OLTL Update Monday 10/28/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/28/02

By Laura
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Al tells Cristian that Natalie was all over him and calls her a slut. Cristian responds by punching Al, leading him to believe that Cristian is still “hung up on” Natalie. Cristian says that he was raised not to talk about any woman that way, and that Al won’t be doping it in his presence either. Seth then threatens to punch Al too if he doesn’t leave. After Al leaves, Seth tells Cristian that Natalie has filled him in on everything, and he knows that they were planning to be together. He admits that he’s not over Natalie. He adds that he’s staying with Jen, and he’s glad that she will never know of his feelings.

At Jen’s urging, Natalie admits that she is in love with Cristian. Lindsay rips into Natalie and then into Carlotta, threatening that her son will be very sorry if he hurts Jen. She defends her son to Lindsay, stating that he will do the right thing. Natalie swears to Jen that the feelings are not mutual, and that Cristian loves Jen.  She continues saying that Cristian wants to marry Jen, and would never hurt her or the baby. They agree to take the conversation outside. Jessica offers to go with her, but they go alone. Natalie apologizes for being a horrible friend.  She explains her past hesitance regarding giving the shower. She also divulges that Cristian knows how she feels, and didn’t tell Jen because he didn’t want to hurt her. Jen wants to know if the feelings are over.  When Natalie says that they’re not, Jen asks her to move out of Llanview. Natalie promises to stay out of their way but doesn’t want to leave because her family is there. She says that she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks or says about her. Jen says that she won’t be able to be happy with Cristian if she stays because she’ll always be worried about Natalie’s effect on them. Natalie still refuses to leave.

Jessica and Keri warn Marcy not to pre-judge before knowing the whole story. Marcy assumes that this means they know the whole story and she wants in. Jessica refuses to gossip about her sister, and Keri moves on to Carlotta. She tells her that Jen was going to find out sooner or later anyway. Jessica ends the party. Jen tells her mother that Natalie’s going to leave town, even though she doesn’t know it yet. Marcy calls Cristian telling him to come to Jen at Llanfair. Lindsay asks Jen who Marcy is.  She says that Marcy is some loser, but that she’s being nice to her because she does things for her like changing medical records. Jen informs her mother that she has always had things happen to her, and now she’s going to make things happen to other people. She’s going to get revenge on Cristian for lying and making her believe that he loved her. She tells her mother to go home, and she’ll see her later, because she’s going to go finish off Natalie. Jessica goes to fill Seth in on everything that happened.

Jen tells Natalie that she has no right to ask her to leave Llanview, so she and Cristian will leave instead. She adds that Cristian will miss his mother and brother, but they’ll have their own family. Jen simply doesn’t see any other way to solve the problem. Cristian arrives and Jen is about to tell them that they need to leave town, when Natalie interrupts and tells him that she’s leaving town for good.

Viki tells Bo that Alison is “near catatonic”, and that the proof is in Allison’s answer that Viki should “ask Mitch”.  She explains that Allison chants that phrase like a mantra. Meanwhile, Allison begins to flashback to conversations with Mitch Lawrence. Bo asks if Mitch could have known about the twins, but Viki thinks there’s no possible way. He assures her that they’ll find all the answers.  She comments that she’ll blame herself until she does. He asks for details on Mitch.  She tells him all about the cult, his effect on women, who he seduced and drugged, who absolutely loved and adored him, and about his attempt to kill her. Viki explained that Mitch hated her because she figured him out.  He then tried to poison her which lead to her losing control of the car and going into premature labor. She wonders if Mitch could have been involved somehow. Viki is grateful for the Sisters’ help, and wants to make a contribution in return. The nun tells her that all donations go through Father Diaz at St. Jude’s, so Viki heads there. Bo goes in to question Allison further, and she tells him to ask Mitch. When Bo says that Mitch is dead Allison says, “Is he?”

Michael lights a candle for Mitch Lawrence.  He is remembering tending to his old congregation.  He looks at Natalie’s driver’s license picture inside her wallet. He calls Natalie, and tells her that she left her wallet at the church.  He tells her that he has it and will get it to her, and that he has a strong feeling that she will be very happy, very soon. Then he looks at a picture of Viki and recites from the Bible, “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” Michael admits to the priest that although he is not Catholic, he once was the leader of a spiritual flock. He tells him that he was gone for a while but is now back. Michael whispers under his breath, “Heed the messenger”, and when the priest asks what he said he replies that he was just saying that it is good to be back. Viki arrives at the church and introduces herself to Michael, whom she believes to be Father Diaz.

Blair eavesdrops on Todd apologizing to Jack for everything he’s done to the family. When he sees Blair, Todd assures her that he’s there to wish his son a happy birthday, not to kidnap him. She says she knows why he’s there, and that she heard everything he said. Todd asks if Blair considers it breaking news that he loves his kids and she says no.  She thinks it is news that he’s sorry for anything he’s done. He asks about her almost forgiving him in Hawaii and she admits that she had considered it. He asks if she’ll reconsider again and maybe they can work things out. She asks, subtly, if that means them as a couple. He tells her that he knows she’s with Sam, and she can have him, but he wants to be able to see his kids, even if it is on the minor holidays like Presidents Day. She reinforces that he’ll never see his kids again, and that it is because he loves them. She explains that he hurts the people he loves, and she doesn’t want him to ever hurt the children again. She wants him to leave but he refuses. He begs her to allow him to spend the day with his children, and she reminds him of the restraining order.  He still refuses to go. Blair leaves the room.  When she returns, she has the police with her, and they arrest him.

Max bails Roxy out of jail, and she is extremely curious as to the reason why.  She is afraid that it is so he can finalize the divorce. He admits that he thinks she was extremely cruel to Jessica and Natalie, but makes a deal that he’ll tell her why he bailed her out, if she leaves him alone. He says it’s because she gave him the tapes from Luna, and he wanted to return the favor. She asks him to further the favor by asking Jessica and Viki to drop the charges. He said that he already asked, and they’re not budging. Max explains to Al, why he bailed Roxy out of jail.  Al tells his father about his fight, then says he’ll fill him in on the details later, and leaves Max and Roxy alone for a while. Roxy takes the opportunity to throw herself at her husband once again.