OLTL Update Wednesday 11/20/02

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/20/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Sam finds Blair at Todd’s penthouse and he informs her that everyone is convinced that she’s had a complete breakdown. Blair is glad to be safe and to be with Sam. Todd tells Blair that he gave Suzanne’s family a ton of money. The Sergeant had read Blair’s file, saw her history of mental illness, and suggested she make everyone believe that she had become crazy. Todd says he had been fooled. When Sam had been called and came immediately, Blair had run straight into his arms and told him she was really okay and he came up with the rest of the plan. They thought it would work better with Todd involved even though they didn’t want him to be, because no one would think to look for her at his penthouse. Cassie flew to Switzerland with a woman who looked like Blair and the mobsters followed, disguised as reporters, and bought the act of no hope for recovery and no memory of the trauma. Sam assures her that everything is taken care of.

Todd becomes angry at the situation and blames Sam for letting her publish the article in the first place. She says she needs a new place to hide because she certainly doesn’t want to be near Todd. But Sam breaks the news that all other options are worse than this one and when Todd reminds them that the kids aren’t going anywhere, Blair reluctantly agrees that she doesn’t really have a choice. Todd makes a comment about Sam’s act being convincing to which he replies it was his pleasure. Todd informs Blair that Starr doesn’t know about Suzanne, but she knows that they’re all there and that it has to be a big secret. Todd goes to get Starr and while he’s away, Sam says he wishes she could be at his place but everyone knows what good friends they are. She corrects him that they’re more than good friends. He agrees on much more.

Blair mentions Jen and her miscarriage and Sam says she’s physically okay but he’s still worried about her. Blair relates to the feeling and is apologetic for not being there for Sam. She asks how they are going to be together and he promises that he’ll find a way. Then Starr runs downstairs and into her mother’s arms. Starr admits to being a little scared when she didn’t know where her mother was but she swears she’ll keep the secret because she doesn’t want to wreck her parents being back together. Blair tells her that they aren’t a couple but Starr says it’s kind of like that, then goes to do her homework and Sam goes to check on Jen. They ask Todd for some privacy but he looks on as they kiss their good-byes.

Jen calls Cristian to find out where he is and says she couldn’t make it through without his love. She hangs up, thinking he’s at the door, but is frustrated when she finds Al instead. He tells her he had been there earlier but her parents wouldn’t let him in and she’s glad they didn’t. She talks about the baby she lost and he relates because it was his too. He says he felt really empty inside and she reminds him that she was never going to see it. She asks if he thinks she deserves this and he says he was mad but never wanted this to happen to her or the baby. She asks if she and Cristian are still going to get married. Marcy arrives and threatens to call security to get rid of Al but Jen says she’s okay. She’s still in her dress, because she was at the hospital all night and is still hoping to see Jen and Cristian get married.

The doctor enters, ready to examine Jen, and Jen asks why she lost the baby. The doctor’s only answer is that miscarriages are nature’s way of taking care of a fetus that isn’t viable, that probably wouldn’t have survived anyway. She assures her that most miscarriages happen in the first trimester, and that Jen did nothing wrong. Jen says she’s not blaming herself and then asks to see Al. She tells him that the doctor confirmed she lost the baby because of him, because he caused her so much stress, even though the doctor said that stress was not the cause. Al apologizes but is surprised that her being s upset could cause the miscarriage. She brings up the fire, the constant threats to her relationship with Cristian, and seals it with the “killing” of her baby. He repeatedly apologizes and asks how he can make amends. She suggests that there may be something he can do.

Gabrielle and Bo lie in each other’s arms, thankful that they don’t have to be at the office. Then Jessica and Seth interrupt with worries regarding Natalie’s disappearance. Bo asks if she’s sure Natalie hasn’t come home while Jessica was gone and she says that her mother was supposed to call if she did. Gabrielle asks why Jessica is so worried and she informs that she hasn’t seen or heard from Natalie since Jen and Cristian’s wedding which really upset Natalie. Gabrielle insists that Natalie is tough but Jessica informs her that a lot of that is an act. Bo and Gabrielle discuss that Buchanans need time alone but Jessica says she and her mother prefer to talk things through. She tells Seth about her gut feelings. Bo explains it as a twin connection and all agree and he offers to call the station and prepare everyone to keep eyes and ears open for Natalie. Gabrielle leaves for work, but only for a little while, and wishes Jessica well. Then Bo gives her a package from her father. She thinks about Dr. Balsam and feels lucky for Clint being her father. She tells Seth about how close she was to Clint. He wants to meet him and Bo overhears her warning him that her father is tough on the guys to which Bo points out that its because Clint loves her so much. She opens the card and basks in her love for her father. The gift is a picture of Clint and Jessica together that says he always knew she was his.

Cristian asks Natalie if it’s true that she married Michael and she confirms it. She tells him that they didn’t consummate it yet because they came back to tell everyone. He, like Viki, reminds him that she doesn’t even know him. She assures him that Michael is exactly what she needs and that she knows exactly what she’s done. She says that Cristian needs to be with Jen and the baby and Michael makes her feel like she’s not alone, and like she can have a life, so she let Cristian go. She says they have the same anniversary and he disagrees. He says if she had stayed at the country club a little longer then she’d know. He said they never got married last night. He tells her about the miscarriage and when it happened. He says that after losing Natalie only the thought of being a father kept him going. She assures him he would have made a great father. Cristian says it was the only thing that kept he and Jen together. He says he’ll be there for Jen but when the timing is right he’s going to tell her he’s in love with Natalie and therefore can’t marry Jen. He tells her he never stopped loving her and that it’s all he could think about. He offers her his entire her heart but wants to know if its too late.

Mitch arrives and announces to Viki that he is very much alive. He says he stayed alive just to see Viki again and adds that it simply wasn’t his time to die, just to disappear. He says he faked his death and Dorian played right into his plan. She asks how its possible and he says the police and coroner were in his corner. She reaches for the phone and he stops her, stating that even Bo can’t help her now. Viki warns him not to harm her and he swears he won’t, at least not the way she thinks. He informs her that the statute of limitations on his crimes he committed years ago ran out last week. He says he’s doing nothing illegal now. She suggests he’s trespassing and he asks if she would really have her own son-in-law arrested.

Viki begins to get very upset as Michael Lazarus explains where the names come from; one who rose from the dead and the other was an archangel. He says he’s been that to Natalie since he rose from the dead and adds that he’s never had a difficult time with the women. Viki can call him Mitch though since he’s the same man who was loved by Tina and Cassie, Joy, Allison, etc. etc. They discuss her efforts and success in turning these women against him, which he believes to be only partially. She assures him that Natalie will dump him when Viki tells her who he really is. Mitch warns Viki not to tell Natalie and she says that if she didn’t someone else would. He assures her he has no intention of letting anyone see him until he’s prepared for Natalie to know who he is. Viki says Natalie will listen to and believe her mother. He threatens that if she tells Natalie, then he will destroy Jessica. She’s angry, but also confused, as she believes that Jessica has nothing to do with this. She demands for him to tell her how Jessica is involved. He threatens that he’ll tell Jessica the truth, that he is her father.