OLTL Update Wednesday 12/4/02

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/4/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Nora informs Keri that Emily and Troy are hiding something. Keri suggests that it may be related to the holidays but Nora assures her that it’s “not that kind of secret.” Nora adds that Troy says nothing is wrong but it’s obvious that there is and whatever it is, it isn’t good. Nora says that she and Emily had been becoming friends and that it changed from one day to the next as if something specific had happened. She adds that Emily informed her that she has done nothing to offend her, but that she is not reassured. She adds that Troy was supposed to figure out what was going on but all he did tell her that Emily is moody. Nora tries to convince herself that it’s nothing, but it doesn’t work. She decides that she will let it go then leaves Keri to her incoming class. However, Keri doesn’t buy that she’ll let it go any more than Nora does.

Troy wakes up to find Lindsay in his apartment, touching his chest. Troy threatens to have her arrested for trespassing. She counter-threatens to tell them about him. He says he’s willing to do it if it means seeing her behind bars. She says that she was just making a social visit. She swears that she was going to leave when she saw him sleeping and he wants to know why she decided to stay. She stumbles but finally offers that she didn’t leave because she wanted to talk to him. She says that she got startled only because he wasn’t wearing the “amulet of shame”. She says that she wants it back to remind her of the kind of man he is and what he does to women. He gives it back to her and they lock hands. He wants to know what it is she wanted to discuss and she tells him that it can wait. He tells her to knock next time and she leaves as ordered.

Troy remembers his recent encounters with Lindsay but is interrupted by his little sister He assures Emily that he is feeling a lot better about everything. Emily is thrilled to hear that he’s feeling better and he informs her that he’s not going to tell Nora because he’s not going to lose her. Emily agrees that he can’t tell Nora because she’d leave him. Troy adds that he can stop Lindsay from telling Nora.

Lindsay reminisces about her recent encounters with Troy and is interrupted by Nora’s presence in the gallery. She offers that the secretary let her in and that she’s there for business. She asks her to attest to a list of all of the artwork that a client acquired from the gallery, and upon request Lindsay signs and dates it. When Lindsay reaches for a pen in her purse, Nora sees Troy’s amulet and wants to know why she has it. She tells Nora that it’s a copy and she had one made for herself because she liked it so much. Nora wonders if Lindsay fished it out of the garbage but after Lindsay signs the paper, she throws Nora out.  Before she goes, Nora asks if Troy knows about the amulet. When she refuses to respond, Nora wonders if Emily, then Troy, then Lindsay all acting strange is one big coincidence.

Liz reminds R.J. of the agony she once was forced to endure by his hand. They agree on their hatred for one another and it draws them physically closer. She runs out, and into Hank. When he inquires as to why she’s upset, neither she nor R.J. are willing to speak. He wonders if it’s because someone is afraid, or if someone is hiding something. Hank refuses to leave until R.J. tells him what he did to upset Liz. Liz asks him to leave R.J. alone and assures him that his little brother has done nothing wrong. Hank wants to know what the tension is for and she tells him to stop trying to protect her. R.J. agrees to hash things out with Liz without Hank’s help and she states that she wants the same.

After Hank goes, Liz and R.J. agree that R.J. did upset her and when he wants to know why she defended him she says it’s because it was partly her fault too. He’s surprised when she accepts the blame and he does the same. He asks to avoid topics that upset them and she says that’s all about the past and therefore time to lay all their cards out on the table. She observes that they haven’t had a conversation since she’s come to Llanview.  But when they try again, she yells at him that she’s not keeping a secret with Hank. They both want to break the pattern but they can’t get over the past memories. She offers to make new memories by putting Keri first and by getting together to talk. He agrees and asks her out for drinks at his nightclub to which she accepts.

Mitch approaches Rex as he is purchasing a term paper online. He assures Mitch that he wasn’t buying any papers but he tells him to relax. When he calls Rex by his name, he wants to know who Mitch is. He tells Rex who he is and adds that he would like to discuss Rex’s sisters. Mitch claims that he is just trying to get some information and Rex refuses to speak about them to a total stranger. Mitch asks Rex to tell him where Jessica is and offers him a lot of money to tell him what he wants to know. Rex tells him to look up Llanfair in the phonebook. Mitch informs Rex that Jessica isn’t there and gives him his card so that if Rex hears from her he can call him. Rex continues to ask why Mitch wants to know. Mitch responds by flashing a wad of cash. When Rex goes to Llanfair to search for Jessica, the maid informs him that she’s gone on a trip with Seth.

Natalie tells Cristian that she wants to be with Michael and asks him to accept it. He’s not buying it and asks about the previous night. Natalie suggests that he go back to Jen. She claims she had only offered to leave Michael because she didn’t want to hurt him. He swears to her that they will be together and demands to know why she’s lying to him. She admits that she has been lying, to make it easier on Cristian. He promises to take care of things with Jen. She expresses anger and frustration at it not happening thus far. She informs him that she is on an emotional roller-coaster and she tells him that it’s over.  She adds that if she has nothing then at least she knows where she stands. When he observes that she’s not making any sense, she screams at him to leave her and go back to Jen.

Cristian demands to know the real reason Natalie is breaking it off with him, and he doesn’t think it has anything to do with Jen. Natalie tells Cristian that Michael led her to believe that she and Cristian aren’t meant to be together. Cristian points out that Michael is manipulating her and she argues and sings Michael’s praises. He follows her out and tells her that God is love. She can’t tell him that she loves Michael the same way she loves Cristian when he asks her to, and when she asks him to leave her alone, he continues to follow her, all the way to Michael’s home. He refuses to leave her alone and as he pleads, Michael opens the front door for his new bride. Cristian asks Natalie to come with him and she tells him they’re finished, goes inside, and gives her husband a big kiss hello.

After class Hank brings Keri a few requested files and asks about her new living arrangements and the baby. She assures her uncle that all is going well. She asks him if Antonio has talked to him about what was going on between them when she moved. Hank replies that everything is fine between he and Antonio but she thinks he’s not being straight with her. She adds that Antonio thinks Hank has some kind of problem with him. Hank suggests that she discuss it with Antonio, and then leaves.

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