would leave. She says she heard someone and got scared so she hid. She adds that the place creeps her out. She asks if he’s mad and he asks if she’s given him a reason to be. He replies that she’s lucky he didn’t take her for an intruder and make him do something irreversible to protect his home She apologizes and he in turn apologizes for their “falling out.” He takes her scarf off and offers her a shower to warm up. Jen tells Mitch he’s going to call her father to come get her but he offers her shelter and directs her to the shower. Jen takes a shower and tries her cell phone but it’s not working. Mitch takes the opportunity to secure the documents in the closet after going through them.

After her shower, Jen dresses in a robe meant for Natalie. Mitch sits her down and gives her some tea. He combs her hair and tells her to relax and drink. He admits he was concerned when he found her snooping. He places a scarf around her neck, pulls gently, and discusses their ‘friendship’. He swears he’s just trying to warm her up and she replies that she called her friend Marci from upstairs and she’s coming to get her. Then she throws the tea in his face and runs away. Afterwards, Mitch asks a young follower/servant if he found Mitch’s wife yet and the servant says that they’re still trying. Marci listens to the D.J. tell everyone not to allow their loved ones to slip away. Then she calls Jen worrying and wondering where she is. Jen falls down in the snow in Mitch’s robe and passes out from the cold.

Roxy and Rex discuss her lost money. When Marci asks, rex comments he can’t afford a refill. She explains it’s a bottomless cup. She accidentally spills and then goes to the gorgeous customer who’s just walked in. Roxy asks Rex why he’s acting two-faced. He says he’s just bummed because of the bankruptcy, but says he cares about her because she bore him. Rex checks his messages and tells Roxy her accountant called her four times and left messages regarding owing the feds money. He warns her to act before she loses everything and calls she and Max both deadbeats. He tells her that all she can do now is get Asa to marry her but Rae comes in, overhears, and interrupts them to remind them that Asa is already married. She takes a moment alone with Roxy. Rae asks her what she’s interested in and she tells Rae she went to beauty school and she used to cut hair. Rae suggests it’s time to go to work.

Marci takes a large order from the man who’s a priest in training. Marci tells the stranger about her getting fired from Dr. Cockland’s office while trying not to flirt. A strange woman comes in and sits next to the guy, staring at him. The D.J. discusses things not always being what they seem. Marci tells the new girl that it’s cash upfront. The man offers to pay and the woman cops attitude but allows it. The girl steals the man’s wallet and runs out. The man follows her. Marci tells Rex about the girl stealing the man’s wallet and Rex doesn’t really care. The man picks up the girl in the park and carries her back into the diner. He gives her the cash but asks for the wallet back. She gives it to him and tells her to find him at the St. James church if she ever needs anything. When he asks for her name, the girl says that it's it’s Flash.

Nora finds Troy and Lindsay in bed together and turns off the radio. When Lindsay assures her that it’s exactly what it looks like, Nora calls him a bastard and walks out. Before she can get to the door she vomits cries so hard that she vomits. Troy comes out and grabs her but she calls him Colin and demands he let her go. Lindsay asks if he’s coming back to bed and Troy throws her up against the wall in anger. He hits the wall and then follows Nora leaving Lindsay knowing he’ll be back because she’s all he has left. Nora walks, and then falls over with despair, in the park. She comments that she should have known and screams about how stupid she was. Troy comes and finds her. He asks her for a chance to explain. Nora insists there is no rational explanation for this and refuses to let him tell her anything. He begs her and asks if he at least deserves that much after all they’ve been to each other. She tells him to go to hell and adds that Lindsay was right thinking it was her and not Nora who belongs with Troy. She tells him to go back to Lindsay and he refuses to let her go until she hears his side of the story.