OLTL Update Wednesday 1/8/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/8/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

Troy throws Lindsay out. She suspects he wants her more than ever but admits she knows he slept with her to keep her quiet. She suspects he’s getting something from her that he’s not getting elsewhere and he insists they play by his rules. He opens the door to leave and finds Nora standing there. He seems surprised to see her and she tells him she and Sam spoke to Matthew who is excited about Troy being his stepfather. She asks her where he was off to and he says he was just feeling a little restless. She wants to go inside and continue their celebration but he’d rather take her out and show her off. She admits that she’s hungry and they set out to leave when Emily interrupts them.

Emily apologizes for interrupting earlier. He makes a quick cover and then she gives them a wedding present, a plant that’s been passed down through the generations. Nora and Troy thank Emily and she in turn thanks Nora for making her brother happy. Nora wants to bring the plant inside and then the phone rings. Finally he goes in but asks her to wait outside. She follows, he picks up the phone, and on the other end Lindsay asking him to guess where she is. Lindsay assures him that she’s gone and says he can thank her tomorrow. Nora asks Troy if they can stay in and order Chinese and he agrees. He promises to do everything in his power to make her happy. As they begin to make love, Lindsay stands on the balcony wallowing in her sorrow.

Todd tells Blair he’s not hurting, but Mitch may be if he doesn’t leave Jessica alone. She reminds him that she knows him better than that and admits she cares about him, which Starr overhears. Blair repeats it and Todd reminds her that she really hates him instead. She swears she only hates some of the things he does. Blair reminds him that she’s had his children and comments on his still caring for her as well. He reminds her of all of his mistakes and assures her that they’ll happen again. She knows that the Marty situation is one mistake that won’t be repeated and adds that Todd does not purposely harm people like Mitch does. Blair reminds him that he’s spent his life trying to make up for his actions. Todd asks if they can move on now and compares her to Viki. She begs him to forgive himself. He says he can’t if she can’t and she turns that around.

Blair says that he is not evil like Mitch, even with the Jack incident. He compares it to Mitch taking Jessica. She says that an evil man can’t love his kids like he does or take care of her like he does. He still can’t admit that he’s capable of being nice. She suggests that if he’d stop the self-loathing than maybe no one else would loathe him either. Then she goes off to bed. Todd walks in on Blair trying to inflate the air mattress but she can’t because there’s a hole in it. Todd suggests she sleep in the chair and she’s annoyed because she though he was going to give up his bed. Blair tosses and turns in the chair. And Todd moves over to one side of the bed and pretends to be asleep. Meanwhile Starr is very proud of herself or causing it to happen.

Hank tells Bo they have nothing on Mitch and asks about the restraining order. Bo admits Cristian threatened Mitch but adds that Mitch was goading him and Cristian was just letting off a little steam. They agree that Mitch doesn’t need a restraining order and shouldn’t get one. Bo tells Hank about the officers working at Llanfair off the clock that Viki’s paying for out of pocket because of budget restraints. He also tells Hank that Nora is working on Natalie’s annulment, probably out of happiness regarding her own engagement. Hank is surprised at the news. Hank’s just glad that they worked out their problems and Bo is surprised that they had any.

Rex warns Cristian to stay away from Natalie for the sake of the annulment.  So instead they watch Mitch confront Natalie. Jen and Marcy also watch Natalie insist that she’s not truly married to Mitch as he refuses to buy it. Cristian tells Mitch to back off but he says he’s a husband showing affection toward his wife. Natalie begs Cristian to stop. Natalie takes him aside and begs him to chill out. Cristian tells her to stop talking to Mitch.  She agrees to have Rex drive her home. Then he confronts Mitch again. He threatens Mitch not to go anywhere near Natalie again and Mitch claims he understands and then calls her a temptress, referring to many other men. He warns Mitch to shut up.

Mitch cites from the Bible about prostitutes and adulteresses. Rex warns Cristian to chill and Mitch refers to Natalie as his hot little number, soon to be backed by proof. He makes comments about Viki, his own endless talents, and not caring if Natalie lets him or not. Finally Cristian gets angry enough to grab him and throw him against the wall. Mitch gloats in Cristian’s face and talks about what he’s going to do to Natalie. Cristian finally hauls off and hits him, with a roomful of witnesses including Natalie, Rex, Jen, and Marcy. Mitch laughs at him. Cristian repeatedly hits Mitch and then Bo and the officers come in and talk to a few witnesses. Jen admits that she didn’t see Mitch provoke Cristian in any way and then Bo places Cristian under arrest.

Viki swears to Jessica that everything will get easier in time but she refuses to hear it. She tries to leave but Viki shouts that she won’t let her go. She asks her not to leave her home but Jessica says her life has been untrue. Viki worries that Mitch will hurt her more than he already has and insists that Clint is her father in every way that counts. Jessica swears it will never be the same. Viki agrees to let her leave but wants to go with her. She swears that after Natalie’s marriage is ended Viki wants to go with her. Jessica says she doesn’t want Viki to come with her. Viki tells her not to worry about Natalie or Mitch and she begins to ramble. Jessica admits that she’s not leaving to get away from her father, but to get away from her mother.

Jessica apologizes for saying it because she didn’t want to have to and says she could never hate her mother. She tells Viki that reassuring her its’ going to be okay only makes things worse. She reminds Viki that Clint is not her father nor Natalie her full sister so nothing is the same. Jessica mentions she was born out of her mother’s worst nightmare. She asks Viki if she can honestly look at her and not think about it. She swears that she only sees love when she looks at her daughter. Jessica believes that she’s in denial. She admits that she hates everything about Mitch, especially that he raped her, but she doesn’t hate Jessica and never could. Jessica swears that she loves her mother, that she doesn’t blame her for any of this, but that things aren’t going to be okay and she needs to leave. She asks her mother to let her go because she can’t be there and around Viki anymore. Viki cries over her lost daughter and rips up one of Mitch’s flyers in anger and desperation as Jessica grabs her belongings and starts packing. She leaves her teddy bear and her childhood behind, packing only the essentials.

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