OLTL Update Thursday 10/31/02


One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/31/02

By Kelsey
Pictures by Juanita

Troy holds Lindsey against the wall as he denies killing Joanna. Lind says he might as well, he was responsible. Lind taunts Troy. He denies everything and says he loved Joanna and never wanted to hurt her. As Lind pressures him, Troy goes ballistic. Troy is surprised when she says she went to Africa. Troy wants to know who told her. Lind says that everyone there knew what happened because of his drinking problems. He says he just made it up to give them something to talk about. Troy says she doesn't know anything. Lind teases saying Jo and Troy had a passion that could kill. He wants to know why she is doing this. Lind replies that she wanted to see the look on his face as she pities herself. She spits out every last detail about what Troy did to her. Troy yells out as Lind cries and blubbers. She blames Troy for everything. Troy admits he isn't proud of what he did. Lind reminds him that Nora doesn't know but she will. As he pins her to the wall, Lind tempts Troy to kill her when Emily enters. When Lindsey leaves, Troy tells Emily that Lind knows everything about Joanna. Emily thinks she isn't going to tell. Troy disagrees, she is waiting, she is going to tell Nora everything.

Jen arrives at the church. Carlotta enters and says sorry for everything. Cris is shocked to hear that Jen know that Nat is in love with him. Jen says its okay. Cris leaves. Once again, Carlotta apologizes. Jen says its not her fault, Natalie is to blame. Carlotta and Jen discuss everything Jen reminds her that there is nothing to worry about, she is the one carrying Cris' child. Carlotta questions when Jen tells her that Nat is leaving Llanview. Father Diaz comes into the room, as well as Cris. Jen excuses herself saying she has to take care of something. Cris pulls his mom to the side. Cris worries about Jen. Carlotta wonders if he is just being protective of Natalie. Jen requests to go over everything in one day. Diaz says that that is impossible.

Natalie can't wait to Viki to meet. As Nat wonders why he hasn't shown up yet, Michael stares at them behind some bushes. Nat is disappointed that Michael didn't show up. Viki asks about what kind of person he is. Michael always makes her happy. Viki is glad Nat decided to stay in Llanview. Viki wonders why she wanted to leave anyways. When Nat tells her that Jen found out they share in an embrace.

Viki believes that this is where Nat belongs. They share each other's hardships. Nat wonders if Viki had searched for her if she had known. Viki says yes, all that matters is that they are together. Viki questions everything, saying Roxanne and Allison haven't said anything. She thinks the real culprit is Mitch, the guy that programmed Allison to do it. Nat is glad he is dead. Viki answers the phone, with Michael on them other end. Michael hangs up. Just then, Jen calls saying she needs Nat's dress for the wedding. Jen is frantic when she hears that she is not moving. Viki firmly say that Nat is staying and hangs up.

Nat picks up the phone, this time Michael talks, wanting to know what's wrong. Nat wishes she had someone to talk to. Michael offers his friendship.

Antonio presses Liz for answers. He wants to know why she lied and if he is the father. Antonio questions Liz's alibi. Liz apologizes for the strain on him. Antonio says he may be a liar but she is a better one. "Better liar? You promised me!" argues Liz. Liz yells that she only wants to protect Keri as Hank and Rae enter. Liz covers, just a difference of opinion. Rae walks Antonio out. Hank wants to know what is going on. Liz breaks down. She reveals, in so many words, that she slept with Antonio before she knew who he was. And that the baby is his. Hank has had the last straw when she says Antonio doesn't know he is the father. He can't keep it a secret. As he is leaving he runs into Keri.

Keri comforts Nora. Nora shows her the note and says he was really upset when he saw it. Nora wonders why. Keri teases Nora. RJ approaches them. Keri asks for a minute. RJ tells her not to worry he has accepted everything. Keri upsets him again when she says Liz and she are moving in together. Keri and RJ chat. RJ points all the negativity. Lind enters the bar and stops Nora from leaving, there is something she needs to know.

Rae and Hank argue. Hank attempts an apology. Rae thanks him. Hank says he wants to try again. With friendship. Rae says she would very much like to be friends. What's the change of mood? A friend. The woman downstairs? You're jealous. Maybe just a little.

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