OLTL Update Monday 12/9/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/9/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

Blair is thrilled to see Sam at the door and they have a romantic greeting. Todd walks in and is angry that Sam almost blew everything and doesn’t even know it. Blair wonders why Todd keeps barging in.  He responds by giving them a copy of pictures taken through the outside window of Blair. She refuses to give up seeing Sam. Todd then brings in wooden blinds, tells Sam to install them and then leave. Sam refuses to install them and says he can’t hire someone because it would blow Blair’s cover. Finally Todd agrees to install them himself but tells Sam to leave until they’re up. Blair shows him to the door but tells him to come by any time. He wonders if he’s endangering her life by coming here but she assures him that it’s okay.

After Sam goes, Blair confronts Todd. While Todd tries to install the blinds, Blair tries to confront him about Sam. They are both distracted by the telephone ringing. It’s Cassie calling to tell Blair that Addie’s sick and when Blair grabs the phone Todd grabs it back. Blair wants to go to her mother but Todd won’t let her. He assures her that Addie wouldn’t want to see Blair end up in a body bag for going to see Addie. In frustration, Blair asks Todd rhetorically if he knows what it’s like to want to see your kids and not be able to. He responds that he does know. He refuses to let her go. Todd comes into the room dressed in his nun suit, obviously having figured out a way to sneak her into St. Ann’s.

Gabrielle opens the door anticipating Bo but finds her son Al instead. He wonders if something has gone wrong between she and Bo and he assures him that it’s just that Bo has been working a lot. She admits that Bo hasn’t been sleeping there every night lately. He agrees to help her decorate the Christmas tree and they reminisce. Then he gives her a Christmas gift and she’s ecstatic. Al tells his mother that Bo shouldn’t be working so much that he doesn’t have time for her. She swears she would never begrudge him his job. She adds that she’s not alone because she has her son with her. She asks how he is doing and adds that the holiday season is difficult when you don’t have someone to share it with. He assures he that he’s over Jen and that this will be the best Christmas ever.

Rex discloses to Jessica that Natalie has married Mitch Lawrence. She abruptly hangs up and begins packing. Seth comes in and she tells him they’re going home. Jessica tells Seth she knows why she was forced to leave, and then adds that Rex was on the phone and told her about Natalie’s marriage. Seth becomes angry that she spoke to someone other than her mother. Jessica suspects he knows more than he’s letting on. He reminds her that they’re supposed to lay low and she becomes angry that he’s been lying to her. He says he’s told her everything that he can tell her and if he tells more than it will only be worse for her. She assures him that it can’t get any worse and he asks her to trust him, and her mother. He tells her that they can’t go back to Llanview and when she tries to leave to go back to Llanview, he refuses to let her. He admits that he’ll hold her prisoner if he has to. He says he doesn’t care if she hates him if it means she stays alive. While Jessica begs him to tell her what he’s hiding, he begs her to let it go. She agrees to let it go, for now, and call her mother tomorrow. Secretly she thinks of ways to escape.

Cristian agrees with Viki’s assessment that Natalie is keeping away from him for his own sake. He starts to go to her but Viki refuses to allow him to. She tells him that if he does something foolish then she and Natalie may both get seriously hurt. They come to the conclusion that Mitch is probably threatening to kill Cristian, as well as possibly Jessica and Viki. She explains that they can’t go to Natalie for help.  They have to go to the police. They agree to work together, with the legal system. He promises he won’t let Natalie spend one more day with Mitch.

Roxy sits in the police station and Bo reassures her that she’s not in trouble and he just wants information linking Mitch Lawrence to her late husband’s death. Roxy looks over the police report from Dr. Balsam’s death and tries to jog her memory but is skeptical and evasive. She tells Bo that Walter was afraid of Mitch. Bo promises to ensure Roxy’s safety. She informs him that Walter had been in a lot of trouble because he loved gambling but was bad at it. She also states the night before he died she heard him on the phone threatening someone that he was going to give away their secrets. Bo thanks Roxy for being extremely helpful. After she leaves, Antonio tells Bo that he’s looking into the deaths of the nurses. He adds that most of the evidence is also gone, and then they’re interrupted by a frantic Cristian begging Bo to save Natalie.

Natalie sits in the student lounge and Molly and Shawna come in, see her, and make fun of her. They’re easily distracted, however, by the wedding ring on her hand. She threatens to scald them with hot coffee. Rex comes to the rescue and gets them to leave. Rex inquires about her feelings for Cristian. She makes him promise not to tell anyone, and then tells him that she’s more in love with Cristian than ever. She tells him why she married Mitch. He describes Mitch perfectly and asks if that’s who he is. She tells her about ‘Michael’ showing up to the library to see him because he was searching for Jessica. She says she needs time to think about a way out, but Mitch won’t give her any. He asks if he can help in any way, and she comes up with a plan. Rex reaches for his phone and calls Mitch to say what Natalie has instructed him to say.

Jen asks Mitch why Natalie has never mentioned him. He asks her to stay for a while, as they have a lot to talk about. He tells Jen that he helps people.  He adds that he knows who she is and that he’s sorry about the baby. He points out the obvious, that there’s a different slant on she and Cristian now that Natalie’s married. They discuss how much each of them knows about the other and their relationships. Upon being asked, Mitch tells Jen that he got Natalie to give up on Cristian by convincing her that it was a lost cause. He explains that they had both been at a low point in their lives. She asks if he’s happy and he says he’s ecstatic and will be with Natalie for a long time. Then he asks her for her help. He says he wants to meet his sister-in-law, Jessica, and asks where she is. Jen replies that she does know Jessica, but not well, and doesn’t know where Jen is. They’re interrupted by a telephone call from Rex

Rex tells Mitch that he has information regarding Jessica‘s whereabouts and asks how much it’s worth to him. Mitch offers Rex a thousand dollars and Rex accepts and gives him and address in Boston. Natalie wants to know what happens when Mitch realizes he’s lied and Natalie agrees that it’s risky. She decides that she’s going to go talk to someone who will hopefully help her. Mitch leaves Jen and they agree that they’ve made a really good start. Sam and Jen meet for coffee and she tells him about the gifts she’s buying for everyone. She also tells him that she and Cristian aren’t ‘rethinking things’ after all.

Cristian, Viki, and the Vega brothers discuss Natalie’s situation and Mitch’s M.O. Cristian wants to go over there but Bo and Antonio explain that it would accomplish nothing but tipping Mitch off and giving him time to cover. Bo further explains to Cristian that they have to wait because Mitch is cocky and will make a mistake. Cristian says he’s going anyway. Antonio stops him and orders him to listen to Bo or else Natalie will get hurt. Bo sends Antonio to check St. Ann’s to see if Allison Perkins has had any contact with Mitch recently and if she’s in shape to answer questions. Bo asks Cristian to stay calm and before he can respond, Natalie storms in asking her uncle for help. Viki tells Natalie that they’ve figured out what’s going on. She says she’s not all right at all and Cristian and Viki beg her to tell them what’s going on. Her family tells her that Mitch won’t hurt her, Cristian offers to leave her alone with Bo and her mother, she decides to tell them all together, and before she does, Mitch peeks in and asks if he get in on the conversation too.

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