OLTL Update Thursday 10/24/02


One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/24/02

By Kelsey
Pictures by Juanita

As Natalie watches the cake she made for the wedding shower, Rex comes in, asking how weird it is that she and Jessica are twins. Jessica enters the living room as Nat leaves, to let them talk. Rex says he came by before but no one was home. Jess shocks him by saying she knew he came by. She didn't come to the door because she didn't want to see him. Rex understands, saying Jess probably wants nothing to do with him. Jess disagrees, she says, she has just been overwhelmed. She says that she is going miss him and just didn't want to let go of there relationship. Rex wonders if they are still friends. Jess assures him by saying they will always be friends. As Rex leaves, he congratulates Jess on finding her real mom.

At home, Max says hi to Al. Al responds with a lonely hi. Max wonders if anything is wrong.  Al sadly reports that Jen is pregnant. Max asks if it is Al's child. No, Al states. He thought he and Jen had a real chance. For a moment, he thought they would live a happy life together, have kids, and grow old together. He thought the baby was his. Max tries a feeble attempt at cheering him up by saying it was a blessing in disguise. Al disagrees and heads for the door. Max tries to convince Al that Jen led him on, used him. Al starts to leave when Max tells him about the tapes from Luna. He gives him the tapes when Al asks where he got them. Max answers that he got them from Roxanne. Al can't believe it. Max says Roxanne kind of did him a favor. With that, Max leaves the house. Al sits down to watch the tapes. Al thinks to himself as he watches them. He rewinds the tape and plays it again, listening to Luna talking about his life love and how he will find it someday. He just has to fight for it.


Natalie greets Jen and Lindsey at the door. Jen asks Natalie to drop off marriage papers at the church, remark that her doctor said to take it easy. Lindsey suggests that she herself take it in. Jen quickly retorts with saying that Natalie is her maid of honor, she's okay with it. When Nat leaves, Lindsey asks what is going on and why she just had have Natalie take the papers. Jen replies saying she has her reasons. Jen looks at the cake and remarks about the frosting. What's your problem??? Lindsey asks. Jen mentions that Cris is going to be at the church dropping off papers also. Jen wants them to pay for how they hurt her. Lindsey is afraid it will all blow up in Jen's face. Jen disagrees, nothing will go wrong. Lindsey reminds Jen of Nat and Cris' strong feelings for each other. What if they fall into each others arms? Jen refuses saying that her baby is her weapon. Lindsey is skeptical, this meeting may be Cris and Nat's push towards each other. Lindsey says hi to Keri. Keri is cold, wondering why she didn't help her dad. Lindsey reminds her of RJ's reputation. She will never set foot in a police station again. Later, Jen gets more nervous the second because Nat is still not back from the church, showing how much her mother's words have affected her. The nurse suffocates Jen with a whole bunch of thank yous. When she mentions about the tests, Jen reminds her to lower her voice and that no one will know. Jen gets frustrated, wondering where Nat is. The nurse tells Jen she will always be by her side. After waiting for some time now, Jen pulls her mom to the patio. Alison tells Lindsey she will not give up on her plan. All she has to so is to get rid of Natalie, and she knows just how.

Michael's assistant hands him a large book he requested. He flashes back to Nat talking about Jen. He looks into the book. Finally he sees something that catches his eye, a picture of Jen and Cris. Michael shuts the book and circles the place and time of the wedding.

As Cris enters the church, he sadly stares at the statue of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. He eventually hands the papers to Father Diaz. Cris say the sooner the wedding is the better. Father Diaz is worried him and Jen are rushing. Nat walks in about to hand in the papers herself when Father Diaz assumes that Nat is Jen. Father Diaz goes off on how they look in love. He can tell it in their eyes. Cris sets it straight and says that Nat is Jen's best friends. Father Diaz apologizes and leaves. Nat starts to leave when Cris stops her. Cris tells her how he is surprised that Jess and her are twins. Nat is reminded of her childhood and sadly tells him you can't undo the past. Cris apologizes for everything. Father Diaz comes in and announce that the wedding will be that night. When Father Diaz leaves, Cris apologizes again Nat reminds him that its the right thing to do. Cris leaves with a good bye. Nat sits in a pew and fantasizes about her dream wedding with Cris. Just then Michael surprises her and puts his hand on her shoulder.

Bo and Vicki talk in his office. Bo says he's done some research. He states that he has looked up all of those involved in the case. Then he reports they're all dead. One was killed by a driver. Nurse Johnson had a heart attack. Bo tells her this is strange because she was only 27 and her family had no history of it. She worked at the hospital when Vicki was pregnant. Vicki asks if he thinks it was murder. Bo says maybe but he needs to know if Vicki knows anything. Vicki says she doesn't know anything. Bo tells her he doesn't know what to do now that all three are dead. Vicki remarks that they don't know Alison Perkins is dead. Vicki thinks Alison knows something. Vicki and Bo agree that Alison was telling the truth but no motive for switching them. Vicki wonders if Alison knew. Vicki say there are too many coincidences, pointing them all out. Bo thinks they were all in on it together. Bo tells Vicki that Alison is unstable and not fit to ask questions. Vicki insists on visiting Alison. Vicki goes into the padded room to talk to Alison. Despite her attempts, she can't get through to Alison. Finally, Alison turns her head and says that she has been expecting Vicki.

Rex arrives at the jail to speak to Roxanne. Rex reports that Jess still wants to be friends. Roxanne threatens to tell Jess he knew all along they weren't siblings. She won't blab if he gets her out of jail. Rex lies and says he will get money from Jess to bail her out, reminding her to keep quiet.

Max shows up at the Buchanan's. When Jess answers, Max asks for Vicki. Jess tells him that she is not home. Max needs to talk to her then. Max suddenly asks if she will drop the charges against Roxanne. Jess wonders what Max is thinking letting her out. Max says he owes Roxanne one. Jess disagrees saying she deserves to go to jail. Jess finally agrees to drop the charges. Max leaves and shows up at the jail. Max tells Roxanne he is setting her free.

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