OLTL Update Tuesday 10/22/02

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/22/02

By Kelsey
Pictures by Juanita

Talking on the phone, Niki hangs up when there is a ring at the door. Todd explains everything about Blair and his kids. He also needs Niki's help with trying to see Jack and Starr. Niki refuses. Todd argues that before she said she would help him. Niki explains that that was Viki, not her. Although Todd doesn't believe her at first, he eventually trusts her. Todd is even more surprised when he finds out Jessica and Natalie are twins. Niki reports that she doesn't know why the doctor stole the baby. She changes the subject and says that she still will not help Todd. Todd also reports that being on a deserted island was no picnic either. NIki doesn't believe his story about the island. Eventually, Niki gives in and believes him and who was with him. Todd reveals Todd and Ross were with him. Niki asks where they are and he shocks Niki by saying they are still on the island. Niki, upset, wonders why he left them there and where the island is. Todd says it's in between Maui and Guam. Niki calls the police for help. Todd says that he won't help her with anything anymore and starts to leave, saying she has Ben. Niki reveals that Ben is comatose. Todd apologizes. As Todd leaves, Niki gives him a peck on the cheek and tells him she loves him. Todd does phone the authories in Guam and tells them where he thinks the island is.  Todd asks Viki if she thinks this twin switching thing isn't strange. On the phone, Niki talks to Clint and wonders if Alison knew that she was switching babies.

Preparing at home for Max, Roxanne stops what she is doing to answer the door. When she opens the door, she is greeted with a slap from Jessica. Jessica blasts Roxanne for lying. Roxanne is surprised that Jessica and Natalie are twins. Jessica accuses Roxanne of playing dumb and blames her for Natalie's bad childhood. Jessica wants to know how Roxanne could not feel guilty. Roxanne replies that she tried not thinking about it. Jessica retorts that it is too late, as policemen appear to take Roxy away.  Jess says that she is making a jail cell as her new home. Roxanne begs, telling about her dinner with Max. Jessica tells the officer to take her away.

The man that saved Natalie from Al reveals that his name is Michael Lazarus. Lazarus and Nat bond and Nat tells him her situation with Jessica. Nat and Lazarus bond more; Nat says that she hated Jess but now everyone hates her. Lazarus says that's not true. Nat tells him about Jen and Cristian. Lazarus says he can help her. Nat wonders why he is being so nice and wonders who he is. Lazarus says his job is to spread around kindness. Nat is skeptical and says it's not that easy for her. Lazarus encourages her to keep her chin up. Nat thanks him. He says good bye and walks off. Jess and Nat run into each other as he leaves. Nat wants to know what Jess wants. Jess tells her that Roxanne is in jail. Both are glad. They share an awkward moment and can't believe they're twins. Jess wonders what could have been.

Liz asks Nora to be her lawyer and paperwork with her new baby. Nora wonders what is wrong. Liz say there is someone that she doesn't want to see and that can ruin everything between her and Keri. Nora assumes Liz is talking about RJ and Liz covers. Nora says that Liz will never lose Keri and the baby is hers.

Screaming that daddy's home, Starr jumps on the couch. When Blair enters, Starr and Blair fight. Blair explains that Todd can't be trusted. Starr wonders why she can't let Todd back. Blair says she doesn't want them taken away. Starr disagrees. Blair tells Suzanne that Todd is not to be alone with the kids. Starr states that its not fair; Blair tells her that life is not fair. Later, when there is a ring at the door, the nanny won't let Starr answer the door. When she opens it, Nora is standing in the doorway. After sending Suzanne away, Starr gives Nora a dollar and states that she wants Nora as her lawyer.

In the diner, Keri sees Antonio with a young, pretty cop. She gets jealous. Not realizing her loose grip on her glass, she drops it, calling Antonio's attention. Antonio wonders what's wrong/ When the girl leaves he asks again. Keri admits that she thought she was the girl in the hotel room. Antonio explains they work together and that's all. Keri feels guilty. Antonio comforts her, saying he shouldn't of done what he did. As he is hugging Keri, he sees his mom crying the corner.   He asks what's wrong and Carlota starts to explain.  Her friend is there, the one that saw Antonio and Liz at the hotel together.  Just then, Liz walks in, too.

Blair bursts into Sam's office, telling him about Todd. Blair blames herself for being so foolish. Sam assures her. Blair tells Sam that Todd was on the deserted island and that "Gilligan" built a raft and escaped. Blair tells him that Todd is out of her life. Sam questions her feelings for Todd. Blair says she hates Todd. Sam wants her to be honest; Blair says she doesn't love Todd anymore. There has been too many lies and betrayals to go back to Todd. Sam believes her but wonders about their relationship. Blair states that it is just the beginning of a brand new life.   They kiss.  Todd barges into Sam's office and sees them kissing.

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