OLTL Update Friday 1/31/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/31/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Todd brings Andrew over to marry he and Blair, and she gets annoyed that he didn’t at least ask first and that he’s moving so quickly. She refuses to go along with it. Andrew apologizes to Blair. Andrew reminds Todd he doesn’t have a witness or a marriage license. He takes out an unsigned license and calls Heddi downstairs. Starr comes down and tells them Heddi has been getting dressed for two hours and says hello to “River’s dad”. She tells him about Suzanne and asks if he can bless Jr. for Big Suzanne’s sake to bless her in heaven. He goes to do it and to allow the couple to talk.

Todd tells Blair he’s sick of them not being married. She says she’s not ready. He reminds her that they love each other. She remembers that the last time he moved this quickly towards marriage it was a part of a scheme and asks for the real reason this time. He insists that it’s different now and they should just be together. She says it’s what she wants and Todd calls Andrew but she sends him back upstairs. She asks Todd if it’s because of Sam and Todd’s fear that she’ll go back to him. He reminds her that he’s tried before and she assures him he has no reason to be jealous of Todd because she loves him. He promises to make her happy and she agrees when he says it would make him happy.

Everyone gets ready for the wedding and Todd gets annoyed that they’re still discussing Suzanne. Andrew begins the ceremony and Blair interrupts so that they can say their own vows. She asks Todd to promise he’ll never lie to her again and never hurt her again as badly as he has done in the past. He promises, and also promises to honor, love, and protect her, even if the protection is from him. She then asks him to never use the children against her if they should ever get into another battle. He asks her to swear to the same things and when she does, he does too. On his turn to say his vows he says that when he was stuck on a raft in the middle of the ocean and ready to give up hope and allow himself to die, he would hold on so that he could get back to his family. Todd takes out the rings, promises Andrew he will never call him to do the ceremony again, and Blair agrees. Suddenly Sam barges into the home, dragging Suzanne with him.

Bo gives Cristian and Natalie a police escort for their escape. He promises Viki that he’ll get Mitch and then she and Natalie say their good-byes. Natalie and Cristian head on their way, following the police car in front of them, and discussing how happy they’ll be, alone, and far away from Mitch. Together they drive into what’s about to become a massive snowstorm. He promises to keep her safe. Meanwhile Bo lets Mitch out of the handcuffs, claiming that Mitch was held for questioning and now Bo’s out of questions. Viki swears to Mitch that he’ll never see ‘his wife’ again and he replies that she’s only making it worse for Natalie than it needs to be. He threatens that Viki will pay for this and when Bo threatens him back he finally leaves. Mitch goes to meet someone who has to take an air mask off to ask, “Did you bring her?”

Keri tells her father about Antonio’s affair and that it was “two people comforting each other at a low point in their lives”. Keri says that she has forgotten about it and he should too. Antonio comes in and she tells him she was just giving her father reassurance about his love life. Antonio asks him to drop it because Keri can’t afford the stress. R.J. agrees, thanks Keri for the insight, and then leaves. Keri fills Antonio in on her conversation with her father.

R.J. comes to see Liz and she apologizes for hurting him and asks if they can still be friends. He replies that he doesn’t want to be her friend; he wants more. He says he figured out who the mystery boyfriend is and when he says the name Antonio and reminds her of how many times he’s caught them together fighting the way lovers fight, she swears she’d never do that to her daughter. She swears he doesn’t know anything about her even though he thinks he does because he thinks she’s the same person she was all those years ago. And when she adds that too much has happened to ever get back what they once had, he names Antonio as the reason. He tells her what Keri divulged and the words that she used. He demands the truth and she admits to it. She tells them the entire story, and about how she didn’t even know who Antonio was. She explains how they helped each other, and how it was just once. When he asks, she says it’s not over between them but also says she’s not in love with him. He wonders what’s left between them in that case, and then stops and asks about the baby. Liz admits it’s Antonio’s baby and when he walks out she first begs him not to tell Keri and then begs him to come back.

Antonio gets paged and leaves Keri with the doctor who tells her she can go home. He comes back as she’s celebrating and he tells her he has to go because something big has happened on a case of his in New York. She decides she’ll use the time to plan their wedding.

Allison asks Troy if he’s informed Nora of his affair with Lindsay. He reminds her that Nora is her public defender and adds that Allison should stop bothering her. She tells him he’ll never be rid of Lindsay. He tells Allison he’ll find something on Lindsay and send her back to prison. She suggests he relax since Lindsay’s in love with her. She says he’s lucky someone loves him like this because he doesn’t deserve it and when a girl like Lindsay loves, it’s ‘til death do you part. She repeats that he’s stuck with her and advises him to give up and enjoy. He brings the conversation back to Nora and his warnings. He suggests Nora can get her out if she plays her cards right but she says she doesn’t want out.

Tilly tells Troy she knows a way to get rid of Lindsay. He asks her what she knows about Lindsay and she confesses that she too hates Lindsay and has even tried to kill her. She adds that it’s the only way to shut her up. She suggests he may be able to get away with it and again assures him that there’s only one way to get free.

Nora tries on wedding dresses for Emily and she tries to encourage Nora not to think about Lindsay. Emily goes to try on bridesmaid dresses and Lindsay finds Nora in the store. Lindsay asks about the wedding and shows her the dress she’s picking out for Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend. Nora asks who it is since she knows it’s not R.J. and then changes her mind and decides she doesn’t care who it is. Lindsay doesn’t believe her. Lindsay hints that it may be someone they’ve both been involved with before. She hints at Sam or Bo and Nora points out the name not mentioned and Lindsay tries to play it up. Emily sends Nora to try on another dress, tells Lindsay she knows what’s going on, and makes it clear to Lindsay that he only sleeps with her to shut her up and will one day do it for good. Lindsay’s only response is to ask the store clerk to put her special dress for a special evening on her account. Nora walks out looking very upset.

Emily suggests to Nora that Lindsay’s just jealous and asks her to continue on their search for the perfect dress. Nora quickly and quietly decides she’s going to go with the one she has on. Nora has the dress altered and can’t get thoughts of Lindsay and her words out of her head. Nora calls Bo and says she needs to see him immediately. He invites her to the station.

Meanwhile, Lindsay comes home to find her art gallery completely destroyed. She bends to pick something up and when she looks up again she sees Troy standing over her. He suggests that a burglar did it and she says that if he wants to be the big bad burglar she’ll play along. She runs and he catches her. He makes a comment about how far he’d go for Nora, throws Lindsay down, and closes the door. He verbally paints the picture of the robbery for her, plays “I Want You” by Elvis Costello on the radio, dramatizes how it’s her alone with the robber and no one hears her scream when the robber grabs her. Troy asks what she thinks the robber might do next.