OLTL Update Monday 11/11/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/11/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Al reads Marcy’s diary and discovers that he is the father of Jen’s baby. He first calls Jen immediately and tells her via voice mail to break it off with Cristian since Al now knows the truth, and then he goes in search of her. Jessica believes that Natalie is going to try to break up the wedding and informs Seth with three voice messages and then in person. She also informs him that they’re getting married tonight. He suggests that maybe the wedding should be stopped; at least it would get things out in the open. He goes to go call Cristian, in order to offer him moral support, and asks Jessica to wait for him for ten minutes and not to worry in the meantime. While he’s gone, Al sees Jessica and asks her where Jen is. Against her better judgment, Jessica breaks the news that Jen is marrying Cristian right now. She won’t tell him where the wedding is being held though, and instead tells Al to move on. He agrees he should learn to deal and says he needs time alone to think. She hopes he doesn’t do something dumb as he calls the diner pretending to be a florist in search of the wedding location. When Seth returns and asks if Natalie broke up the wedding, Jessica snaps, ”I don’t know. How could I know, I’ve been waiting for you!” out of frustration that because of her Al knows how to find Jen.

Blair and Suzanne plan a winter wonderland party for Starr’s birthday, months in advance, and Blair mentions that Todd won’t be there. Todd comes in and says that he’ll see his children everyday for the rest of their lives, and Blair won’t, because he knows what she’s done and he’s going to take them away from her. Blair says she knows also what he did, harassing Addie and manipulating her trust in him. She asks how Todd is going to prove what she did to Troy. He says that Nora agreed to testify against her and Nora walks in and contributes “the hell I did”. Nora informs Blair that she had turned down Todd’s request and adds that what Blair did was nowhere near what Todd has done; murder, rape, threatening to rape and then murder Nora when she was blind, and so forth. She tells Blair she’ll testify for her if needed and then leaves.

As Todd and Blair continue to argue, someone calls and threatens Blair’s life and Todd hears it on speakerphone. She yells back and hangs up. She admits it’s the fifth calls she’s gotten and points to the latest Sun and the gangster story that she’s been printing. He pretends he’s not worried about her and they resume the argument. She goads him about losing the paper, and the kids, and swears that she’ll keep on signing complaints if she needs to. He insults her skills as a mother and she refers to Todd as ‘desperate’, enough to cozy up to Nora, and assures him that he’s going down for the last time. Then he leaves, and she leaves a message for Sam. Blair goes to meet Suzanne, and someone with a gun follows her. A gun shot sounds and the back of a wounded blonde woman, who looks like Blair, falls to the ground.

Natalie enters the country club where the wedding is taking place. Jen turns around and sees her, as does Cristian. Marcy tries to comfort Jen, Natalie runs out, and Cristian runs after her. Natalie tries to walk away from him but he stops her and asks about their agreement. Lindsay verbally attacks Carlotta regarding Cristian, tries to comfort Jen, and then asks Antonio to have Natalie arrested. Keri tries to help, Carlotta blames Natalie, and Jen reassures her guests then follows Cristian. Natalie reassures Cristian that she really does want him to marry Jen and he asks her then why is she there. Jen interrupts their conversation and offers understanding that Natalie just couldn’t help herself and adds that this is why Natalie should leave Llanview. She explains that Natalie’s feelings led her to attempt to ruin the wedding and if these feelings won’t go away, then she needs to. Jen adds that Cristian loves her, not Natalie, and that Natalie needs to consider the baby and let the baby and his parents have a peaceful life.

Natalie explains that she came because Cristian is such a good man and Jen assumes this means that she’s here because she refuses to give up on him. Meanwhile, Sam asks Andrew to wait, Carlotta asks Antonio to help his brother, to which he replies that he refuses to meddle, and Keri asks him not to be angry with Carlotta because she’s just upset. Keri empathizes with Jen because she “could never live with a lie in the middle of (her) marriage.” Antonio asks about her and the baby to which she says that both are okay. He is the same and will always be okay as long as he has her. Lindsay wants to go after Jen and Sam stops her, pointing out that this may not be the life Jen’s meant to have.

Natalie states she’s not there to break them up, but to wish them all the best. She adds that all happiness will come from Cristian’s goodness and the baby will be raised with love and kindness. She’s happy for them, and apologizes before leaving. The couple walks back in together, hand in hand. Sam asks Jen to postpone the wedding but she’d rather start the ceremony over from the beginning. Antonio asks his brother if he’s okay and he says yes and that its time to get married. Jen explains to her mother that Natalie left and only came to wish them well. The wedding continues and as Andrew asks the congregation to “speak now or forever hold your peace,” Al barges in and stops the wedding.

Viki shows Bo the cult list with Peter Manning’s name included. She says its all for nothing because all the major players are dead. He reminds her “not everyone,” and informs her that Cassie is flying in today. She was the last person close to Mitch and was there when he was killed. Viki asks about Cassie’s level of strength, especially since Mitch tried to rape her, but Bo says that she wants to help and was on the next plane out. Viki is unsure that she’ll ever know what happened, and Bo brings up Ben. She reminds him that today is their anniversary and adds that she’s not in Switzerland because of everything going on here. She says she talks to Ben in her mind sometimes and that she never thought she’d lose him. She’s starting to feel like she’s asking for someone to come back from the dead. She draws attention to a ring Ben gave her last year, sapphire to match her eyes. She can still feel the warmth of his hand as he gave it to her. Bo hugs her in an attempt to comfort her.

Todd walks in and asks if that’s what Viki does when she’s not helping him get his kids back. Bo tells Todd to leave but he turns it around and asks if Bo’s going after his brother’s wife because he’s tired of Gabrielle. Then he changes the subject back to his favorite one, Todd, and tells his sister that he needs her help to put pressure on Blair. Bo warns Todd to leave Viki alone because she has her own problems to deal with. Todd’s surprised that she’s still worried about Mitch because it was twenty years ago, and she should “get over it”. He adds that she sounds just like Blair. Viki responds that there are consequences to his actions and Blair deserved to know the truth just as she does. Bo tells Todd that Viki can't help him because no one can. He gives Viki the information he found about his father and Mitch Lawrence. She reads “No one knows the day or hour that the messenger will return…on that day there will be retribution.” Todd opens the door, sees Cassie, and runs, after she mentions the real story about Hawaii.

Michael gets a call from Natalie on his voice mail and says aloud, to one around, the same message that Viki read. Then he says, “The time is now.” Michael comes to the quarry because ‘god led him to her’. Michael assures a distraught Natalie that she’s going to be fine because he’s been praying about her and has an amazing feeling about the future. Her life is going to turn around, starting tonight. She’ll get everything she’s ever wanted.