OLTL Update Wednesday 1/29/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/29/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

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Blair is outside and feeling great about it. She asks Todd to jog with her but he says he swore it off after the football team. He tells her to go and he’ll make a phone call. Before she does she thanks him for freeing her. She wants to celebrate and he refuses to be called a hero. She wants to know what’s wrong and he says he shouldn’t have left her alone because he had a feeling the hit man would come. He says it would have been his fault if anything happened to her.

Blair tells Todd that she loves him because he has a heart bigger than anyone. She asks when they get to testify and she mourns Suzanne’s death. He tells he she doesn’t need to testify or go downtown at all. She refuses to let the man get away with anything. He says they don’t need her to testify because everyone is after him. He encourages her to forget it all happened and think about her children and their future. She agrees but wants to plan a getaway. He suggests Florida and she agrees. They agree to meet back at the penthouse later.

After Todd leaves, Sam stops Blair in the park. He asks why she’s out in public. Blair fills Sam in on everything that happened. He wants more details because he’s skeptical. She says Todd wasn’t supposed to be there. He agrees that her safety is most important and then asks if she’s back together with Todd. He says he’s just glad the shooter is in custody. He suddenly excuses himself and leaves.

Liz pities Max and he drinks himself blind. He admits that it’s not helping and just wants to shut down. He asks her why she’s being nice and she says he’s in pain and she thinks the real reason is Roxy. He tells her about the tapes of Luna and Roxy giving them to him. He says she risked everything just so he could be happy. Liz tells him he may get a second chance. He tells Liz she’s a good listener. She massages his shoulders, he falls asleep on her, and Roxy walks in and gets the wrong idea.

Roxy overreacts and tells Max she can’t believe she trusted in R.J.’s sad story when he’s coming on to this woman. Roxy storms out, and leaves Max calling after her to please come back. Max picks up the car keys and Liz stops him. He gets a migraine and apologizes to Liz and tells her how important R.J. is to him. She reassures him. Liz feeds Max coffee to get rid of his headache. He doesn’t want to feel responsible when Roxy tells R.J. everything. She agrees to go find Roxy in order to make her understand and he asks her to make Roxy understand that he never meant to hurt her.

R.J. fills in Lindsay on Nora’s wedding plans and she pretends she doesn’t care but he doesn’t buy it. Lindsay assures him that the alter won’t keep him from Lindsay, the woman he really wants. Lindsay admits she’s not going to tell Nora about she and Troy and all she has to do is keep seeing him because he’ll know she’s the one for him by the time the wedding comes. R.J. assures her she has completely lost it. She asks him to imagine how Nora will feel when she discovers that her new husband has been cheating on her, possibly even on her wedding night.

R.J. tells Lindsay very directly, that he is going to marry Nora and never sleep with Lindsay again. She tells him that she and Troy will last, Nora and Troy will not. She admits, when he asks, that she is blackmailing him. He refuses to cover for them. He adds that she needs to find a new place to hang out since he doesn’t want Capricorn attracting the wrong element. Lindsay fantasizes about Troy leaving Nora at the alter for Lindsay. He says he loves her and it’s not about the sex, but the love and telling her Nora means nothing to him and then taking her into his arms for a slow dance. Lindsay picks up the invitation and burns it.

Roxy comes and tells R.J. everything about Max. He asks who she’s talking about and he says it’s that Liz chick. R.J. comes in and yells at Max for hitting on Liz in his home. R.J. throws him out. When he sees Liz, he tells her about throwing Max out and says it’s because Max hit on the woman R.J. loves.

Allison tells Nora that if she helps her then she’ll tell her who Lindsay is really seeing. Nora claims she’s not interested. Allison suggests that perhaps she should.  Nora then turns around and sees Troy there to visit Allison. Nora asks him why he’s there and he asks Allison not to talk to her about Lindsay anymore because she causes Nora too much pain. She asks him again why he’s there and he admits it’s to try to prove Lindsay is behind the prison break and get her sent back.

Nora asks Troy why he tells her to let it go when he hasn’t. He tells her he doesn’t want Lindsay to ruin their wedding or marriage. She wonders what’s changed and he says he knows and can prove that Lindsay is behind the prison break. She reminds him of the pardon from the governor. He says the escape is still prosecutable. Allison interrupts, saying that all men are alike, wanting what they want now and thinking about ego and need and not the women who love them. She talks about Dave and Mitch and their betrayal and swears to Nora that Troy will betray Nora too as she is dragged away by the guards.

Nora asks Troy what’s going on and he reminds her that Allison is out of her mind. He suggests she’s dangerous and should have never been let out of St. Ann’s. He tells her to find her a replacement. Nora asks if he’ll pursue this thing about Lindsay and says he’ll only hype her up again. He agrees to let it go and asks for a perfect wedding. She assures him he’ll have one. He agrees to drop it if she does so as well and forget everything except for the two of them. Nora and Troy agree, once again, to ignore Lindsay. And he says it doesn’t matter who Lindsay’s sleeping with.

Cristian admits that he’s worried. She begs him not to be angry and he says he’s not but she should have listened to his begging. She admits she had to because it was the only way to have his life. He beats himself up for not stopping this. He feels like he was being self-absorbed and that this is his fault. She informs him that all Mitch wanted was the divorce and to get revenge on Cristian and Viki through her. He asks her to never do anything like that for Cristian again. They both express they’d rather be dead than have the other one be hurt. She adds that Cristian will never look at her the same way again.

Cristian assures Natalie that he loves her more than ever because she was doing it for him and that’s amazing. She says she can’t stop thinking about it and the way Cristian looked when he came in the room. He says it was all Mitch and his trying to trick Natalie. She reassures him by reminding him Mitch is in jail, and then asks how Cristian got out. Cristian tells her everything about Jen and why the judge changed her mind. Natalie gets angry and then they agree to let Jen and Mitch go. The phone rings and she is excited because it’s Bo and he’s holding Mitch. She needs to go to the police station and he goes with her, stating that he plans to never go anywhere without her again.

The ‘shooter’ comes to Todd’s home and makes him angry just for being there. The man says he wants more money and won’t go away until he gets it. Todd reminds him they had a deal and the man begins talking about how beautiful Blair is. Then he threatens to tell Blair about what Todd did. Todd gives him more money but swears he’s not giving him any more than that. Sam comes to see Todd. Sam asks Todd about the coincidence and suggests perhaps there never was a shooter.