OLTL Update Monday 11/4/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/4/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Bo explains to Todd that he is self-destructive and that Blair may have forgiven him many times in the past, but now she’s through with him. He reminds Todd that he never learns and that Blair may have let this all go before, but won’t do it anymore. Todd mentions in response that Bo only wants Todd to pay because his own son is dead and now he wants everyone else to be miserable. Bo warns him to “watch it” then informs him that Ross and Tea were rescued yesterday. Bo suggests that Todd return to the island, and even offers him a one-way ticket.

Vicki calls Bo to find out if there are answers in the papers left behind by Dr. Balsam. Starr interrupts the call by showing up at Vicki’s door, informing her that Todd has been arrested, and demanding that Vicki fix it. Starr admits to her part in enabling her father to see Jack and states that she should be the one to have been arrested instead. She begs her aunt for help, pointing out that Vicki is the only one who can help. Vicki obliges and goes to Todd, informing him that she’s only there because Starr was so upset. He assures her that he’ll pay his high-priced lawyers to get his children back. She replies that he still won’t be happy because he won’t have Blair. He fills her in on the fact that Blair is now with Sam. She states that Blair deserves to be happy, and although she assures him that she came because Starr was upset rather than to lecture a captive audience, she tells him that if he really loved Blair he would want her to be happy. He doesn’t want it to be with Sam but Vicki says he’d want her to be happy with whomever it was that made her that way. She tells Todd that Blair is doing a great job with his newspaper and sums it up by saying that his future is up to him.

Blair admits to Sam that she’s having second thoughts about what she’s doing to Todd and at first he simply reassures her that she’s doing the right thing, but at that he questions is she wavering on having him arrested or on divorcing him. She admits that she is impressed that Todd actually apologized, but adds that Sam is the only man that she wants. Sam, feeling a little reassured but hesitant about leaving, goes to see what’s been bothering Jen.

Blair continues to reconsider her decision to have Todd arrested and Bo tries to get her to press charges by stating that Todd might try to kidnap the children again, and explaining that restraining orders only work when they’re used. He informs her that Ross and Tea have recently been rescued and adds that when Tea told him the whole story, she was sure to mention that Todd took a huge gamble with his life to leave the island when he did, but that he did it in order to come back to his kids, and Blair. Blair immediately thinks Tea is lying but Bo reminds her that Tea has no reason to lie about this and didn’t lie when she told Blair about Todd’s plans to kidnap Jack and Starr in Hawaii. Bo leaves after advising her to throw everything she can at Todd and to do it now. She thinks back to Todd first telling her about the island and his fight to get back to his family and how she doubted him.

Jen, upset, tells a concerned, supportive Marcy that if Cristian sees Natalie today then there may not be a wedding tomorrow. She warns Marcy to never say Natalie’s name again, then sends her to get the maid of honor dress. Marcy asks if Natalie’s going to be there at the house and Jen gets angry that Marcy said her name. She promises that she’ll never let Jen down and that she’ll die before she tells anyone that Al is really the father of her baby. Then she runs off to retrieve the dress and Sam pays his daughter a visit. She asks him to find someone who will marry them tomorrow and he wants to know why the rush and what’s really going on. She wants to know, in return, why he wants to ruin things for her. She says she feels like she’s just like her mother but Sam disagrees. She finally ends it by saying that she’s under a lot of stress. He asks, and she replies, that Cristian is just as excited about the wedding being moved up as she is.

Jessica tells Al to keep his mouth shut about her twin sister. He ignores the warning in order to suggest that Cristian’s previous actions translate to him being in love with Natalie. When he picks up on her silence as confirmation, he gets upset with her for not telling him. She tells him to quit the guilt trip and then reminds him that Cristian is still marrying Jen and that he still has no chance with her. Al believes that he knows Jen better than anyone does, even Cristian, and that there is a side to her that few people see. Jessica says that whatever he and Jen were to each other was a long time ago. He says “not really”, that he and Jen had been working their way back toward friendship. She reminds him that “friends” and “in love” are two very different things and before he can divulge further, Marcy arrives to pick up the dress.

Al is very curious as to how Marcy came to be Jen’s maid of honor so quickly when he doesn’t even recognize her as anything other than “that girl who works at the OBGYN clinic.” She assures him that she was in a lot of Jen’s classes last semester and he says that he was too and he doesn’t remember her. She suggests that he pay better attention then. She swears that she and Jen are great friends and that Jen tells her everything. He wants to know “like what?” At that moment Jessica comes down with the dress and Marcy escapes. He lets Jessica know that he is suspicious of the new so-called friendship between Marcy and Jen.

Natalie tells Michael that she wants to feel differently and laments over Cristian. Michael holds her, Cristian sees it, and he grabs Michael, warning him to leave Natalie alone. She defends Michael, introduces them, and explains that it was only a hug. Cristian believes that Michael is interested in much more than just a hug. She further explains that they were only talking and that Michael understands her, then reminds him that he’s in no position to be demanding answers. She tells Cristian that she has decided not to leave town and wonders why Jen never told him about her decision. He’s glad that she isn’t leaving town and wonders if it’s because of Michael. She assures him that its because she refuses to give up her life but adds that Michael was there for her when no one else was. He apologizes to Michael and leaves.

Cristian asks Jen if she knew Natalie wasn’t leaving and if that’s why she pushed up the wedding and also wants to know why she didn’t tell him. She admits she’s been lying to him, that she’s scared that she’ll lose him and have to raise the baby all by herself. He swears it will never happen and agrees to marry her the following day, thinking that it will be “better for everyone”.

Michael tells Natalie that they still have to discuss “us”. He apologizes for hugging her and swears that he would never try to take advantage of her. He reminds her of their connection, the one they’ve had since long before they ever met. He points out that she is amazing for being strong enough to let Cristian go even though he obviously still has feelings for her. He offers to help Natalie with her feelings, help her to move on and heal the wounds of the past the way that she has helped him. They can now help each other, he offers, if she’s ready.

Sam returns to Blair and she tells him about Tea and Ross being rescued. She then admits to rethinking her decision to have Todd arrested. Sam reminds her that Todd knew the rules and broke them nevertheless but she in turn reminds him that she’s broken the rules quite a few times herself. He says that she always acts out of love and that that’s the difference. They briefly discuss Jen and his concerns regarding her pushing up the wedding, then return to discussing Todd. She wishes he would stay out of her life, but is uncertain if police officers and restraining orders are the way to go about it.

Todd visits Addie. Visiting hours are over but Addie comes out while he’s there and becomes very excited to see him. He says he hasn’t visited because he’s been out of town for a while. Then he asks her for a favor, to get Blair to do something for him, but she says that Blair never listens to her anymore. She adds that Blair wouldn’t listen to her when she had “that silly plan to seduce Troy”. This stops Todd in his tracks and he asks her to repeat.

Bo tells Vicki that he has found a lot of Dr. Balsam’s belongings in the shed. Vicki is curious about what could possibly be there since Roxy was so convinced that Dr. Balsam and Mitch Lawrence were in cahoots together. Vicki is still troubled with the questions of how she could not know that she had twins and why Allison would even switch them in the first place. They look through the boxes, thinking that answers are there, somewhere.