OLTL Update Monday 11/18/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/18/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Cassie reminds a catatonic Blair about her children and her cousin Cassie. She remembers Todd on her own. She asks if Blair understands and if she’s coming back to them. She begins to cite nursery rhymes. The nun assures her she’s far away and that Cassie can help her get better in Europe. Cassie is afraid that it will be too late because Todd will turn the children against her. Cassie tells Sam that there was no change. He tells her that the children are allowed to stay with Todd and that Todd loves them and won’t hurt them. He says they’re first priority has to be caring for Blair. Cassie goes with Blair but Sam has to stay with Jen. Cassie promises to bring Blair back to him, all better. He says good-bye t her and tells her that it’s for the best and that he’s going to miss her. He tells her to do everything that they tell her to do.

Starr wants to know what’s going on and Todd orders her upstairs. Sam calls Hank over and asks him to issue an arrest warrant for Todd. Sam shows Hank the restraining order. They tell Hank about the breakdown which he has already heard about. Hank tells Todd that the restraining order still stands until he hands him a ‘stay on the restraining order’ signed by the judge giving him the children while Blair is ill. Sam promises it isn’t over. Starr demands to know what’s going on and where they’re going and he tells her that they’re going home. They go to the bar until the penthouse is ready for them. She asks him for a straight answer about why they’re moving into the penthouse and where her mother is. He says the penthouse is way cooler because Dorian used to live at the house. He says he got her a new aquarium, one with piranhas. He finally tells Starr that Blair isn’t feeling so well. She asks again if he’s kidnapping them and he responds that if he were then they’d be going much farther away than the penthouse. He says he’ll let Jack and Starr do everything that Blair would never allow them to do, he even agrees to let her drive, in the parking lot of the Sun. He swears he’s never going to let them go.

Jen tells Cristian she’s okay because they still have each other and they’re still going to get married. Cristian tries to convince her to not talk about the wedding and to just rest. She says that the two of them is the only thing that’s getting her through right now. Refusing to talk about it now, he leaves the room. Carlotta asks him how Jen’s doing and she asks her son if he’s still going to marry her. He tells his mother that he’s not going to marry Jen because there’s no baby, he’s in love with Natalie, and he doesn’t want to marry anyone right now. He goes to find Natalie but first warns Lindsay not to upset her. Jen says she’s feeling a lot of things right now and concentrates on wishing they would all suffer. She says she can tell that Cristian isn’t going to marry her now and is going to back to Natalie. Lindsay suggests that it may be for the best. Jen asks how it could be best and she says its because she doesn’t love Cristian. She suggests that Jen settle for what she’s already accomplished and Jen won’t hear it. She tells Jen that she’s no longer in control and without the baby there’s nothing to keep Cristian from going back to Natalie and it’s all over. Jen vows that it will never be over.

Jessica comes home and Viki hopes its Natalie who didn’t come home all night. Jessica says she has an awful feeling that something’s not right. Viki wonders if Jessica thinks something has happened to Natalie and she doesn’t know but she has a ‘twin feeling’ and not a good one. Viki wishes she had been a better mother and hadn’t left her with Nikki Smith. Jessica also feels guilty for how she treated her sister and Viki assures her it wasn’t her fault. Jessica adds that through it all she always felt bad for Natalie. Viki knows about feelings because she always knew that they were both her daughters. They agree to try to make up for lost time and start fresh. They are proud of each other and when Jessica asks Viki states that how it al happened with Dr. Balsam and Mitch Lawrence doesn’t matter anymore, only Natalie’s safety.

Natalie thanks Michael who assures her he was simply a messenger for God. She suggests that her family must be worried and goes to find them. He looks at a picture of her and she states that he’ll get to see them soon. She’s curious when he says he’s looking forward to seeing Viki again. He says he saw her from the terrace that night. He gives her even more alone time with her family but answers the Llanfair doors, to Cristian. Natalie goes to her mother and Viki is ecstatic and relieved. Natalie apologizes and tells her that she wasn’t alone. Michael informs Cristian that he’s waiting for Natalie and assures him that Natalie is fine. Cristian says the last time he saw her she was pretty upset. Michael tells Cristian that they were away last night and just got back, and then adds that he has more to say to him. Natalie informs her mother she was with a friend who made her feel better.

Natalie assures her mother that she’s really all right. Viki tells her that she went to the wedding looking for her and knows that Natalie ended up wishing everyone well. Natalie offers that seeing them get married made it real and final for her. Natalie says she lost it at the quarry. Viki shows her the necklace she found there and Natalie tells her what the necklace means. Viki tells her she doesn’t need to hold her feelings in. She says it still hurts but confirms her mother’s observation that everything is different now. Natalie says her perceptions are different. Viki says she’s brave but doesn’t need to pretend that everything is fine. She informs her mother that her entire life changed overnight. Michael asks Cristian about his new marriage and congratulates him. He informs Cristian that he and Natalie are close, very close, as Natalie shows her mother her new wedding ring and announces her new marriage.

Nora reads the delivered letter and says aloud, “Oh my god, Troy,” while Troy tells Lindsay that she’s beautiful and talented and could have her own life. She says that Nora deserves to know the truth and that she wants to help him deal with his past. She goads him about the certified letter she sent to Nora and agrees with Troy when he calls her on just wanting to see Nora suffer. Troy wants Lindsay to tell Nora she made it all up and then suggests she won’t even believe the letter. He pushes her up against the wall saying he has nothing left to lose but Emily arrives and makes him stop. Lindsay assures him its over and then leaves. Troy fills Emily in on the letter. Emily suggests if Nora got it then maybe it’s not such a bad thing. He heads out to find Nora but she appears at his house with letter in hand.

Emily leaves and Nora tells him about her delivery. The letter says that D.B. Norris wishes to donate half a million to the clinic. He says “I can’t believe her” and she says it’s not about her but him, because he’s trying to buy back his reputation. She adds that the clinic doesn’t need the money but that if even it did she wouldn’t handle the transaction. He says he doesn’t even want the money and all is suddenly fine between the two. He offers to take her away to no distractions but she needs to attend to Sam. She apologizes for coming in so angry over a letter in which a man who murdered his wife offers the clinic money, adding that she knows Troy would never want that kind of blood on his hands. He rips up and throws the letter then trashes his home. Emily hears it and comes in. Troy informs her that Lindsay didn’t tell Nora yet and is still playing games. Emily tells him to tell Nora once and for all but he insists she wouldn’t forgive him and would never understand. He says that even Emily doesn’t even know what really happened. She begs him to tell her and he agrees to tell her everything.

Nora fins Sam and apologizes about Jen. He says that she’ll be okay but judging from the look on his face she’s not convinced. Then Todd comes in because he forgot Jacks’s stuffed animal and makes a comment in their direction about how the penthouse will be great but even better for Jack if he has his stuffed animal, Chuckles. He tells a confused Nora that he now has custody of the kids and when Nora asks about Blair being crazy enough to give him custody, Todd can’t help but give special attention to the wording of the question. Sam warns him repeatedly to shut up and when he doesn’t, Sam punches him.