OLTL Update Wednesday 11/6/02

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/6/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Max sees Al write Marcy’s name and starts asking questions. Being evasive, Al responds that she is in deed someone who may “help (him) face the facts about Jen.” He adds that he has a surprise for her. Jen suggests that Marcy put the original medical records back into the file so that Dr. Cockland doesn’t become suspicious. Al finds Marcy and tells her that he needs her advice, since she and Jen are such good friends, in making a CD for Jen as a wedding gift. He acts kind toward her and even thanks her for being such a good friend for Jen when she really needs one.

Al continues to wonder how they became such good friends and she says that she and Jen have a lot in common, though she can’t name a single thing. She states that they became good friends while Jen was sitting in Dr. Cockland’s office. He questions that she had mentioned before that she and Jen had first met at class. She corrects that they knew each other previously but didn’t become really good friends until seeing each other at the doctor’s office. When he asks again about the common interests, she yells at him for asking too many questions considering that he had taken advantage of Jen. He asks her if she’s referring to them sleeping together and she stumbles over her answer; she says she meant him pretending to be paralyzed. He points out that the dress in on the floor, takes her keys, then leaves.

Cristian informs his brother that Natalie is with the wrong man. Antonio reminds him that he’s getting married, today, and suggests that he stop worrying about Natalie. He argues that he still cares about her and that he doesn’t like “the much older” guy that she’s with. Antonio points out that its perfectly legal but Cristian admits that he’ll always think about her and worries that he pushed her into making a huge mistake.

Michael takes Natalie to a secret, special place and uses it as an introduction to “everything” about himself. The house is the ‘church’ in which he used to guide people that he refers to as a “family”, until he let them down. Natalie is curious as to how he did that and he explains that his timing was all off. When she relates, he suggests that may be why they are kindred spirits, and urges her to accept peace into her heart. He offers to help banish the painful thoughts in her head, and as she is instructed to close her eyes, he slowly massages her temples. She assures him that she trusts him and has faith in him. Then she comments that she feels like feathers floating away and he answers that it is the lightness of her soul. She says that it felt good and is curious about what he wants. He informs her that he wants for nothing. They agree that money doesn’t matter and when she comments that he doesn’t even have a winter coat, he states that God will provide and has given him so much already. She says that she wants to do something for him in return for all that he’s done for her. He asks her not to tell anyone about this sacred place and she agrees.

Natalie goes to buy Michael a winter coat and hears Antonio and Cristian discussing today’s wedding. She turns around and sees them in their tuxedos.

Nora assures Todd that she has faith in Troy and therefore knows that he is a good man. He claims he has no feelings left for Blair and they discuss that she still does for Sam, Bo, and Hank, because she remembers all the good things that were present in all of her past relationships. She assures Todd that there is no chance Troy will help him get back at Blair and when Vicki calls him, asking him to come over immediately, he leaves Troy’s home.

Troy threatens to tell Jen everything that Lindsay did to hurt her if Lindsay doesn’t agree to keep her mouth shut about Joanna. She believes that he has nothing to hold over her because everyone knows everything about all that she has done. He reminds her that Jen doesn’t know about her mother changing the home pregnancy test results, which led to her believing that the baby was Al’s, then the fight and fall at the quarry that led to Al’s paralysis, and finally to the almost marriage to someone Jen didn’t love. He adds that if Jen knew, she’d hate her mother and she’d lose Jen forever. He agrees to keep his mouth shut if she does the same with Nora regarding Joanna.

Lindsay wonders how she can trust Troy in this deal since he had promised to never tell Jen and now he’s going back on his word. He states that he doesn’t want to stoop as low as her and that he doesn’t want to hurt Jen, or even her for that matter, but that he’s not about to lose Nora. Troy repeats what Lindsay did to her daughter and Jen comes in and hears everything. She says that she knows what her mother has done and that she’d forgiven her. After Lindsay walks Troy to the door with just a hint of “nice try”, she asks Jen if she really knew, and if she really forgave her. She replies that she had suspected it and now it’s confirmed. She adds that her life would still be pretty much the same that it is now anyway since she’s still marrying Cristian and since now she really is pregnant with Al’s baby. She admits that her mother had been right all along; Cristian never did really love her. Lindsay agrees that playing with the heart is a very dangerous game and thinks about her own soon-to-be sweet revenge.

Emily comes over looking for Troy and Nora apologizes for badgering her adding that she now understands why Troy was so upset and understands everything. She explains that Troy felt responsible for the death of a patient, and that he is now doing much better. Todd catches Emily on her way out who asks if its true that everything is better. He tells her that he took a gamble and lost and that if he doesn’t tell Nora about Joanna right now then Lindsay will beat him to it. He insists that it has to come from him, even though he’ll lose her. He goes inside and tries to tell Nora about Joanna but is interrupted by her filling him in on Todd’s visit. She explains that Todd wanted her to believe that Blair was successful in her seduction of Troy but Nora wants him to know that she has too much faith in him to believe that. He appreciates that, because jealousy kills, and he adds that he needs to tell her just how much jealousy can kill.

Asa walks in on Rae telling interior designer “Fabricio” that price is not an issue. When she informs a curious Asa that Fabricio does not need a last name, and he makes a jab about it, she reminds him of her own last name and thus her right to pay Fabricio any amount he could possibly ask for. She assures her husband that she has no life since Asa ruined it and that she needs to keep busy somehow. He suggests a few hobbies. Asa swears he’ll get out of this marriage somehow, someday. She takes off to meet again with Fabricio.

Roxy explains to Max the reasons why Viki dropped the charges against her. He reminds her that absolutely nothing has changed and that even though they’re married, they will never be a couple. She swears she’s still not giving up. Roxy heads out and Asa and Max find each other commiserating once again. Asa suggests that if they can’t get rids of their own wives then perhaps they should get rid of each other’s wives, and Max seems interested in the idea.

Viki sees Peter Manning’s name on Mitch Lawrence’s list of cult members and calls Todd immediately to ask him to come over. He thinks he is beckoned to discuss his own kids, not Viki’s, but she tells him about his step-father, Peter Manning, being one of Mitch’s cult members. She mentions that he was called “The Messenger’ and Todd remembers that his father used to say, “Heed the messenger”. He also remembers that he used to speak about owning no possessions, and Viki informs him that he instructed all of his disciples to pay God, through him. She also informs him that Mitch Lawrence is dead, and he wants to know how he could have played a role in the baby switching if that’s the case.