OLTL Update Monday 12/23/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/23/02

By Laura
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Jessica refuses to believe her biological father when he informs her that her mother let him take her away as a newborn baby. Mitch assures her that he’s being truthful, and that he doesn’t want to hurt his daughter, but she has to know the truth that her own mother didn’t even want her. Viki interrupts and screams, “No!” Jessica tells her mother what Mitch told her.  Viki confirms it with an apology. She then screams at Mitch for not allowing her to tell Jessica herself. Mitch says she was never going to, because she wanted Jessica to instead live one big lie. Viki throws him out but he says he won’t leave unless Jessica comes with him. She swears she won’t ever let him take Jessica away again and he asks if she’s going to fight him “this time”. Mitch wants Viki to explain that to Jessica. She insists he leave and he finally goes, after asking Jessica to join him and being turned down. Viki goes to hug her daughter but Jessica doesn’t want her to touch her.

Jessica asks why her mother didn’t tell her and if Seth knew. Viki admits that she should have told her, and that Seth does know. She wants to know why her mother couldn’t trust her and she says it wasn’t that, it was because she needed time to get proof and the right way to break it to her. She assures Jessica that she only wanted to protect her but Jessica asks “from my own father?” Viki assures Jessica that Mitch is a horrible, evil man. Jessica wants to know how she could have done that to Clint. Viki tells her how wrong she is, that Mitch drugged and then raped her. Jessica doesn’t want to hear it, but Viki insists that she needs to know the whole truth, not just Mitch’s version. Jessica asks why she didn’t tell anyone.  Viki answers that it was because she didn’t know. She adds that she erased it from he mind until Mitch finally told her all the details. Viki wishes none of it were true and she takes it to mean that she wishes Jessica never existed.

Viki assures her daughter that she loves her more than life itself. She tells Jessica that it’s painful to her too.  But Jessica wanted the truth so now she has to know everything. Then she tells her about the day she was born. Natalie was born first and when Clint went to tell everyone the good news she had Jessica. She was stunned and then Mitch came into the room. She thought he had been dead. Then he told her everything he had done, including raping her.  Then took Jessica and left the room. She adds that it was so horrible that she completely blocked it out of her mind.  Even when they were switched later on, she always believed that she had only one child. She swears she cherished Jessica but Jessica doesn’t understand why she would allow Mitch to take her daughter away from her. Viki fears that she can’t help Jessica to understand it because she doesn’t really understand it herself.  That’s why Nikki Smith came out. Nikki had been tormenting her because she knew something that Viki didn’t know. Jessica assumes that it was Nikki then who allowed Mitch to take her away as a baby. Viki chooses honesty and explains that Nikki came out recently because Viki was unable to deal with her own actions twenty-something years ago. She admits to Jessica in plain terms that she “let her go.”

Lindsay bangs on Jen’s door because she doesn’t have Christmas plans, and Sam is curious. He asks her if she has plans with Troy because she was just in Troy’s office discussing his Christmas plans. She tells Sam it was just small talk. She was only upset because Troy refused to believe her resolution that she would leave he and Nora alone. Then Lindsay asks Jen to spend Christmas with her and Sam asks Jen the same. Jen tells her father ‘no’ and that her home is here. She agrees to stop by for a quick gift exchange though. Sam wishes Lindsay a Merry Christmas. After Sam leaves, Lindsay admits to her daughter that she was thinking she was going to spend Christmas with Troy. Jen wonders why Lindsay believes that could have happened and asks why she hasn’t told Nora about Troy’s wife. She asks her mother to admit that she’s still in love with Troy. Lindsay denies it but adds that Troy’s feelings weren’t entirely an act. She could feel it and still can, as can he. Jen asks her what she means and Lindsay tells Jen that he gets in real close every time he speaks to her, and that she’ll use the physical attraction to her advantage. Jen suspects that Lindsay will never tell Nora about Joanna. Lindsay swears she will because she won’t let them get away with what they did to her. Jen reminds her that sometimes it blows up in your face, like when she went to prison, and Lindsay turns it around to be about Jen losing the baby. They make a pact to not allow others to get away with hurting them.

Antonio comes to see Troy to thank him for getting the test results back quickly, but also to ask what would happen if the father also had the same chromosome abnormality. Troy assures him that it’s unlikely.  But Antonio won’t let it go without an answer. Troy becomes concerned about what Antonio may be implying but Antonio simply suggests that the father should also be tested. Then Antonio asks if Troy finds it a little weird that Liz’s husband dies and then she’s pregnant. Troy answers that it’s unusual but it happens all the time. Antonio finally suggests that another man may be the father of Liz’s child. Antonio asks Troy if his words will be kept confidential and Troy assures him that it will, so long as the patient’s survival is not in jeopardy because of it.

Antonio then tells the doctor that he suspects someone else is the father of the baby. Troy says all tests indicate that the baby is healthy but Antonio is curious about what may occur after the baby is born. Troy tells him many babies never know who their fathers are and go on to live perfectly healthy lives. Antonio adds that the father has a right to know. Troy suggests that ‘someone’ come forth and take a paternity test. He adds that it wouldn’t harm anyone to take the test now and not wait until the baby is born. He says all that would be needed is a sample from the father. Troy assures him that in this case it is really easy to run a paternity test but they would need to have Liz’s permission. However, the other way to do it is to have the suspected father take the paternity test himself. Troy can’t answer how, but gives Antonio the number of someone who does, geneticist Dr. Arthur Davenport. Antonio calls the specialist and sets up an appointment.

Keri continues to distract the store owner but she goes in and asks Nora if she found what she was looking for. Nora replies that she’s still just browsing. Keri sends the owner to the back to look for something and Nora continues her search, but the owner comes out and finds out what she’s doing. Nora tells the owner that she had called earlier.  She wouldn’t help so she felt compelled to come and find out the answers for herself. The owner responds by calling the police. Keri asks the owner not to call the police because Nora didn’t actually steal anything. Then they both strut their credentials and acquaintances. Keri also offers to buy something.  When the owner threatens Nora to never come back and she begins to insult the jewelry, Keri quickly takes her away. They get outside and Nora apologizes profusely and offers to pay for whatever Keri wants at the store. Nora adds that she did find something interesting; that Troy was there the same day Lindsay was there. She wonders why he never told her about it.

Nora goes to see Troy and demands to know why he’s been lying to her. She tells him that she found out on her own and asks why he kept it from her. Then she asks him why he followed Lindsay to the store where she had the amulet duplicated. She tells him what she saw.  He swears it’s just a coincidence. She apologizes for being stupid and not trusting him. He wants to know what she was doing there in the first place. She asks why it’s so important to him to know why she was there and he wants to know why it’s so important to her that Lindsay had the amulet made. He gets upset that they’re arguing over Lindsay. She asks what he was doing at the store but he’s called away by his pager. She agrees to drop it. They kiss and make up.

She’s angry with herself when Sam walks in to have Troy sign something. She tells Sam that Troy went to see a patient. Sam says he hopes Lindsay isn’t stirring things up again. Nora asks why he thinks that.  He informs her that he saw her at Troy’s office earlier and she was acting a little strange. Nora asks for details and Sam describes that Lindsay was acting nervous and “like a normal person.” Nora agrees that it sounds suspicious.  It’s not likely that Lindsay was there only to wish Troy a Merry Christmas. He says it may have been his imagination, Lindsay inspiring paranoia, because they both said it was nothing. When Nora points out that it’s never “nothing” with Lindsay, Sam wonders why Troy would lie. Nora wonders the same, Sam wishes them well, and then Sam leaves her to her own distrusting thoughts. She searches his desk for his date book and finds something that surprises her.

The store owner calls Lindsay and when she comes, she tells her that someone was snooping around about the amulet. Lindsay knows who it is before the store owner gives her the name.

Cristian, Rex, and Natalie worry because Jessica still doesn’t answer her phone. They also discuss Cristian’s rescue of Natalie. Rex blames himself but Seth comes in and does it for him. They tell Seth that Jessica is with Mitch Lawrence and Seth blames Rex, informing him that he helped Jessica to walk right into a trap. Rex’s excuse is that nobody clued him in. Seth thinks that Rex doesn’t care about anything except getting Jessica away from Seth. Rex proves that true as he immediately turns the tables on Seth and his inability to keep her out of town like he was supposed to. Seth punches him and they land on the couch in a brawl. Natalie asks Rex if he’s okay as Cristian pulls Seth off of him, Natalie gets angry with them, and Cristian suggests that they all need to work together to find Jessica. Rex thanks Cristian and he assures him that they’re all on the same side.  He then reassures Natalie that they will find Jessica and she will be okay because she knows who Mitch is. Mitch eavesdrops on them and hears Cristian promise her that he’ll get her out of this marriage. Natalie then worries about Cristian’s life because Mitch threatened to kill him if she ended the marriage. He reminds her that they both have police protection and that if he tries anything he’s going to jail. Then he tells her that he’s going to tell Jen about them tonight because he almost lost Natalie once and doesn’t want to wait any longer. They both hope Jen will be okay but know that they belong together. A police officer finds Mitch on the grounds and he leaves without a problem.

Rex says he tried a few more places, looking for Jessica, even Roxy’s but the line was busy. He heads over there to search in person. Meanwhile Seth heads to campus to search for Jessica, after threatening Rex one more time. Natalie and Cristian discuss the ‘twin vibes’ and fears that Jessica is in trouble. He tries to assure her that Mitch isn’t going to hurt anyone while Mitch arrives at Jen’s door. He says he’s there so that they can start helping one another.

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