OLTL Update Wednesday 11/13/02

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/13/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Todd tells Cassie that the phone isn’t working and the signal was lost. He finally gets through and the Sergeant tells him that Blair witnessed a shooting and is shaken up because she’s an eyewitness and could be in danger. He demands to speak to her. The officer, Wagner, tells Todd that Blair is shaken up and unable to speak. He immediately goes to her, and Cassie follows. Wagner tells her that her husband is on her way She cries over Suzanne and asks them to call her family. Wagner warns her that she could be in danger since O’Brien is involved. He’ll be coming after her again. They need her to ID the shooter and they give her books full of mug shots. Todd arrives and demands to be allowed to take her home but he’s told no. She screams and Todd demands to know what’s going on. He and Cassie barge in against orders and she’s in a state of mental unhealthiness. She wants to know if they’re going to an inn near a lake or to a movie. Then she repeatedly asks why everything has to die.

Al tries to make an announcement and Jen stops him leading Cristian to wonder what she knows. She says it’s about the baby. She says that Al knows how precious the baby is, a gift of life, something that not even love is more important than. Al admits that the baby is what they discussed outside and adds that he would never do anything to hurt the baby. He apologizes for being a jerk and for the interruption. Sam is pleased that Al has finally gotten the message. Cristian goes to ensure that Al is really gone.

Viki repeatedly calls Natalie and gets her voice mail. But she’s not at the wedding breaking it up; she’s off kissing Michael who pulls away. He says he shouldn’t have let her do that because she’s hurt and confused. She asks him if Michael is what God has in store for her and begs him to help her forget Cristian. He tells her that a kiss may hurt her instead of help her. She assures him that God doesn’t notice who she kisses anymore then He notices Cristian is noticing tonight’s wedding because he has more important things to do. He tells her that He sees her and wants her to feel better. He says there are better ways to heal her pain, ways that God would be more approving of. She insists and he promises to tell her how to get Cristian out of her head. He tells her to cast him from the heart and informs her that she must turn her back on who’s she’s been and commit to a new way of living in order to accomplish it. He tells her to start with walking away from Cristian by giving up every thought of him, now. She throws away his necklace and he is proud. He offers a hand to her and she takes it, to be led away.

Viki heads to the country club because she and Jessica are concerned that Natalie will do something to cause trouble. Jessica apologizes for not mentioning it earlier but Viki has a lot on her plate. They discuss how much she misses Ben but he would want her to be looking out for her daughters. Viki says the good that came of all of this was that her suspicions were right. On her way into the country club, she catches Al on his way out and he just walks away. Then Cristian follows and he asks Viki if Al’s gone, and then tells Viki that Al interrupted the wedding, as did Natalie earlier. She asks about her whereabouts. Cristian tells Viki that he loves her daughter.

Cristian suggests that Viki check the quarry for Natalie and adds how worried he is about her. Antonio and Keri discuss how hurt Al must have been while Lindsay asks her daughter what’s going on with Cristian, causing them to go check. Viki replies that she’ll find Natalie and make sure she’s okay. She praises him for doing what’s right. Lindsay asks Viki if she can keep her “out-of-control-daughter” away from the wedding. Viki calls her on the irony of the comment and its source. She suggests that Lindsay is the only one Jen needs protection from and mentions how much better everyone would be if Lindsay were back in prison, or better yet, a locked mental ward.

Andrew picks up where they left off. Jen wants to say her own vows to Cristian and she tells him she has faith in how much love he has toward her and how much she can trust him. She adds that what they have is real and she’s happy that every day they will wake up to see one another’s face. When he’s speechless with his own emotions, she tells him to speak from his heart. He promises to be the best father and husband he can possibly be, like his father was, and offers to have his family be his whole reason for living. Cristian says, “I do” and before Jen can say the same, she feels a pain in her stomach. She falls to the ground and shouts, “Oh my God, the baby!”

R.J. thanks Liz for agreeing to meet him. They discuss Keri moving in with her, and out from with him. He says he’s fine with it because she’ll need a lot of help and advice. She questions his sincerity and he admits he feels like he’s losing something, but then, instead of now. He asks if he hadn’t gone to prison would she have told him about Keri and she answers in the affirmative. Hank walks in on the private moment and Liz assures him that there have been no complications with the pregnancy. He offers to help with the move and R.J. gets upset that Hank knew about the move, and Keri, and he didn’t. He demands to know what else Hank knows that he doesn’t. He flashbacks to when he found out the paternity of Liz's baby. Hank says that he agrees with the decisions that Liz makes and then leaves an angry R.J. for a meeting with the mayor. He finds it suspicious when Liz also remembers needing to be somewhere suddenly. She thanks Hank for not giving her away and he replies that she almost did with the look on her face. Hank thinks that R.J. may have noticed and asks how long she thinks she can hide this for? She tells him she’s counting on him and he says he’s not helping anyone but will keep the secret if she wants him to, then mentions that he’s not the one she has to worry about it.

Al comes to see Jessica for moral support and she lets him in. He says he’s into public humiliation but left the wedding after a few minutes because of the baby. He reminds her that she doesn’t know the whole story; no one does. She in turn reminds him that love is not one-sided and he makes a crack at her relationship with Seth. He immediately apologizes for being out of line and then informs her that Jen’s whole life is a lie. He hears Jack cry and wants to see him. He looks at Jack and says that babies are worth the sacrifices you have to make for them. He holds Jack and doesn’t finish his earlier thoughts. He says nothing else matters besides the baby. Jen says it's okay that Jen’s baby isn’t Al’s because Jen isn’t right for him, and he says he’s finally starting to see that.

Viki gets to the quarry and finds Cristian’s necklace. Meanwhile, Michael and Natalie are on an airplane together. She asks questions but all he says is that they’re on their way to "do God’s will."