OLTL Update Wednesday 11/27/02

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/27/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Blair remembers when she used to live in the penthouse with Todd, observes that nothing has changed, and is grateful that she’ll have all of the comforts of home while she hides out. He tells her in his Todd way not to get too comfortable. She thanks him for moving out of the bedroom and he informs her that he’s not moving anywhere. Blair refuses to sleep in the same room with Todd and he says it’s the safest room in the house. She agrees and tells him to stay in the guest bedroom. He says that people would then be suspicious. Blair asks if he even has a maid. He asks her to trust him and she calls Sam to find her a new place to live.

Starr walks in and is thrilled that they’re sharing a bedroom and are therefore back together. Blair tells Starr that they are not a couple and are not living as husband and wide. Starr reminds her that it's also what she said last time and then they ended up getting married. Blair assures her it won’t happen this time and Todd adds that they’re going to have separate beds. Then Blair says goodnight and Starr goes off to bed very happy and unconvinced. Todd and Blair agree that it’s the perfect place to hide and when she asks for her separate bed he throws her a folded up air mattress. Blair tosses and turns while trying to sleep and he tells her to quick because it’s squeaking. She finally falls asleep and he covers her with a blanket.

Max sits next to Rae, orders a drink, and compliments her, but she’s skeptical. She asks what he wants and he says just to get to know her better. Nigel butts in and she tells Max she’s not buying whatever he’s selling. Max asks Nigel for advice after Rae leaves. He suggests white roses and adds that Rae probably considers Nigel her only friend. Max suggests that Rae needs to want to leave Asa, but necessarily for Max. Nigel inquires but doesn’t like the answer. Renee shoots an insult at Rae as she walks by and Rae apologizes and asks her to drop it. Renee goes off on her for all that she did and refuses to just drop it. Max tries to convince Nigel to woo Gretel but he refuses.

Bo notices something different about Gabrielle. He’s impressed that she’s sitting in a room with Max and not getting distracted. She replies with a kiss. Gabrielle notices Rae’s presence as well. They agree that Rae made a mistake but she is a decent person and they’ve both always liked her. He adds that he can’t figure out why she and Asa got married and then that he likes his last stepmother better. She tells him that it was the old Gabrielle and that she regrets it. He hopes that the new Gabrielle doesn’t get bored or start having regrets. Bo gets a call on the cell phone. Renee pours a cup of coffee for Gabrielle which surprises her and Renee says that it’s obvious she’s important to Bo. Renee offers her a second chance. Then Rae stops Renee again and asks why Gabrielle gets a second chance and she doesn’t. Renee tells her that she’ll never forgive her for all she’s done to her and her family.

Roxy is excited when she wins at slots and Asa helps her to enjoy her victory. She tells him she’s having a great time. He mentions that he’ll start having these parties again and asks if she minds that its fun that’s illegal. She responds by referring to him as her lucky charm. Asa then calls Max and tells him that everything is going well. They remind each other of their parts in the deal. Roxy wins at cards as well and Asa is there to watch. She offers to help decorate the place. He tells her that the place needs to be kept a secret so Bo doesn’t bust him again. She observes that they have a lot in common, including sons that turned on them. Roxy wins another time and goes to cash in and head home. Asa tries to get her to stay. She thanks him but he return the offer of gratitude, for lightening up the place. Bo comes in and busts Asa, yet again. Bo tells Roxy and Asa that they’re going to jail for the night and she immediately blames Asa, screaming that she never wants to see him again.

Marcy calls Jen’s cell phone to check on her because there’s no answer on the regular line. Jen tells Cristian that they can’t leave the phone off the hook and he assures her that it will only be a few minutes. He tells her to listen but she fakes fainting. She ‘comes to’ and talks about how weak she must be. She adds that she can’t get too stressed out. Cristian says that she’s not the only one hurting. He adds that Dr. Cockland said the reason she lost the baby was “ending something that wasn’t really meant to be”. They are interrupted by a knock on the door and she rushes to it and finds Carlotta and Keri. Cristian tells them its not a very good time but Jen insists that they stay. Carlotta sends him down to Break Bar to borrow a vase for the flowers they brought.

Antonio catches Cristian on the way out, apologetic for not getting there soon enough to keep their mother from going in. Cristian tells his brother that he’s still going to tell Jen. Carlotta comes out and tells him he’s making the biggest mistake of his life. Antonio walks away and then Cristian tries to as well. She tells him not to tell Jen now and he says Jen is a lot stronger than she thinks. Inside, Antonio and Kerri discuss that Keri is finally starting to show and she doesn’t want to throw it in Jen’s face as Jen listens on. Antonio and Keri come in and they all decide to leave but Jen asks them to please stay. When they leave Jen tells Cristian that Keri is starting to show and she can’t take any more pain. Cristian apologizes that Keri made her feel bad, adding that Keri didn’t do it intentionally, and Jen says she knows and now she’s going to sleep. She promises that she’ll listen to him in the morning. He goes to wash up and she immediately calls Marcy and starts planning to do something drastic in the morning.

Mitch grabs Natalie and refuses to let her go. She says she’s going to divorce him and he can’t stop her. They both point out that they haven’t even been together. He tells her that he’s not Michael. He says he wasn’t born as Michael Lazarus but like Lazarus in the Bible, he rose from the dead. She suspects that because of it their marriage isn’t legal, but he tells her that he had his name legally changed. He says he wanted nothing to stand in their way of getting married and she recognizes that this means he planned it before he even met her. He tells her that she’s free to go because he knows she’ll be back and as she walks out he asks her if she even wants to know who he really is. She turns around and asks and he tells her to ask her mother.

Viki tells Seth that Mitch is Jessica’s father and then turns around to find her standing there. Jessica asks what’s going on and Seth says that her mother doesn’t want her to know where they’re going until they’re safely out of town. Jessica wonders why Mitch would follow her and Viki says she just needs to keep her entire family safe. She goes upstairs to get something else and Viki thanks Seth for not telling Jessica. Viki says she’s not completely sure but is having tests done and thinks it will turn out to be true. She asks him to please not ask how it came to be. He feels horrible for all that Jessica has gone through lately and they agree that she’s not ready to know yet. Seth worries about Natalie. He tells Seth that Natalie is Clint’s daughter and they both don’t truly understand it. She admits that the trouble Natalie is in could be much worse. Jessica says she hates leaving but will go if her mother thinks it’s best for her to go. She gives Jessica cash and warns her not to use credit cards, not to go to any family members, and to only call Viki on and from a specific number. They assure each other that Jessica will be fine and Jessica takes pictures of her family with her. They say their good-byes and she walks out.

Natalie comes in and tells her mother that she needs to know who her husband really is. Natalie tells her mother that Jen and Cristian never got married because Jen lost the baby, and now Cristian wants to be with Natalie again. She also tells her mother that she went to Michael to ask for an annulment and all of a sudden Michael became mean. He said that he isn’t Michael Lazarus and that Viki knows who he really is. Viki tells Natalie that it’s true. She tells Natalie that she knew Michael a long time ago. Natalie wants to know why Michael has been lying, about a lot of things, when he was acting so nice and talking about God and being a minister. Viki strongly informs her that he has nothing to do with God, and that he went after her when she was the most vulnerable, but that it will be okay because she got Jessica to leave and now she’ll get Natalie out of town as well. Natalie becomes frightened and wants to know why Viki is making him out to be a monster. Viki tells Natalie that Michael Lazarus is Mitch Lawrence. Natalie begins to become very angry about the childhood that she endured and disgusted that she married the man who is responsible for it.

Mitch send Jessica a text message on her cell phone while Seth promises to keep her safe and adds that it may even be a little fun. She thanks him for dropping everything to be with her and then reads the message. The message says, “Hope we meet again soon. Expect we will. – M Lazarus” Seth tells her not to answer the phone again. She wants to know why she’s the one, of all the people in her family, that he’s coming after. Mitch takes a newspaper article of Jessica and in it’s heading crosses out Buchanan and writes Lawrence.