OLTL Update Monday 10/21/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/21/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Bo tells Vicki that she gave birth to twins. She insists that she only remembers one birth and when Bo reminds her of Nikki’s words, that Vicki is more of a mother than she knows, she explains this to the girls and then wonders if an alter gave birth to one of them. She tells her children how much she loves them and how happy she is that they are both her children. Natalie asks for reassurance that nothing has changed for her and Vicki agrees. Natalie is concerned with how different things could have been and why the switch even occurred at all. Bo tells Vicki that he’ll find the answers to all of her questions and doesn’t even need Dr. Balsam in order to do so. Natalie comforts Vicki for not making the mental link to Dr. Balsam by pointing out that Roxy married to a doctor is a far stretch. Natalie leaves because she “has some things to do”. Vicki asks her to stay as they have things to catch up on, but Natalie insists she has to go. Before she does, Jessica acknowledges that none of it was Natalie’s fault, and Bo inquires privately about how Natalie is feeling. She responds that she just wishes to give her mother and sister some time alone. She adds that she’s happy but wonders who and where she would be if the DNA tests had been different.

Vicki tells Jessica that even with the results of Natalie’s DNA test, she was never sure, but always hoped and suspected that that Jessica that was her biological daughter. She adds that either way, to her it wouldn’t have mattered. Jessica admits that she had been angry and confused about all of the new changes and that she tried to hide her feelings, but adds that now she’s really back. Jessica feels bad that she couldn’t help her mother through this. Vicki says that she knew Jessica belonged to her and Clint because of a moment she kept replaying in her mind, holding Jessica after she was returned to her after the kidnapping. Jessica wonders why Nikki wouldn’t have wanted Vicki to know that she had twins. Vicki replies that she has no idea, any more than she knows how she could not know that she was carrying two children. Jessica goes to call her father and tell him the good news. Vicki starts to dwell on feeling guilty for what she put her children though, as she mentions to Bo who swears that it was not at all her fault, and wondering how she could have not known that she was carrying twins.

Cristian asks Al why the due date even matters. He says that he wants to know because he still cares about Jen and if he hears the due date then it will make it more real for him and he will be able to finally walk away. Cristian relates to how it feels to love someone and know that you can’t be with them so he looks up the due date. Jen panics but Cristian informs them that she’s in her second trimester. She is surprised and when Cristian steps away to sign up for fatherhood classes, Al demands to know why she was so surprised. Cristian overhears them speaking and Jen covers by saying that she was relieved, not surprised, and that the reason she is relieved is because her doctor told her that most miscarriages occur in the first trimester. After Al leaves, Cristian assures her that he will not let Al be a problem.

After both guys leave, the assistant, Marcy, introduces herself to Jen and admits to changing the due date from the first to the second trimester because she wanted to help and it seemed so important to Jen. She also admits to knowing that this makes Al the real father, but promises not to tell anyone. She tells Jen that she’s lucky to have Cristian, and she agrees. Cristian takes Jen home, gives her the prenatal vitamins, and tucks her in for a nap.

Al finds Natalie at the quarry and tells her that he just found out about Jen’s pregnancy and thought for a moment that the baby was,… and upon Natalie’s pressing, that the baby was unwanted, by Cristian, and that that’s why they hadn’t told Al. She suggests that perhaps they didn’t tell Al because he’s a psycho. He gets in her face, pushes her up against a rock, and threatens to kiss her, like how she kissed him last week. A man comes and tells Al to back off until he finally does. Natalie is grateful, but also wants to know who the man is.

Troy claims he was never married. Lindsay starts spouting off about how her sister Melanie never meant anything to him. Then she claims that she made an honest mistake and got Colin and Troy mixed up. Troy tells Emily that there’s no way that Lindsay knows about Joanna and he assumes that either Lindsay has truly lost it or she simply hates him. Nora overhears, Emily leaves, and Nora assures him that Lindsay feels something toward him that is much worse than hate. When she divulges that emotion as love and Troy attempts to replace the word with obsession, Nora reminds him that to Lindsay they are the same thing. Nora comments that they can get Lindsay to leave them alone by getting her a boyfriend.

After Lindsay pays off the girl for the survey scheme, Sam corners Lindsay and asks her when she’s finally going to get over Troy and leave he and Nora alone. She informs Sam that she despises him, not love, and that she has been trying to stay away from them. Sam warns her that if she doesn’t leave them alone then Nora is going to start to remember more about the car that pushed her overboard and almost caused her to drown. Lindsay claims that Nora would say anything to have her thrown back in jail and Sam corrects that Nora would say anything only if it were true. Lindsay swears that she wasn’t there. Sam reminds her that no one would believe her if she claimed it were an accident. Lindsay tries to change the subject to Jen and her pregnancy. Sam won’t allow it and Lindsay leaves the conversation, and Sam’s presence, with the comment that someday Nora will be very grateful to her. Then Lindsay checks on her order for a rare African amulet that she’s purchasing.

Rae begs Nigel for advice and assistance regarding making she and Vicki friends again. Asa comes in and tells Rae that he knows how to help her regain her friendship with Vicki and that he’s willing to help. Rae is skeptical but Asa says that he knows that Vicki needs all the friends she can get right now and also believes that her friendship with Rae seemed like the real deal. He says that the way to regain the friendship is to show Vicki that she is a changed woman, one who can stand on her own two feet, one who doesn’t need to be married to Asa. He suggests that a divorce would prove herself to Vicki. She replies that she will divorce him in order to regain Vicki’s friendship…when hell freezes over.