OLTL Update Tuesday 1/7/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/7/03

By Brandon
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

Isn't it funny how this whole Mitch-isn't-dead storyline has perked up over the past few days? Anybody out there wanna take a stab at why? Because they're actually folding other characters into it, of course, instead of letting it remain an illogical island unto itself! Ding ding ding ding! (Seriously, how good was yesterday's episode, most specifically those electric scenes between Roger Howarth and Erin Torpey after Todd rescued Jessica from Mitch's clutches? Sensational stuff.) Bringing Todd and especially Nora into this tale has been inspired (and if rumors are to be believed, they'll be bringing Blair into Mitch's orbit soon).

Nora opened this episode where she ended it yesterday, with Mitch, at his house, serving him personally with annulment papers. Mitch had to fight the urge to laugh in her face, and guessing correctly that our Nora wouldn't have taken too kindly to that, said instead something about God -- I don't know, something about how God hates it when man interferes with what He creates, and how God isn't looking too kindly on Cris and Natalie's attempted destruction of marriages vows that He himself consecrated. Nora told him that Cris and Nat -- sorry, "Mr. Vega and Ms. Buchanan" -- weren't destroying anything, and in fact that they weren't even seeing each other. Mitch didn't buy that one of course, and reiterated that he wouldn't be entertaining any notions of an annulment. Nora then reiterated that it wasn't really up to him, and then with an obvious sigh of relief.

Next she headed to Sam's house, where she planned to tell Matthew about her engagement. She and Sam first compared notes on Mitch Laurence, and Sam told her about Todd almost strangling the man. "Never thought I'd say this, but good for Todd," Nora cracked. (Indeed.) Then Matthew turned up, elated to see his mother, and they eased into the conversation, with Sam announcing to their son that they both love him very much, and that Sam will always be his daddy, and that he was now going to have a step-dad. Then Nora showed Matthew the ring and told him that Dr. Troy had asked her to marry him. Matthew's reaction was a violently negative one, and Nora and Sam were taken aback for a bit until Matthew explained that he didn't want Nora to get married because of what had happened at both of Jen's train-wrecked weddings. (And, come to think of it, it's not really hard to fault the kid because Jen's botched nuptials certainly made me think twice about ever gettin' hitched.) Sam assured the boy that what happened at Jen's wedding was highly unusual -- yeah, no kidding, Sammy! -- and that it's all better now and Jen's not sad anymore. (What, did he just guess that?) Then Nora told him that nothing was going to wrong, that it was going to be a perfect wedding. (Yes, Nora Buchanan, brilliant attorney, who has resided in Llanview for over ten years, and who has attended EVERY SINGLE wedding held in this town during that period, actually said "perfect wedding" with a straight face. She's been in town long enough to know there's no such thing as a "perfect wedding"! And she didn't even have to go to one like Tina and Max's, where Tina accidentally said "I take thee Cord" at vows time, or like Tina and Cord's, where the wedding cake exploded during the reception, or like Bo and Sarah's, where the newlyweds had to run -- sorry, ski -- for their lives following the ceremony in order to avoid death by firing squad!)

At any rate, Matthew was satisfied with Nora's proclamations and was sent to bed. Then Sam asked Nora if Lindsay had heard the news yet, and she told him of the bizarre incident with the necktie-as-engagement-gift. Then she assured him that Lindsay won't be able to get to her ever again, and headed off for Troy's loft.

Which is where Lindsay was stationed, getting to her -- in spirit, anyway -- all over again. Troy found her in his bed, wearing Nora's white lace nightgown and the necktie that she had so cordially "returned." And you know what all this means, don't you? Yes, indeed, we had to spend another full hour looking at that damn chest! And Dr. Troy was looking a little extra buff today, boys and girls.

"Come to bed," she said to him with the best "come hither" voice and expression she could muster, adding that she had so enjoyed her last, umm, experience with him that she couldn't wait to have another one. She asked him if he too was looking forward to it, and he assured her that he wasn't, and then spent the next three scenes right up in her face, making like he was going to kiss her anyway. He announced to her then that IF -- he emphasized the word "if" heavily -- the two of them were ever going to do anything, ummmm, biblical again, it was going to be on his terms. Lindsay questioned that one, saying that since she knows the secrets, she should be holding the cards. Troy reminded her that she had the opportunity to call Nora and spill the beans and she declined. He revealed to her that he knows exactly why she declined: because she knew if she played her trump card, she'd lose Troy forever.  She couldn't bear that, and he knows it. So no more games, he announced. No more neckties, no more showing up unannounced, and for God's sake, no more wearing Nora's nightgowns!

At this point Emily interrupted them -- for no logical reason whatsoever -- and once Troy had gotten rid of her and returned, Lindsay was still on the bed, but she had absolved herself of the tie and the nightgown. "See, I can play by your rules," she announced proudly. Troy responded by chucking her clothes at her and telling her to get the hell out.

Meanwhile, back to Mitch, who just threw himself a nice tizzy after Nora left. Then he called Jen and told her it was time that they put their plan in action. Jen was at Break Bar talking to Cristian, "apologizing" for telling Natalie about Cris' threats toward Mitch and telling him that she "wants him to be happy." Cris was cordial to her. Then Natalie showed up because she had been worried about Cris working when Mitch was still out for blood. Cris assured her that he was safe and told her about Mitch's restraining order. That was about the time that Mitch called Jen, asking if she knew where Cris and Nat were. "As a matter of fact I do," Jen said into the phone, smiling.

Like lightning, Mitch was at Break Bar, where he instantly cornered Natalie and revealed to her that she can forget any ideas about getting an annulment. He then told her that he'd grant her a divorce, given that she consummates the marriage and "sleeps in their marital bed." Nat told her husband to rub a lamp. Jen made sure that Cris was watching as Mitch tore up the annulment papers and threw them at Natalie. You better know that set Cristian off, kids!

Meanwhile, prior to having to deal with his son and Nora, Sam was over at the penthouse dealing with Todd and Blair. When the men returned from Mitch's house, a crazy-grateful Blair rushed into Todd's arms and giving him a giant hug for having returned home safely. Sam was none too pleased to see that, and Blair quickly realized it and gave him a big hug as well. Todd went upstairs "to take a bath" and Blair apologized to Sam, assuring him that she loves him very much. Sam told her that he was working on finding a place to smuggle her off to for a romantic getaway.  Blair said she couldn't wait.

Then Starr ruined the mood when she walked in on the two of them kissing and made up some lie about Jack being hungry. Sam excused himself from the scene much to Starr's delight, and Todd, right on cue, and reinserted himself.

Blair admitted to Todd then that Viki had told her about Mitch and about what he did. Todd was worried that Viki now knew that Blair wasn't in Switzerland, but she told Todd that she was perfectly safe, that Viki wasn't going to tell anyone. She then told him that she completely understands why Todd went after Mitch -- because Mitch represents every single thing that Todd hates about himself, and he reminds Todd of what he used to be. Todd wouldn't come right out and confirm Blair's theory, but he finally admitted that it was Jessica that stopped him from killing Mitch, and that he was fully ready to choke the living daylights out of the man. Blair assured Todd that he is not Mitch, and that he's not the man he used to be either -- that she's watched Todd with their son, and with their daughter, and with her.  He deserves to be forgiven for his sins and he deserves to be loved. And Starr watched secretly -- and happily -- from the staircase as Blair moved in to embrace Todd.

Happiest of all today, though, was Viki, who walked into the Llanview library to see Jessica sitting on the sofa, waiting for her. She made sure that Jessica knew that she loved her daughter very very much, and they hugged each other. Then Viki promised Jessica that she was going to find a way, some way, to make it all better -- that she didn't know how yet, but she would find a way, and that her "family" is still her family no matter what and that nothing can change the love that the Buchanans have for her. Jessica told Viki that she wants desperately to believe that. Viki assures her that she can.

Jessica then admitted that she had gone to see Mitch, to tell him that she didn't want him to be even a minute part of her life. Viki was horrified to hear that she had gone to see Mitch alone, and Jess told her about Todd rescuing her. Viki was pleasantly surprised to hear that her brother had done something good, and was doubly stunned when Jess told her that it was actually Todd who convinced her to return home, that it was Todd who made her see how difficult this entire situation was on Viki.

Viki begged for a chance to be Jessie's mother again, and as they were finally reconciling, Clint called, and as Jessica listened in to Viki's side of the conversation she realized that Viki hadn't yet apprised Clint of the Mitch situation. That set Jessica off all over again, and nothing Viki could say was good enough, because Jessica was convinced still that Viki wished that she had never been born at all. Jessica said that if Mitch had never had sex with Viki, that Viki could have just had Natalie and led a happy, normal life. Viki was in hysterical tears now, begging Jessica to believe that none of what she was saying was true, that she loved Jessica with all her heart and that nothing is more important than she is to her. Jessica told Viki that she couldn't help feeling the way she felt, and that every time she lays eyes on Natalie it hurts so much. She then told Viki that she needed to leave Llanview. Viki cried on that one as well, but gave her blessing ultimately, and asked how long Jess would be away.

"Forever," Jessica answered stone-faced.

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