OLTL Update Monday 1/6/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/6/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

Lindsay gives Troy and Nora a present while they’re on their way out to celebrate. Nora tells Lindsay that Troy “tells her everything.”  Lindsay lets on that she doubts that. Nora doesn’t budge and she refuses to accept the present. Eventually she does it and finds Troy’s tie. Nora is surprised and Troy’s irritated. Lindsay assures Nora that although the tie is really for Troy, her gift is coming soon. She then suggests that they think of it as symbolic. On their way out, Nora realizes that Troy already has a tie just like it. Troy admits that he does and Nora asks if she’s had another copy made. Lindsay continues to tease them and Nora calls her an “unbalanced woman”. They finally leave for dinner and they begin to celebrate over dinner. Lindsay puts on Troy’s tie and resumes her plotting. Nora tells her fiancé that her parents are thrilled that she’s finally marrying a doctor. He’s thrilled to be getting a lawyer in his family, but then the big time lawyer has to leave to go meet a client.

Max and Asa assure one another that they don’t have feelings for Roxy then drink to it. Asa asks Max why he doesn’t make cracks about Roxy anymore. Max reminds him that Roxy is a complete disaster and lists all the ways. Asa takes his turn at insulting Roxy and adds that all he’s after is a divorce from Rae. Max finally admits that he feels sorry for Roxy, but adds that it doesn’t mean he wants to be married to her either. Asa also admits that he “kinda gets a kick out of her” but it ends there. They agree that they don’t want Roxy to get hurt and Asa asks for the divorce papers right now. Max says he’ll hand them over as soon as Roxy leaves him. Asa plots on his way out of Max’s home.

Meanwhile, Roxy drinks at Renee’s bar and confides in the bartender the huge decision she’s being forced to make. Rae overhears and offers to help. Rae adds that alcohol is not the solution and offers to lend an ear. Roxy reminds her of the woman of the year award but then sits and talks to Rae. She remains vague but tells Rae that she has a friend who’s trying to choose between two men. Roxy tells Rae about her friend’s great husband who doesn’t love her and the other man who wants her to run away with him and who likes drinking and gambling as she does. Roxy adds that he’s a billionaire. Rae asks Roxy if the billionaire is married.  She answers in the affirmative, but adds that he’s getting divorced.  He hates his wife and calls her names. Roxy asks Rae for advice and they ‘bond’. Rae advises Roxy not to make any quick decisions and to finesse the rich man’s ultimatum by using her own magic on him. Rae tells Roxy that she’ll think about the pros and cons and then get back to her. Roxy heads out because she’s tired.  Rae swears she’ll keep in touch.

Sam answers Todd’s door to Viki and she’s surprised to see him. She becomes worried when he informs her that Todd is not there. She informs Sam that Todd has probably gone to see Mitch Lawrence, against their agreement. She fills him in on who Mitch is in relation to her life and the lives of others (i.e. the cult). He wonders why Todd would go after him and she divulges that Mitch is also Jessica’s biological father. Blair eavesdrops and both she and Sam are shocked, especially when Viki adds that it was not consensual When she adds that Mitch would not think twice about killing Todd, Blair comes running down the stairs eager to help him.

Viki is shocked at Blair’s presence and Blair tells her about the lie to the mob. Viki agrees to keep it confidential and Blair comes back to the topic at hand. Sam believes that Todd can hold his own but Blair and Viki agree that Todd may make a mistake and be in big trouble. Viki says she’s more worried that Todd will do something stupid and Sam agrees to go over to Mitch’s home. Viki wants to go with him and Sam refuses, for Ben’s sake. Blair asks Sam to be careful and Viki stays with Blair. Viki attempts to remain positive and they share in their concern for Todd.

Blair reminds Viki that she’s with Sam. Viki asks her about the children and Blair says their fine then asks about how Jessica is holding up. Viki informs her that Jessica is extremely angry with her.  When Blair suggests that Viki should be home with her family instead of there with Blair, Viki points out that there is very little left of her family. Blair tries to reassure her and then sends her home. When Viki leaves, Blair picks up a picture of her family and resumes her worrying about her ex-husband.

Todd orders Mitch to leave Jessica alone and when he in turn orders Todd to leave, Todd strangles him and Mitch calls Todd by name. Todd isn’t fazed and continues choking the enemy. Jessica begs Todd to stop trying to kill her father. Mitch thanks his daughter, and apologizes for frightening her.  Todd grabs him again and threatens his life for raping his sister. Jessica gets Todd to let go.  He tells Mitch that if it weren’t for Jessica, Mitch would be dead right now. Mitch tells Todd he has lived up to everything he has read about him. Todd swears he will never forget or forgive what Mitch has done to the “best person (Todd) has ever known”. Mitch throws it back at him and says he shouldn’t be the one to talk considering what he did to Marty Saybrook.

Mitch tells Todd that he followed the rape in the newspapers very closely and pretends to play shrink. Mitch tells Todd that what he did doesn’t compare in the slightest because a beautiful child was born out of his and Viki’s encounter. Mitch asks Jessica to ignore her uncle.  She replies that she wouldn’t want to see anybody get killed.  It doesn’t mean that she loves him or even wants to be in the same room with him. She adds that there is someone in the room that she loves, but it will never be him, then asks her uncle to walk her out. Mitch begs her not to walk out but she does anyway.

Jessica cries but when Todd asks if she’s okay she assures her uncle that she’s not weak and she’s not a baby, but that she’s not okay either. Todd says he’s glad she’s done with Mitch.  They discuss Viki. Todd suggests she give her mother a second chance. When Jessica says that Viki will see Mitch Lawrence every time she looks at her Todd counters that she sees Victor Lord every time she looks at Todd. Todd adds that Viki still cares about him even though he’s screwed up a million times. Todd tells his niece that Viki is somewhere waiting for her and she wants to see her. Then they hug and thank one another.

After Jessica leaves, Sam finds Todd. When Todd comes home and Blair lunges at him thanking god that he’s okay, Sam walks in right behind him to witness the event. Meanwhile, Jessica goes home and waits for her mother to come home. Mitch looks through his scrapbook before Nora comes to his home to serve him annulment papers.

Troy arrives at home to find Lindsay in his bed wearing nothing but a shirt and his tie. Mitch informs Nora that he doesn’t intend to give Natalie the annulment.  She assures him that he’ll lose if he fights it in court. Nora asks if it has anything to do with money and assures him that the marriage will not end with a settlement for him. Troy asks Lindsay what she’s doing and she responds that she’s waiting for him. She invites him to bed and he takes off his shirt and gets into bed while telling her that he’s not looking forward to it.

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