OLTL Update Monday 12/2/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/2/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

Mitch threatens Natalie with Cristian’s life. Natalie swears she’s going to get out of the marriage no matter what, and he repeats his threat. She swears she’ll call her uncle and he is less than scared. He reminds her that people die so he can get his way such as Dr. Balsam and both nurses that were in the delivery room. He compares himself to God and she corrects him with a reference to Satan. He reminds her that they had one been best friends and asks if she thinks he can get away with killing Cristian. Natalie swears that Bo will stop him and he has no one to do his dirty work. He responds by suggesting that she will be one to fill that role. He reminds her that everyone who’s ever stood in his way has ended up dead. He says he doesn’t care that she hates him and she demands to know why he’s doing this, why he insists on them remaining married. He answers that he loves her and she isn’t buying it. She says he hates her but he needs her for something. He agrees that he needs her and assures her that they’re in it together and adds that she’s the key to everything. He dares her to call his bluff and run to Cristian. 

Lindsay continues to taunt Troy. She admits that she had a dream about him the previous night and he assures her he doesn’t want to be there. Lindsay again threatens to tell Nora everything and he picks up his phone and offers it to her. She says she’s not ready to tell her yet because he hasn’t suffered enough yet. He asks what else is going on here. Then the nurse comes in and he shows Lindsay out. She wishes him a Happy Thanksgiving and he just walks away. 

Troy finds Lindsay, apologizes for being so mean to her, and admits to having fallen in love with her, adding that he never loved Nora only her. And as Troy seals his words with a passionate kiss, the nurse wakes Lindsay from her fantasy to ask if she’s alright. She again tries to convince herself that she hates him. 

Matthew asks his mother if Emily is coming to Thanksgiving dinner and then she shows. Nora asks her why she’s been avoiding her. She promises that she’s not avoiding her and Nora presses it, asking if she has a problem with her. When Emily swears that its not her, Nora asks what she and her brother are arguing about. She tells Nora that it’s not about Troy, its personal. Nora keeps pressing, not wanting to be perfect strangers with Emily, but Emily finally advises her that she can’t make it better, no one can. Matthew comes back downstairs and wants to know where Emily went. Nora tells him that she left because she was upset, and although she’s not sure why, she suspects it has something to do with Troy. Troy comes over to spend the holiday with Nora and she tells him that Emily cam over earlier and she couldn’t stay. Troy assures her that Emily is fine but she is not convinced. Matthew and Troy break the wishbone and Matthew wins. Troy tells Nora that it’s the best Thanksgiving he’s ever had as Lindsay looks on from the outside by peering into their window. Jen walks by and asks what Lindsay is doing. 

Al and Gabrielle wish each other a happy Thanksgiving and he says he won’t be there for dinner because he doesn’t feel like celebrating. She informs him that his father disclosed to her that Al is feeling responsible for Jen’s miscarriage. Gabrielle informs her son that if every pregnant woman lost her baby because she got upset, then there would be no new babies but he’s not comforted. She asks if he’s over Jen and he swears that he is and that this time it’s the truth. He adds that he finally realizes who she is and wonders when Cristian will figure it out too. He admits that he made her out to be a perfect dream girl when she wasn’t and tells his mother that Jen did something really bad. Although he won’t disclose what it was that Jen did, he assures his mother that it was the breaking point. Gabrielle calls her names but Al stops her, reminding her that he also did awful things to Jen. He reminds her that the only difference was that he did them out of love. He agrees with his mother when she comments that you shouldn’t have to work so hard to have someone love you. He admits in addition that he was never in love with Jen, just a fantasy person. Gabrielle tells Al how sorry she is that Jen upset him. He says he doesn’t know how to get out of the fantasy to which she responds that it’s not easy, and she had that problem with Max who was poison for her. She says that it was finding Bo that finally got her over him. Gabrielle tells him that he’s made the first step toward freedom, and he thanks her, before trying to leave. She convinces him to stay for Thanksgiving dinner after all. 

Sam asks Todd to leave he and Blair alone and then tells him to admit that he’s still in love with Blair. They are interrupted by the woman of topic coming downstairs. Todd tells Blair they’re arguing over her safety and Sam’s walking in at any moment. She tells him she wants Sam there as much as he can be there. She asks for alone time with him but Todd refuses. Starr comes in, unimpressed by Sam’s presence, and tells Sam he has to leave because it’s a family Thanksgiving. Todd reminds Starr that he and her mother aren’t together. She says its okay, but that there’s no food for him. Blair responds by taking a sandwich and splitting it with Sam. Sam praises Starr’s handy work and she and her father finally give Blair and Sam the privacy they’ve been asking for. Blair assures Sam that Todd won’t keep them apart but when she adds that he would have no reason to try, Sam disagrees. Before he can explain further, Todd comes downstairs with both children. Blair tells Starr that she is grateful to her for keeping her secret. Then she thanks Todd for allowing her to stay there, and then Sam for coming up with the idea. 

Bo asks Hank to dig up everything on Mitch Lawrence and Viki comes downstairs to inform him that Natalie is missing. She adds that she had told Natalie everything about Mitch, except for him being Jessica’s father, Natalie was devastated and went upstairs to pack but nothing is packed and she’s gone. Bo asks if she would have gone to see Mitch on her own. He tells her to assume the worst. She assures him she wouldn’t have gone to Mitch. He asks her to think, whom would Natalie have gone to if she were upset. 

Jen continues to attempt to avoid Cristian’s confession. He says he doesn’t want to go on living a lie. The phone rings and Cristian tells Jen to leave it but when it’s Viki on the voice mail worried about Natalie, he picks up the phone. Viki tells Cristian that Natalie isn’t answering her cell phone and tells him to call her or Bo if Natalie contacts him. He wants to know what’s going on and she says it’s a family matter. She hangs up to hear Hank tell the bad news to Bo that Mitch was right, the statute of limitations on his crimes ran out a few weeks ago. He says they can’t do anything unless they catch him in a crime. He assures her that Natalie does have cause for annulment however. Viki is still worried that she can’t find Natalie and she suggests that perhaps she really did go to see Mitch Lawrence by herself. Bo finds Mitch’s address and Viki adds that it was where he lived with all of his followers. Bo and Hank want her to stay but she won’t let up and finally he allows her to accompany him. Hank agrees to keep it quiet and they go. 

Cristian calls Natalie and leaves a message. Jen points out how thoughtful he is. He wants to finally tell Jen but instead he leaves, to try to find Natalie. She grabs her coat and leaves. When Bo and Viki come looking for Natalie, and Bo demands to know where she is, Mitch is pleased to see the Commissioner so that he can taunt him, and warn him to heed the messenger. Bo threatens to kill Mitch Lawrence, promising that he will make him pay for raping Viki. Viki interrupts in order to resume the search for Natalie. Mitch admits that she was there but adds that he doesn’t know where she is now since she isn’t his prisoner. He makes his observation known that Viki hasn’t told Natalie that he’s Jessica’s father. She confirms it, but offers that she did tell Natalie everything else and now she won’t stay with him. When Mitch disagrees, Bo asks if Mitch hurt her, to which he replies that no man would hurt his own wife. Bo asks him what happened between the two of them. He hints to Bo that he took a vow to cherish Natalie and that if she is harmed in any way, it will be because she chooses to be. When Bo asks, Mitch replies that if Natalie chooses to defile their union then she will be damned to everlasting hell. Viki asks Mitch to admit to losing and he warns her not to count on it being over. 

Natalie comes home and is greeted by Roxy who’s there trying to smooth things over with Viki. Natalie asks how Dr. Balsam died and when Roxy reminds her that it was a car accident, she adds that she and the police believed that someone drove him off the road because there had been two sets of tire marks, but they could never find a second car. She also offers that no one even knew why Dr. Balsam had been there. Roxy assures Natalie that Walter would not have committed suicide and then adds that on the day that he died, she had walked in on her husband talking on the telephone threatening to spill someone’s secrets about what he had done unless he gave Walter some money. Then they planned to meet. Roxy has no idea who was on the phone, but she figures it was the murderer. 

Cristian goes to the quarry and calls for Natalie. At Llanfair, Natalie remembers Mitch’s words regarding Cristian’s death and immediately sets out to find him. But when she opens the door, there he is.

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