OLTL Update Tuesday 10/29/02

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/29/02

By Kelsey
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Alicia

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Since Max did something nice for Roxy, she wants to return the favor. She tries to pin him down on the couch for some love. She says now she knows that he really cares! Max pushes her off, and she hits the floor. Roxy laughs, thoroughly enjoying herself. She says she knows that they belong together. She just had to keep the faith, which wasn't easy, but Luna knew. Luna always knew that Max would find someone to love, and Roxy is that woman. Max runs out the door. Roxy says that she won't give up; she's going to win him over!

Troy receives a mysterious package. He opens the enclosed note, which reads, "Never forget. Never forgive." Then he opens the box, and finds his African amulet. Emily stops by the loft. Seeing the amulet, she asks her brother what he's doing with it. She thought that he threw it away. Troy says that he did throw it away. This must be a copy. Only Lindsay would have done this; she must know about Joanna after all. Troy's going to put an end to this. He yanks open the door and is surprised to find Nora getting ready to knock. She can see the tension in the room.  Troy claims to be worried about a patient and leaves, allegedly, for the hospital. Nora asks his sister what's going on, but Emily claims to have no idea. Afraid that she'll say something she shouldn't, she says that she has to study. Alone, Nora happens upon the package and note.

Lindsay learns that her package was delivered. She looks at her sketch of the amulet, and remembers when Troy first showed it to her.  He promised that it would grant wishes. It's about to grant her wish. She tells her assistant, Becky, that she's leaving, and asks her to give Troy a note when he shows up. Troy soon arrives. His demeanor frightens Becky, and she tries to call security. Troy grabs the phone away from her, and she realizes that he must be Troy.  She gives him the note from Lindsay. It's an exact duplicate of the one he received with his package. He goes back home, and finds Lindsay waiting inside his loft. Troy asks Lindsay what game she's playing now. Lindsay says that there's no game. She knows everything. She knows all his lies.

Emily tries to call Troy but gets his voice mail. Nora tracks her down, and confronts her about Troy. He's not at the hospital. She wants Emily to tell her the truth.

Goaded by Jen, Natalie tells Cristian that she's leaving Llanview. Cristian wants to know why she would do that, and Jen says that it's necessary. She insists that Natalie has to leave town as soon as possible, and that they can't be friends anymore. She goes outside so that Natalie can explain it to him. Natalie tells him that Jen found out about her feelings for him. She stresses that Jen has no idea that Cristian returns her feelings. Cristian wants to tell her the whole truth, but Natalie believes that her way is best. They have to do this for the baby. Natalie has to leave town. She doesn't want to, but it's the only way. She cries. Cristian won't let her do this. He can't imagine never seeing her again. Natalie doesn't think there's any point to seeing each other if they can't be together. She needs to leave town and get her life back together. She begs him to leave Llanfair.

Marcie waits for Jen outside, just to make sure that she's okay. She babbles about hating both Natalie and Al, and wishing that she could be more like Jen. She reminds the bride-to-be that she needs a new maid of honor. Jen asks her, and she accepts. Jen swears her to secrecy about the true paternity of her baby. Cristian comes outside, and Marcie leaves. Jen lies to Cristian, saying that she never doubted him. She can't stand to be at Llanfair now. She insists that they leave.

As Natalie looks for her wallet, she finds the St. Cristopher medal that Cristian gave her. She pours out the contents of her purse, still not finding her wallet. Checking her voice mail, she finds a message from Michael Lazarus, who says that he found her wallet. She decides to pick it up on her way to the airport.

Jen insists on stopping at the gallery on their way to the church. When Cristian tries to talk to her, she stops him by talking about how much she trusts him, and how important the baby is.

Bo pores over a police file on Mitch Laurence. When Asa joins him, Bo shows him a newspaper article about Mitch. Asa says that he always knew that Jessica was the real deal. He'd like to know how Natalie pulled off her scam. Bo explains that she and Jessica are twins. That doesn't make any sense to Asa. He was there when Viki had one baby. Bo says that he's investigating the matter. He talked to Allison, who told him to ask Mitch. Asa reminds him that Mitch is dead. Bo then tells him about Dr. Balsom's connection. Asa tries to remember that day. He recalls that the doctor was with Viki for quite a while. Bo informs him that Dr. Balsom is dead. There's no one to confirm that he and Mitch knew each other.

After Bo leaves, Rae sits down beside Asa. She knows about the twins, and she would like to help them unravel the mystery. She and Asa trade barbs, and she leaves. Max takes the seat just vacated by Rae, and Asa says that she's the worst wife he's ever had. Why can't he ever learn? Max can't laugh, because his own wife is much worse. Asa agrees, and they drink to it.

At the church, Viki tries to talk to the "priest," but he hides his face. The real priest comes into the sanctuary and introduces himself. By the time Viki turns around again, Mitch is gone. She tells the priest about him, and he admits that the man had an odd way of speaking. The man had said something about being a messenger, and he has the most piercing eyes. Mitch is hiding around the corner, listening to this. He's angry because Natalie hasn't returned his call.

After Viki gives the priest a check, she's surprised to see Bo. He tracked her down, because he wants to ask Roxy whether her husband knew Mitch.

Roxy straightens up the living room. She answers a knock at the door, and is scared to see Bo and Viki. They have some questions for her. They ask her whether her husband knew a man named Mitch Laurence, and she thinks about it.

Natalie answers the door and finds Mitch, who wants to return her wallet. She lets him inside, and she cries on his shoulder.

Since Lindsay isn't there, Jen tells Cristian to go to the church ahead of her. He doesn't want to, but she insists. She tells Becky to give Lindsay the message that everything is working out perfectly.