OLTL Update Monday 11/25/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/25/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Marcy hovers over Jen who’s upset because Cristian still isn’t home when she calls. Then Jessica comes in with flowers. Marcy leaves and Jessica offers condolences. Jen asks her to go find Cristian and tell him she needs to see him right away. She says she has looked everywhere for him and wonders why he doesn’t understand what she’s going through. Jessica informs her that no man can, but that she does. She discusses the pain of what she went through with her miscarriage and she screams at Jessica that it isn’t about her, it’s about Jen, and that only person she wants to share it with is Cristian. Jessica suggests that Cristian must be hurting too. She informs Jessica that she and Cristian didn’t even have a chance to finish their vows. Jessica suggests she should not rush to get married when she gets out.

Jen yells at her to mind her own business and when Jessica says she was only trying to help, Jen says that Jessica is jealous because she’s marrying her first boyfriend. Jen yells that they’ve never been friends and that she doesn’t like her very much. She adds that she can tell Jessica doesn’t like her either since she befriended Al. When Jessica admits to telling Al about the wedding, and her innocent intentions, Jen says it is Jessica’s fault that he ruined everything and also her fault that she lost the baby. Jessica swears she didn’t want the wedding not to happen. She swears she told him so he could face the truth and move on. Jen asks if losing the baby was part of the plan as well. She asks if Jessica is going to try to kill her now and as Jessica is leaving Jen adds that she can’t wait until Jessica pays for what she did to her. Jen throws the flowers on the floor.

Cristian and Natalie begin to make love in his car. Then they hear an animal sound and stop. They agree that they can’t do this, yet.  With Michael and Jen hanging over their heads and their deep desires not to hurt their significant others, they agree to wait and to have their first time be special. He says he’s going to go tell Jen immediately, as soon as the tow truck comes. She offers her sympathy because she believes that telling Michael will be a lot easier than Cristian telling Jen. She says that Michael is a good man who is very understanding. She smiles as she thinks about Michael and his comment that he saw happiness in her future, although he probably didn’t have Cristian in mind. She insists that Michael had been very good to her. They are grateful for the time they are presently sharing together and exchange words of love. She says she has something for him; and gives him the St Cristopher medal, which she kept trying to get rid of and it kept coming back. She says she doesn’t need to have something to remember him by now, because she has him, forever.

Cristian finally arrives at the hospital and tells Jen about the accident and getting stuck in a ditch. She invites him into her bed and he, sitting down, tells her that he spoke to Dr. Cockland and she’s getting better and will go home soon. She says she’ll never be okay and all she has left is he and his love. He tells her that she is going to be all right but she uses Jessica’s words as her own, almost exactly, to illustrate how much she is supposedly hurting over the loss of the baby. She repeats that she’ll only get through this because she has him. She suggests that they marry as soon as she gets out of the hospital and he tells her that he’s not going to marry her.

Troy tells Lindsay that he will never stop loving Nora and she can’t destroy that. Emily comes to see Troy. He says he feels like his whole life is about to fall apart. Emily suggests that Nora may find a way to understand. He sincerely doubts it, and adds that the pain and fear that Joanna must have felt before she died is too much for anyone to understand. Emily tells him that she loves him.  He says she has to because he’s her brother, and asks if a man she loved did what he did, could she ever trust him again. She nods ‘no’ and he walks away.

The deep secret, Mitch says, is that she did nothing to stop him taking the baby away. She demands to know why he had the babies switched. He had wanted to enjoy his baby as long as possible before he went on the run. She assumes he’s lying because there is no reason. He says he did it because he wanted Clint’s daughter to have nothing and his own daughter to have everything. He adds that nothing’s too good for daddy’s little girl. She asks how he could give away his own child, to people he despises, and he throws in his face that it was his daughter getting everything, not Clint’s, and they didn’t even notice.

Viki asks why he married Natalie and he says out of practicality; she’s a Buchanan now, an heiress, and he’s her consort. He admits that he married her for her money, but crassly adds, “among other things”. He says he has ready access to Natalie and Viki’s fortune, and to Natalie herself, who has become a beautiful young woman. Viki threatens him not to touch her or she’ll kill him. He says he also married to Natalie to be closer to Jessica. He says that if she tells Natalie who he really is then he will tell Jessica the very same thing. He wonders how Jessica would handle the truth if she knew her real daddy was the family’s worst enemy. She asks how he could hurt Jessica like that. He says he doesn’t want to and only will if she ruins his and Natalie’s marriage. Viki finally realizes that he is forcing her to sacrifice one child for another and says she can’t do that. He reminds her that she’s done it before.

She tells him to leave her house and never come back. He gives her some time to think, and when he calls her “mom,” she slaps him. Then he finally leaves. She picks up the phone to call Natalie who walks in as Michael is walking out. He says his talk with Viki went longer than expected, and they leave together. He suggests that they spend some time away from Viki for a while, giving her time to accept their marriage. Natalie tells Michael that she has a lot on her mind and then adds that her mother doesn’t need to come around. She thanks him for all he’s done but she can’t be the wife that he deserves. He says that even God doesn’t judge her as harshly as she judges herself. She corrects his thinking and informs him that she wants a divorce. Jessica walks in on Viki’s urgent message to Natalie. Then Jessica sees a picture of Mitch Lawrence and realizes that he is Michael Lazarus. She’s surprised that he is alive and wants to know what this all means.

Lindsay stops Nora who is reluctant to be stopped. Then Nora sees Sam and he’s not doing well so she takes him aside. He promises that he’s calmed down regarding Todd. She offers him her friendship and support. She invites him over to the house. Lindsay interrupts and tells Nora to butt out of their family matters. Sam says that Matthew is Nora’s business, and then informs her of Blair’s breakdown. Lindsay apologizes and then walks away. Then she imagines Nora and Sam reuniting and tells herself she can’t break up Nora and Troy if it means she’ll go back to Sam. Sam goes to check on Jen’s status, and asks for Dr. Cockland who isn’t around. He asks Lindsay why she went off on Nora when she had good reason to be concerned.  Lindsay reminds him that she believes this entire thing to be Nora’s fault. Then she goes to collect some belongings from Jen’s home. Sam tells Nora why Lindsay is so upset. She says she knows and that Lindsay has always blamed her for everything. He hopes that Lindsay doesn’t do something stupid.

Lindsay asks a maintenance man to let her into Jen’s apartment to get some of her belongings and he gives her the keys to the building. She immediately looks for the key to Troy’s apartment. She walks into the apartment and toward the bed and thinks about when he seduced her. The thoughts are interrupted with thoughts of he and Nora in that bed and as she turns to walk out, she runs into him, in a towel.