OLTL Update Wednesday 10/23/02

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/23/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Starr attempts to hire Nora. She tells her about her father being back in Llanview, and about the paper her mother signed disenabling her from placing Todd under arrest. She wants Nora to “sue some people” so that she can see her father again. She refuses to help and when Starr reminds her that she saved Troy’s life, Nora still refuses. She says that she can’t do that to Blair because she’s a mom too and knows what it feels like to worry about your children and try to do what’s best for them. Starr gets angry that Nora won’t help and immediately kicks her out. Starr sees Jack and promises that his birthday gift from her will be getting to see his father again.

Natalie says to Jessica that someone has “played god” with their lives. Jessica wonders if it could be true that someone actually planned their fates this way, and if so, who and why? She asks if it could have been Allison or Roxy but Natalie says that Allison probably didn’t even know and that Roxy is too stupid. They discuss how happy they are that Roxy is going to jail. Jessica is honored that Natalie went after Roxy for her sake. They use it as a jumping off point to try to make amends and truly become sisters, so Natalie tells her the true story regarding her and Seth. Seth tried to comfort Natalie that night, though not by having sex with her, because Cristian loves Natalie but Jen is pregnant and he has to marry her. She reassures Jessica and defends Seth and his love for Jessica. Jessica says she’ll consider giving Seth a second chance. Seth arrives, after Natalie leaves, and demands that Jessica finally listen to him. She agrees because he helped her to discover her twin and now knows that he didn’t just go to Michigan because of Rex; he did it all for her happiness. She tells him that Natalie explained it all, apologizes for her accusations, and asks for forgiveness. He says she has it but wonders about her level of trust toward him. She couldn’t trust anyone when she didn’t even know who she was, let alone anyone else. She now has confidence, can trust again, and thus trusts him completely.

The man who rescued Natalie, ‘Michael’, sees an article in the paper about Natalie and Jessica and adds it to his collection of clips. He asks his assistant to call him ‘Reverend’.

Max visits Roxy, who think he’s there to bail her out. Roxy explains why she’s in jail by telling him about Jessica and Natalie and who they really are. Max is shocked and tells her that he’s not there to bail her out but rather to make sure that she stays in. She swears that she wasn’t her fault but Max insists that she played with people’s lives. She reveals that the only reason she didn’t skip town according to plan was because her husband asked her to have dinner with him. He responds by allowing her to hear his telephone call to Nora informing her that there’s been a break regarding the divorce. At his house, Max fills in Nora on the twins and Roxy’s part in it. Max is thrilled when Nora tells him Roxy could serve twenty years for the crime and the divorce will be settled because there’s a no-prison clause in the agreement. Nora notices the dinner table and Max tells her about how Roxy gave him Luna. He tells her about the tapes and that he never would have known about them if not for Roxy. She came clean about them and didn’t have to. He tries to change the subject back to the divorce, but Nora tells Max she hopes he gets what he wants, then leaves. He calls Vicki and tells her that he’d like to speak to her regarding Roxy and how she’s affected Vicki’s family.

Natalie demands answers from Roxy as to why she kept Natalie since Roxy wasn’t her mother and she hated her anyway, and why she hated her in the first place. Roxy says she got stuck with Natalie because no one came looking for her and she wasn’t about to go to prison for her late husband’s crimes, which Natalie reminded her of, which is why she hated her. She asks Natalie to get Vicki and Jessica to drop the charges but first Natalie wants Roxy to tell her one good deed she’s done for her or for anyone else. Roxy’s silent and Natalie replies that in that case, no one is ever going to do anything nice for her.

Todd walks in on Blair and Sam in each other’s arms. He says he came because he was seeking legal help from his attorney. He asks Sam to help him get his children back. Sam informs Todd that he and Blair are now together. Todd wants to know whatever happened to their friendship and Sam replies that it ended when he stole Jack and told Blair he had died only to bring him back and try to pass him off as another child. Todd thinks it really ended when he caught them on the couch together. Blair tells Todd to stop blaming Sam and when he agrees, saying he’ll just blame Blair instead, she encourages it. She says that he broke Blair’s heart. She admits that she didn’t trust him to love her and that’s why it took her so long to tell him that Jack was his, that, and because all she ever wanted was to make him happy and she didn’t want him to feel the pain that she over Jack’s death. She tells him to get out, and to go ahead and blame everything on her, because all she had wanted was to love him and make him happy, and that will never happen again.

He says he gets it, but refuses to leave until he talks to Sam. In private, he tells Sam that he knew he was angry but didn’t know he was angry enough to go after Blair. Sam assures Todd that his feelings for Blair has nothing to do with Todd, but adds that she deserves better than the hell Todd’s put her through. He informs Todd that Blair had decided in Hawaii to forgive Todd and allow him to see his children. Todd wants to know why Blair never told him that and Sam says that before she could Tea warmed them that Todd was going to attempt to kidnap the children. Sam adds that Blair has finally moved on and asks Todd to allow her to be happy. Todd wants to know who drafted the divorce papers. When Sam says it was he, Todd makes a decision and calls Blair back in to declare it. He tells them that they can be together, but he’s getting the children.

Carlotta cries because her friend is moving to Miami. Keri suggests they get a calendar so Carlotta can feel better by planning her next trip to Miami. Antonio goes after Liz who is upset because she thinks Carlotta’s tears are caused by a sudden knowledge of Antonio and Liz’s affair. Keri offers Liz as a friend to Carlotta and when she declines, they begin to discuss Carlotta’s true feelings toward Keri’s mother. Keri assures Carlotta that Liz would never hurt her and Carlotta admits that she’s upset because she wishes Keri were carrying her grandchild. She assures Carlotta that it will happen in due time but that for now she needs to concentrate on the grandchild that she’s going to have from her other son. Carlotta’s friend meets Liz and Antonio outside and wants to introduce the beautiful woman that Antonio saved to his mother and his fiancé. Antonio convinces her not to since she already said good-bye to Carlotta and it would just upset them to have to do it again. After she leaves, Liz wants to forget about and he has regrets but will move on for Keri’s sake. She says they have bigger problems than Carlotta’s friend; they have “us”. Carlotta tells Liz that she’s making a quilt for Jen’s baby and asks her if she would like one as well. Antonio tells Keri that she’s amazing and Keri mentions in passing that she was there when Liz first realized that she might be pregnant.