OLTL Update Wednesday 12/18/02

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/18/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

Blair plays cards and Todd watches her. Blair gets mad at him for ‘sneaking up on her’ and is grouchy because she’s been cooped up for days. He tells her he fell asleep in Jack’s room when she asks where he was and why he hasn’t answered the question of whether or not he cares about her. He replies that he shouldn’t because she stopped caring about him quickly and easily. Then Todd tells Blair that she has to make everyone want her, and then asks about Sam, Chad, and Troy. She believes he’s just trying to change the topic. Then she blames Todd for Chad and Sam then stops herself and figures he’s trying to get them into an argument so that he won’t have to answer the question. Starr comes in and tells them someone’s asking questions about them. Starr says she couldn’t sleep. She tells them about what happened at the coffee shop, seeing a man pay two girls for asking questions. Blair suspects Starr is making up stories.

Starr swears she’s not fibbing, even if Heddy didn’t see it. Blair reinforces how important this is. Starr tells her father that the girls go to college because they know Jessica. She swears she didn’t let on about their secrets.  Her parents tell her how proud they are of her for telling them the truth and for doing the right thing. Starr admits that she’s afraid.  Her mother assures her that she’s safe and that Starr’s helping. Starr wonders why her father didn’t believe her at first.  He responds that he just doesn’t want anything to happen to her mother. Starr goes up to bed and Blair gets smug because she has her answers.

Gabrielle wraps presents and finds a note of Bo’s saying that he needs to get a ring today for Gabrielle. She tells Al Bo’s going to propose.  She fears it will ruin everything. Al is confused and then she explains why she thinks it was Roxy’s idea instead of Bo’s. She adds that neither of them is ready for this step, Al disagrees. She doesn’t want to ruin how happy she is because it’s too soon and it won’t be done right. Al tries to convince her otherwise and says that maybe Bo sees it differently. Al wants to know what his mother’s response will be when Bo pops the question. She says that she’d say ‘no’ because Bo’s being pushed into things and she doesn’t want to complicate things. He wonders how Bo would take that and what would happen if Bo never asked again. Bo comes home and tells her he needs to talk to her about something. Al heads out.

Gabrielle asks about the unofficial stake out and he says it went very well and he misses her. He thanks her for being understanding and promises his schedule will now be better. Then he notices the newly decorated tree. She shows him all of the gifts they’ve bought for his family.  He thanks her because he hates shopping. She thanks him for her happy life. She says she can’t think of anything that would make it even better. He feels he doesn’t have the time to show her how much she means to him but tonight he will. He gives her ‘first ring’ secrets to the Nutcracker and she laughs but is extremely relieved and grateful. He asks if he made her happy and she answers “tremendously” and that she couldn’t think of a better surprise.

Mitch calls Bo angry because he was tricked and demands to know where Natalie is. Bo refuses to tell and Mitch reminds Bo of the word “father”. Bo suggests Mitch is striking out on all accounts. Bo says he will try to get Mitch convicted for the three deaths. Mitch plots to kill Cristian.

Natalie and Cristian kiss and then she slaps him. She says it’s just a physical attraction and learned that when she met Mitch. He again refuses to buy her version of the truth and calls her on her fear. He asks her to look him in the eye and tell him she doesn’t love him because he loves her and won’t let her go. She can’t do it and falls into his arms. She finally tells him that if she doesn’t stay with Mitch then he will kill Cristian. Cristian tells her that her mother had it all figured out. She feels stupid for falling for his lies. She adds that she never loved him and no one could replace Cristian in her heart. She tells him she’s not sorry for telling Mitch the truth about her feelings for Cristian and adds that she’s terrified he will kill Cristian. 

Rex tells Jessica about Mitch asking him all about Jessica at the library, such as how to find her. Jessica fills in Rex on Mitch Lawrence, everything Allison Perkins did. Rex wonders why he and Natalie married then and she doesn’t know but she thinks her mother does. She feels that her mother and Seth are both lying to her.

Jen tells Marcy that Cristian hasn’t bought her a Christmas present yet but it’s okay because she has Cristian. Jen plots to find out where Jessica is so that Mitch will help her. Jen calls Cristian and leaves a message about Natalie and telling him not to wait up. She’s glad that Cristian will never have to tell her about his feelings for Natalie. On her way out, Mitch arrives searching for Natalie and Marcy leaves. Mitch leaves after telling Jen to find Cristian and then contact him. He also takes the opportunity to tell her his real name. Jen calls Marcy, upset about Mitch’s visit and disclosure, and then trashes her Christmas tree.

Jessica calls Natalie on her cell phone. Natalie warns her to stay away from Llanview. Jessica is angry that Natalie’s also keeping things from her. Rex tells her that Natalie married him because she thought he was Michael Lazarus. Then Jessica gets another text message from Mitch and responds in order to get a few answers. She says she wouldn’t have to do it if her mother had been honest.

Natalie tells Cristian that she also fears for her twin. He reassures her that Mitch won’t kill him or come between them. He holds her and informs her that they’re waiting for a call from Bo. Then they’ll hit the road like Seth and Jessica did until Mitch is in jail. He assures her that Bo won’t give up on this. They hear a noise but all they find is a tree. She feels that his heart is beating a mile a minute, but he promises her that nothing bad will happen.

Jessica tells her ‘brother’ that she canceled the message because of a guilty conscience. She asks him to tell Viki that she’s looking for her when he sees her. Rex tells Jessica that he has a bad feeling about Mitch, that he’s very dangerous, and warns her to be careful. She thanks him for worrying about her and then opens the door to leave and finds Mitch standing in the doorway.

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