OLTL Update Wednesday 1/15/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/15/03

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*** If you missed todayís episode then youíll need to find your own way to bid farewell to OLTLís one-time sweet, adorable, little girl but now mature, intelligent, and beautiful adult, Erin Torpey (Jessica Buchanan Lawrence), as today was her last on-air date in that role. ***

Liz begs Antonio not to tell Keri the truth. He reminds her that itís not just her daughter that Keriís carrying. She asks him to let she, Antonio, and Hank continue being the only ones who know and adds that he can still be in the babyís life because sheís Keriís half-sister. Then she asks him to have other babies with Keri instead. She tells him that she lost Steve, and her little girl. In other words, she canít lose Keri, and, this baby is her last chance. She offers to give her child the perfect life.  Antonio insists that it wonít be if he does to the child what she did to R.J. regarding Keri. Antonio refuses to give her permission to take his child away or to lie to Keri any longer.

Hank tells Keri and Antonio that people are noticing and that they need to stop and make this evening about Keri. She begs him to stop before itís too late.  He says it was too late the night they slept together. She says she was grieving, not looking for a man, when he asks why she seduced him just to have a baby. She reminds him that they helped each other. She thanks Antonio for all of this but he insists he still needs to tell Keri. She says she thought about how heíd feel but couldnít tell him. Heís scared because everything will change, but heís not giving up his baby. He walks off to face the truth.

R.J. threatens to tell Nora about Troyís affair with Lindsay and when Troy reminds him that Lindsay is a liar.   R.J. suggests that telling Nora would just create a big laugh then, and Troy asks him to hold up. Troy asks R.J. if he really wants to give Lindsay exactly what she wants but he insists he had no part in her escape from prison. Troy offers to prove otherwise and R.J. asks Troy how Lindsay came to have his tie. He suggests she bought one just like it. Troy reminds him that Lindsay has zero credibility but that Allisonís testimony can put him away for years. R.J. says no jury will believe her and that he has an alibi. Troy believes otherwise. Nora walks in as R.J.ís telling Troy that Lindsay may lie but she knows who sheís slept with.

Nora tells them that she was at Lindsayís earlier and saw her in full manhunt mode. Troy asks her to go a night without mentioning Lindsay. Nora wonders if heís curious and he swears heís not and Nora mentions that she wouldnít even allow Lindsay to tell her who the man was like she wanted to. Nora asks R.J. who it is. Nora comments that the guy must be insane, new in town, or desperate. R.J. says he promised not to tell. Then he suggests that maybe heíll change his mind. She says sheís changed her mind and doesnít want to know who he is. They joke about how it looked like she was being stood up and maybe the guy was even cheating on her already.

Keri thanks everyone for her first surprise party and for the people in her life. She thanks her fiancť, her mother, and her father for turning his life around for her. When Antonio leaves his conversation and goes to see his fiancť, she asks what they were conversing about. He says they were discussing the baby. She says she canít stop thinking about what the baby will be like. She feels something going wrong with the baby and looks for Troy.

Troy tells Keri, Liz, and Antonio that the baby I okay for the moment but she needs to avoid all stress and lay flat for forty-eight hours in order to avoid a miscarriage. Nora takes the moment to remind R.J. that his daughter is in good hands with Troy. R.J. admits heís unimpressed with the doctor.

Sam confronts Todd regarding the Sunís article about Jen and demands an unconditional retraction or else heíll sue for libel. Todd reminds him itís not libel if itís true.  Sam insists his daughter would never hang around Mitch Lawrence. Sam asks if itís about Blair. Todd tells him heíd know the truth if he spent more time with his daughter and less time coming around Blair. Blair comes downstairs and asks whatís going on. Blair gets angry with Todd and he insists heís been telling the truth in the Sun ever since Blair tried to make the paper respectable. She insists itís different and Todd asks Sam to prove itís a lie by having Jen give him an interview. Sam tells him to stay away from her. He tells them how he knows itís the truth. Blair suggests that it may be true and Jen may really be in trouble.

After Sam leaves, Blair asks Todd to leave Jen alone because sheís practically a kid. Todd responds that Sam should be looking out for her in that case. Blair asks him to be honest about his motives, which reflect that he is acting out of jealousy toward Sam. Todd turns it around and suggests that she just wants him to be jealous. He says he knows her and what she wants, and she wants him to say that she wants her.

Jen goes to Mitch, bragging about their success, but Mitch is angry with Jen because he blames her for the article in the Sun. She swears she didnít know about it and he asks if she checked to see if anyone else was in the bathroom. She asks him for help and he says for all he cares she can drop off the face of the earth and for what heís seen, no one would even notice. She threatens to tell everyone what heís done if he doesnít help. Mitch tells her sheís nothing to him except a liability. She asks for protection and he screams at her to get out of his sight. Mitch calls Jessica but is interrupted by a visitor, Sam. He asks Mitch whatís going on between he and Jen.

Natalie comes to visit Cristian and she tells him about the incident at Roxyís house when Mitch told her that he can still get to Cristian even though heís in jail. He insists itís the safest place he can possibly be and that theyíre winning, but sheís still worried. She reminds her that Bo and Antonio will protect him while heís there. The guard then shows the Sun to the happy couple and they wonder if Shawna could have possibly been telling Cristian the truth about Jen. He thinks itís just Todd being Todd but Natalieís not letting it go so easily. She reminds him that the judge changed her mind about the deal all of a sudden. Natalie suggests Jen might do it because of a broken heart. He remembers that he found Jen with Mitch in the loft, but adds that Jen had been scared of him. Natalie suggests it was an act. He doesnít think Jen is that good of a liar. Natalie suggests maybe Jen was angry enough to send him to jail, and when he remembers the champagne glasses, Cristian starts to believe that it may be true.

Jen comes to see Cristian. Natalie gives them space but reminds her boyfriend of Jenís recent actions first. Cristian immediately asks Jen if itís true.

To Jessicaís surprise, Viki meets her daughter at the airport with Jessicaís one-way ticket. She admits that she was hoping not to see her mother and insists that she really is leaving. Jessica gets angry with Al but Viki says he understood that she needed to see her daughter one more time. She asks her mother not to stop her from boarding the plane and Viki hands her the ticket. Viki says she didnít come to stop her even though she doesnít want her to leave. She says she just wanted to tell her again how much she loves her, enough to let her go even though itís breaking her heart.

Viki says itís best for Jessica to go even though she wants her to stay. Sheís glad sheís going to see Clint and wonít change how he feels about her. She says she wonít try to stop her because Mitch is still in town. She tells Jessica that sheíll miss her every minute and swears she doesnít want time away from her. Viki blames herself for all of it and Jessica defends her. She wants to know how Viki didnít know it wasnít the same baby. She asks how Viki could possibly love Mitch Lawrenceís daughter. Viki reminds her that she also is the daughter of a monster as well. Viki tells her that she worshiped her father as a child and Jessica assures her sheíll never feel the same way about her own father. Viki is grateful she never had to grow up in Mitchís house. Jessica wants to know why he brought her back, if anyone wanted her, and Viki tells her that Mitch wanted his daughter to have everything he knew Clint and she would give her and he wanted Clintís daughter to have nothing.

Viki insists that she and Clint will both always love her. She thinks in her heart she always knew, Nikki Smith who is part of her knew. Viki tells Jessica that she will pray someday Jessica finds her way back to her.  If she doesnít then she wishes her daughter a long, happy life filled with love, joy, and peace. She adds that her daughter will always be in her thoughts in prayers. Jessica then boards the plane. Viki sits and already misses he daughter as moments of Jessicaís life flash on the screen. She feels a hand on her shoulder and itís her daughter back just long enough to give a proper good-bye.

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