OLTL Update Wednesday 10/30/02

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/30/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Nora demands that Emily tell her what’s going on with Troy. She tells Nora to ask Troy. Nora insists that she only wants to help, and Emily tells her that she needs to learn that there are some things she just can’t fix. She adds that Troy is being truthful with her and that he loves her, and that’s all that should matter.

Troy wants Lindsay to be straight forward, but she plays that she doesn’t know where to begin, so she’ll begin with Troy’s wife, the one who’s dead and whom Nora knows nothing about. Lindsay says that she has so many questions she’s seeking answers to, starting with why he never mentioned Joanna to Lindsay while they were together. She presses him to just admit to everything, since she has a copy of their marriage license anyway. He reminds her that they never really were together and adds that he didn’t want to desecrate Joanna’s memory by telling someone like Lindsay anything about her. She also wants to know why he hasn’t told Nora yet, even though Lindsay has given him every opportunity to; the painting, the woman with the survey, and now the African amulet.   He says that he intends to tell Nora everything but that Joanna’s death is still painful to him. She says that it is going to be painful for Nora, as well, when she hears the truth and sees him the same way she saw Colin.

Nora shows up at Troy’s home, and Lindsay says that now she can tell Nora. He warns her to keep her mouth shut as he answers the door and basically implies to Nora that he needs time and space to deal with the patient he just lost. Lindsay tells him that truth matters and is glad that he never really loved her because “No woman can survive being loved by you”. He gets so angry that he pushes her up against the wall. He tells her that she knows nothing about Joanna or Africa, and she corrects him because she knows that he killed her.

When Bo and Vicki come to Roxy to ask her a few questions, she’s afraid that she’s in more trouble, but Bo assures her that this has nothing to do with her case and that they’re just looking for a little help. She remembers that Mitch Lawrence and her late husband had business together, but that Mitch had “crazy eyes”, so she would leave them alone and not ask questions. She eavesdropped a couple times and knew they were discussing something very creepy but had no idea what because she was always drunk. Bo asks Roxy to get Vicki a glass of water; while she’s gone, they discuss that Mitch must have had something to do with the baby switching. She wonders if the drugged iced tea was supposed to knock her unconscious during the second birth, as opposed to an attempt to kill her. Bo believes that Mitch must have set everything up before he died and that something lays in the fact that Mitch had been an expert in mind control

Vicki asks if Roxy has anything that belonged to her husband, and she says that she kept everything, even the ashes, and that everything is in a shed. Vicki offers to drop all charges if she gives her everything that belonged to her husband, every single thing, except his ashes. Roxy makes the deal and tries to call a truce, but Vicki informs her that she will never forgive her for what she’s done to her and her children. Roxy asks Bo why Vicki hates her so much when none of this was her doing, and he says its because no one else is alive to hate instead.

Michael assures Natalie that he feels her heartache as strongly as if it were his own, that her life is in Llanview, and that God will give her the courage she needs. He says she can and will tell him about her problems, about everything, and explains that he wishes to take on her burdens for a moment ; he promises not to judge her. She tells him all about Cristian and Jen, and the baby, and about how no one has ever believed in her before the way Cristian does. She’s impressed that he remembers her telling him that Jen’s pregnant. She insists that she must leave town, and he says that other people love and need her, like her twin, and notes that her mother would be very upset if she left. Natalie wants to know why he thinks he knows anything about her mother, and he replies that no mother wants her child to move far away. She says that it would be best for everything because she’s “toxic”.

Michael tells Natalie that God will forgive all of her sins if she asks him to, and that God has forgiven his sins, which are more horrible than she can ever imagine. He explains that she always has a chance to be reborn. He thinks she’s wonderful and he’s known her since the day she was born, which he explains with a belief that some people are meant to meet, to help or learn from one another. He says that love is always the answer and to get it, she has to first give it unselfishly. They discuss that he used to live there, and when she asks if people remember him, he replies, “most definitely. ” When Vicki gets home, Natalie tells her that she had such a horrible day that she almost left town, but a new friend convinced her to stay. She invites her mother to the terrace to meet the friend.

Antonio and Elizabeth are talking, but Keri interrupts so she can steal Antonio away for a moment. She tells her mother to go ahead to the first house with Hank, without her, and Keri will catch up and house-hunt with them soon. She tells Antonio about the shower but adds that Natalie swore it was all one-sided. Antonio wishes that everything were out in the open, but she encourages him to think about the baby and support his brother in doing the right thing. She adds that she feels sorry for Jen because her fiancé is keeping a secret from her that could wreck everything.

He says that Carlotta should feel guilty for meddling in her son’s life. Keri tries to explain that mothers work in mysterious ways and states that Elizabeth probably would have never even told her about the baby if Keri hadn’t been there when she found out she may be pregnant. When Antonio asks if its possible that Elizabeth could have suspected it earlier, Keri remembers that he has asked her that one time prior. Nora takes Keri away so that she can talk to her about Keri, and Antonio says he’ll go give Elizabeth the word that Keri will be a little bit later. Nora tells her that she feels bad about being insensitive and badgering Troy when he wanted to be alone, but she was concerned because he wouldn’t open up to her. Antonio sees Elizabeth at the house and immediately asks why she’s been lying to him.

Hank arrives at Rae’s house, waiting for Elizabeth, as the house is for rent. When he realizes that the realtor is unavailable and that Rae is showing the house, he offers to wait in the car. She wants them to be civil to one another and then states that he’s just angry because he blew his chance with her. She comments that she doesn’t need a license to see how he felt about her and what was forming, and she reminds him that she gave him every sign that she had felt the same way. Elizabeth arrives and overhears. After Rae introduces herself and then heads upstairs, she asks Hank what she walked in on, but he swears it was nothing. He says he’d rather not talk about it, and they exchange vows that they will always be there for one another.  Then she suggests he go up and talk to Rae, and he agrees.