OLTL Update Monday 12/16/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/16/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

 Cristian surprises Natalie and tries to get her to leave with him. Natalie tries to get Cristian to leave because Mitch will “go crazy.” He agrees to leave, as long as she comes with him. He promises not to let anything happen to her but she still refuses to go. Cristian says he knows she’s scared and asks whom Mitch is threatening to harm. Bo warns him via wire to hurry up. He promises to take Natalie away and keep her safe forever. She tells him she’s staying with Mitch because she’s in love with him. He doesn’t believe her and tells her everyone is on this, trying to get her out. He says he knows her and if she really wanted to stay she would’ve called out to Mitch a long time ago. After she does so, and Mitch doesn’t come, she tells Cristian to save himself instead of her and forget that he ever knew her. He responds by tying her up and gagging her.

Seth catches Jessica trying to leave and she lies about her intentions, but he’s not buying it. She fesses up and informs him that she’s leaving, one way or another. He says he wants to allow her to leave but can’t. She wonders why her mother isn’t keeping Natalie safe and suspects something is up. She says she’s sick of him trying to protect her and treating her like an incompetent. He admits something bad is going on and she can’t know until the right time. He says he doesn’t know what it is but her mother does. Jessica thinks Natalie needs her. She says she has no other choice and tries to make Seth choose between she and her mother and he refuses because he’d be choosing to hurt her. He says that this can destroy her. She agrees to call her mother in order to prepare her for Jessica’s arrival, and swears to Seth that she’s going with or without him. When he agrees to go, she thanks him for respecting her, but when he goes to call Viki and remembers that he can’t call because Viki’s busy, and asks to go in the morning instead, Jessica thinks he’s stalling. She believes that he was never really planning to take her home and she locks him in the bathroom. Jessica apologizes but refuses to let him out. She puts a “do not disturb” sign on the door.

Mitch asks Viki what she really wants. He doesn’t believe she wants to offer him a blank check because she should already know it wouldn’t work. She tries to discuss it and he becomes even angrier. She admits it was foolish of her to try to buy him off and says she did it because she misses her daughter. Mitch assures her that Natalie is very happy and very much wants to be his wife. He puts his hands on her neck in a sexual manner but comments that he is content with Natalie and asks Viki to leave him to his wife and their bedroom. Bo tells her to hurry. Viki says she’ll consider letting him get to know Jessica. She says its because she doesn’t see any other way out of this. Natalie calls out to Mitch.

Mitch calls back to Natalie and starts up the stairs when Viki says that her offer will not remain if Mitch leaves the room. Through the wire, Bo tells Cristian to leave, but he refuses. Mitch asks about the conditions he has to agree to in order to be allowed to know his daughter. Viki begins to tell him all about the horrible year that Jessica has endured but his patience grows thin, as he obviously knows all about it. He blames Viki for Jessica not knowing who her mother was. Viki insists that being a father is more than biological. He says he gets that because he allowed her to live with Viki while she was growing up. She tells him Jessica had a miscarriage and a breakdown because of it. He comments that it’s because she got half of her mother’s genes. Viki swears she will bring Jessica back if he allows her to be the one to tell Jessica, instead of Mitch.

Rae and Nigel shop and she tells him she feels bad for Renee. The bartender won’t tell her where Renee is and then finally admits she’s drinking, at Break Bar, so her employees won’t see her. Max’s scheming with Renee is interrupted by a call from Roxy who fears for her life since Mitch is alive and she ratted him out. Max wonders how Mitch would even know what she did, and adds that Mitch wouldn’t care about what she did, and then he hangs up the telephone. Rae goes to the Break Bar, with Nigel, to look for Renee and finds pages on the floor from the self help books. Then she sees her drunken ex-friend. Renee tells him it’s all because she lost Asa.

Rae asks Max how he could let Renee do this to herself. She gives Max and Nigel orders to lead them away so she can care for Renee. Rae tells Renee that she gave her the self-help books so she could learn to get over Asa. Renee says she can’t do it, so she made an appointment at St. Anne’s for electric shock therapy in order to truly be free of the pain and memories. Rae asks Renee if she wants to talk and Renee says with irritation, “to you?” Max reminds Nigel about the scam. Nigel offers to help in any way he can, in order to expedite the process. Max says Renee is pouring out her heart, and Nigel hopes she’s not really going to get electric shock therapy like his sister did. Max waits for Rae to fold, but Nigel assures him it won’t happen because Rae doesn’t have a heart.

Rae reminds Renee of Gabrielle Medina, in an attempt to take part of the blame off of herself. In a performance of self-pity, Renee tells Rae that she’s nothing but a whorehouse madam and that she’s going back into the life, feeding desperate women to hungry men. Rae swears that has to do something in order to prove that she’s a good person. Renee thinks about it and decides there is something she can do to help. As Nigel and Max watch and wait, Renee asks Rae to divorce Asa

Asa comes to the door with flowers as Roxy is trying to escape before Mitch finds her. She hides, fearing that the knock on the door is Mitch, and then Asa walks in to the dark room, and Roxy knocks him out. Roxy apologizes to Asa, who now has an ice pack on his head. He says he admires women who can take care of themselves. She’s says she has no choice because Max isn’t coming home to help her. Asa reassures her that he’s there for her now. She finds the flowers and wants to know why he brought them. Asa gets annoyed because Roxy doesn’t seem to understand anything, and calls her slow. She thinks she’s getting flowers because Mitch is going to bring about her funeral and is angry with Asa for calling hr slow. He says he won’t allow Mitch to hurt her and adds that he yells because she’s not hearing him and he has something very important to say and it’s not easy. He calls her “an impossible woman” and then adds that he’s nuts about her.

Mitch agrees to allow Viki to tell Jessica that he’s her father, but he wants to be there for it. Viki assures him that the news will break her heart, not excite her, and insists that she tells Jessica alone. He suspects she’ll take the opportunity to poison Jessica against him. Mitch starts to become suspicious and wants guarantee that Viki’s telling the truth. She asks him to just trust her but he instead hands her the cell phone and orders her to call Jessica now and tell her that Mitch is her father. She refuses to break the new over the telephone and he assures her that Jessica is going to find out sooner or later. He reminds her he got Viki pregnant without her even knowing it, he took her daughter and gave her to Roxy to raise, he rose from the dead and then married that same daughter, and then he asks if she’s going to call Jessica or wait and see what he does next. As Cristian tries to get Natalie out, they knock over a lamp, which falls to the ground and breaks. Cristian freezes, Bo becomes frustrated, Viki looks afraid, and Mitch reads it on her face.

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