OLTL Update Thursday 12/12/02


One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/12/02

By Brandon
Pictures by Juanita


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Hey guys, sorry this recap is so late, it's been a rough week. At any rate, fear not if you missed Thursday's "One Life to Live" because all you missed was a bunch of false hope, pretty much all the way around.

Lindsay almost actually got some action! And with some guy other than Troy too! A former gallery patron by the name of Tom Wagner walked in on Lindsay staring at a painting pretty hard, lost in thought -- thoughts of Troy completely naked and kissing her, natch! -- and struck up a conversation with her. Lindsay was so flabbergasted that a complete stranger was being so nice to her -- it's been a long time, you understand -- that she didn't quite know what to make of it, especially after he asked her out for a drink. She balked at first but he smoothly persisted, and she finally relented. They turned up at the Palace, where they spoke of basketball, art -- no I'm not kidding, they actually talked about basketball and art -- and didn't once touch the drinks they went there for. But who cares about continuity on this show anyway? At any rate, Tom was having such a good time talking to Lindsay -- and, hey, I'm really glad somebody was getting off on it, because I certainly wasn't -- that he decided to be bold and ask her out. "You wouldn't be wanting to date me if you knew more about me," Lindsay warned him in an almost-sad tone of voice -- I actually felt a tad bit of compassion for her here, I'll admit -- to which he replied, "Why don't you let me get to know you better and decide for myself... I like what I've seen so far." So Lindsay said yes, she'd love to go out with him again, and they pulled out appointment books to hash out a mutually convenient time.

Well, as this is happening, who should walk into the Palace but Dr. Troy himself. He was there to pick up something-or-other for Nora. And wouldn't you know that after Lindsay laid eyes on him, her date came to a bona fide screeching halt. (She had already almost blown it by calling her date Troy earlier in the evening, but she covered that one nicely.) Tom played along for a minute or two as Lindsay couldn't stop staring at Troy, then finally gave her his number and told her to give him a call if she ever became available.

"I am available!" Lindsay insisted pathetically.

"No, you're not," Tom responded and left. At this point, Troy ambled over to his nemesis and told her once more that he would be leaving town after she told Nora the truth about Joanna, and Lindsay once more showed that she's having second thoughts about Troy leaving town.

Before all this happened betwixt Troy and Lindsay at the Palace, Troy was with Nora -- first at the coffee house, where Nora revealed to Troy (who played dumb) that Lindsay is carrying around an amulet that is identical to the one Troy used to carry, and later at the hospital, where the two got themselves somehow embroiled in the WORST STORYLINE IN THE HISTORY OF THE SHOW!! (Your humble recapper continues to wait and pray that it'll end soon.)

This is where that aforementioned false hope comes into play, because it looked like there was something seriously wrong with the baby. I don't know, something about genetic defects. RJ, playing the role of doting dad from hell, told Keri that it's still early in the pregnancy and that she is under no obligation to go through with the pregnancy if it means putting her own life at risk. (In simple terms, RJ's thrust here was that it's not too late to abort.) Keri was aghast at the idea, and so was Liz when she happened to walk into the room as RJ and Keri were discussing it. That led to world-class screaming match between all three of them that Troy and Nora had to break up.

Meanwhile, Carlotta showed up at the hospital to comfort su hijo upon finding out the news that there might be problems with the baby. Antonio mentioned to her that Dr. Conklin says that the problem is with a specific chromosome. "Chromosome eight?" Carlotta asked. "Yes," Antonio replied. Carlotta was extremely relieved at this news, and Antonio was confused at her sudden joy. So she laid it out for him: when she was preggers with Antonio, she had the EXACT SAME DEFECT. Evidently, there was a free clinic in Angel Square back then and a good doctor and experimental testing and Carlotta got the news that chromosome eight in Antonio's genetic makeup was messed up. "And you turned out fine!" she exclaimed. "My perfect son."


"I'm far from perfect," he replied earnestly. Yeah, you and this story, Antonio. Seriously, I could have driven a Fruehauf truck through the holes in the story Carlotta told Antonio today, but I digress. The point is, Antonio got suspicious all over again after hearing this, and he confronted Hank at the hospital, asking him point blank: "Am I that child's father?"

Anybody out there know the Spanish word for "Duh!"?

Also, Todd and Blair had their token ridiculous scenes, pretty much the same argument they've had for six straight months, about Mexico and how he was cruel for telling her that Jack was dead. Too tiring for words is what it was, just too tiring for words. See you all tomorrow.

(But wait, Todd did actually admit that he would have done it differently, had he been able to do it all over again--Suzanne)

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