OLTL Update Monday 2/3/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/3/03

By Brandon
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

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A ‘Welcome to Llanview’ sign hangs upon the entrance of the town, beckoning the city’s residents to begin a new journey. A car’s headlights shine upon it and reveal an attractive, blond, young man, around Cristian’s age, as the driver. A voice on the radio discusses the upcoming storm and the good and bad it brings out as Troy turns it up and continues his seductive but dangerous game with Lindsay. She puts up a fight and he comments that it will only make it look more real in the end. He fights her by grabbing her hands and then kissing her. She bites him and he drops her to the ground. Jen and Marci make plans of their own, as Marci gets nervous and they break into a home.The radio D.J. continues to describe the night and the weather in a spooky yet seductive voice. Starr runs to the wedding houseguest, Suzanne, and asks what’s going on. Todd plays along and Sam tells him the game’s over, and then tells Blair everything. Mitch warns the old man not to stall and says he won’t bring the girl to him now. The old man reminds him that there is so little time. He grabs the nurse call button but Mitch takes it from him and asks for the signed papers, promising to give him the girl afterwards.

Gabrielle waits for Bo in his office and Nora comes in. She tells Nora that he’s gone and will be back in a few minutes. Nora takes the opportunity to inform Gabrielle that she and Bo get along well and are good friends but that he’s happy with Gabrielle and Nora is no threat. She thanks Nora for helping her to be more secure about it and adds that she has learned to be different, better, from Bo, by facing the negative but not searching for it. She then thanks Gabrielle in return, tells Bo about it about his entering, and heads out. The D.J. tells Bo to count on only two things, true love and great music. He takes it to heart as he takes Gabrielle into his arms for a slow dance. An officer interrupts because Hank needs to see him and she goes to pack their things for a trip.

Viki tells Bo that Clint called and said Jessica is not doing well with him. She wants to go to London but is worried about Natalie. He assures her that she’s safe and convinces her to go. He promises they will take Mitch down.

Cristian and Natalie enjoy each other’s company in their hide-away. He checks the phone but it’s not working. They bask in having everything they need right in front of them. They light some candles and the D.J. tells the listeners to look and see what’s really important and to look for and find love. They begin to make love but are interrupted by a call from Viki checking on Natalie. He promises to take care of her and then puts her on the phone so Viki can tell her that she’s going out of town for a few days. Then they return to what they already started. As they make love, the D.J. entices the listeners to come along to the journey to the heart of love, of passion, of the night.

Troy throws Lindsay on the bed, smashes the lamp, and then rips off her clothing and begins to make love to her. After they finish she says it’s amazing she’s still alive and reminds him of why he originally came there. She adds that they’re good at playing games and he comments that only she is and he’s only doing what he has to do and admits to being afraid of losing Nora. She suggests that he’s afraid that what he really wants is Lindsay. Then she adds that they deserve each other and he grabs her and threatens her never to say it again. Nora walks into Lindsay’s studio, sees the wreckage, and opens the doors to wreckage of the emotional kind. She sees before her Troy and Lindsay passionately making love.

Blair, now aware, quiet and saddened, listens to Todd try to explain that he lied because he wanted to be with his family. He walks away and Heddy comes down to explain that Starr is upset and confused. She orders her back upstairs to the children. Andrew offers for he and Sam to leave and when Todd strongly agrees, Sam refuses to go. When Blair asks him, and Todd to go, he reminds her that this is his house, but then goes. She screams and cries and falls down on the stairs in sorrow and exasperation. Todd walks out and tells everyone to go home, especially Sam. They fight over Todd lying to Blair and Sam butting in and exposing him. They go back and forth until Andrew finally breaks it up, followed by Blair. Out of guilt, Suzanne asks Blair if she can do anything to help. Blair tells Todd to come in and asks everyone else to leave. Once inside she informs Todd she’s going to talk and say it only once, and he’s going to sit down and listen.

Blair tells Todd that what he did, to Starr, was unforgivable. She tells him not to speak because she knows exactly what he’s going to say. She admits that he does love them and that he would never intentionally try to hurt them, but he only thinks about the moment and himself, and never the effect. She explains that ever time he hurts her she has to learn all over again who he is but not anymore because it’s over. She adds that there is no forgiveness left. He wants to go talk to Starr and she refuses to allow it. Blair explains that she and her children are going to leave and he’ll regret it if he tries to stop her. He begs her not to do this and he screams that he’s the one who did this, like he always does. She screams at him to get out of her way and he does. He asks her not to leave in the snowstorm but she assures him it’s safer out there than it is inside. He tries to apologize to Starr but Blair stops him. He opens the door and begins to run after her but finally goes back inside and calls someone to follow Blair and make sure she and the children arrive safely to wherever they’re going. He then looks at family photos and begins to throw them. He begins to cry.

Mitch reminds the old man that his heart can’t afford to disappoint Mitch and he attempts to agree through his gasping. Mitch sends him back into the house after ordering to have the signed papers by the time he returns. A nurse comes out and Mitch orders her to keep the old man alive. Meanwhile, Jen and Marci search the house and Jen informs her that they’re searching for evidence. Marci freaks out and wants to leave. Jen sends her away and then keeps searching. She hears a noise and goes to check it out. A young man comes in to see Mitch but before he can open the door to where Jen is hiding, Mitch calls him and tells him to heed the messenger, then orders him to find Natalie and bring her home. As Natalie and Cristian begin to make love, Mitch stands out in the snow and screams her name. Jen continues to rummage through Mitch’s belongings and finds a map to a medical clinic in ‘Jason’s Landing’, followed by medical files for Natalie and Jessica. She begins to read them, and the medical file for Jessica as well, and hears a noise again. This time when she looks around she finds Mitch.

The young man with the broken down car tries to nap. Then he tries again to start the car, as the D.J. on the radio promises this night will be the night the world changed. The young man then sees the Llanview sign and comments on his “hell of a welcome.” He looks around him and feels the snowfall on him, then decides it’s time to go.