OLTL Update Friday 10/18/02

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/18/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

Al warns Jen to stop lying about being pregnant and she in turn warns him to leave or she’ll tell the police about him starting the fire. He questions if she would really do that to the father of her baby. He demands to know who the father is and adds that if she goes to the police then he’ll tell everyone they slept together, twice. He tells he about the events at the diner and about what he was connected to when he pressed *69. She admits that she’s pregnant but assures him that she’s in the second trimester and that she knows it’s Cristian’s baby. She says she was pregnant when they made love and just didn’t know it yet. He does not believe her and says that he’s going to go see her doctor.

Jen’s doctor tells Cristian that he just missed Jen and he asks for the due date but she can’t tell him anything at all because of doctor patient confidentiality. He insists that he just wants to help Jen and the doctor urges him to come with Jen to her next appointment so that she can answer all of he questions. After the doctor leaves, he sees her medical records on the counter and when it falls he picks it up. The assistant, their classmate, grabs it from him and he tries to persuade her to give him the due date but she doesn’t want to get fired. He begins to wonder if Jen is hiding something.

Al and Jen arrive at the doctor’s office and Cristian is there and curios as to why they seem upset. Jen claims that Al is upset because he found out that she is pregnant and thinks she’s making it up to keep Al away from her. She says he won’t leave her alone and that she brought him here to prove she’s pregnant. Al wants to see her doctor, who is still unavailable, but he finds Jen’s charts which hold all of the answers to their questions as well. She refuses to let Al see her personal medical records and at first denies Cristian when he asks to look at it instead. She allows it and he looks and assures them all that she is in fact pregnant. Al isn’t yet satisfied because he also wants to know Jen’s due date.

Nora calls Troy to confirm their dinner date and Lindsay shows up at his door stating that she’s there because of Joanna. She wants to know why the painting isn’t hanging at the clinic and if it ever will be. She lets herself in and finds the destroyed painting. He tells he that he destroyed it because it was from her and asks her to leave. Nora calls to inform him that she’s running late as usual and they discuss meeting at the Club instead of their original destination. When he gets off the phone he realizes that Lindsay is still there and he shoves her out. Lindsay, outside of his home, makes a call to someone who is looking to make a few extra bucks.

Nora confides in Sam that she thinks Lindsay was behind her near drowning and admits that she can’t talk to Troy about it because she’s afraid of how he’d react. She tells him that Lindsay mentioned wishing that Nora had drowned and that it as all in the way she said it. She reminds him that it was the night of Lindsay’s escape and says that there’s nothing she can do about it because of lack of evidence and Lindsay’s inevitable claim that it was an accident. Nora wonders why Lindsay threw her the rope. Sam mentions that Lindsay blames Nora for Jen’s pregnancy because she blames her for Lindsay’s incarceration. Sam is curious as to why Nora hasn’t told Troy and although she is obviously scared of Troy’s possible reaction, she says that she doesn’t think Lindsay would risk going back to jail any more or less that she thinks Troy would take matters into his own hands against Lindsay again.

At the country club, Matthew tells his father that he wants in indoor slide and he and Emily discuss what a great day of miniature golf they’ve had. Troy arrives and, away from Nora and Sam, tells Emily that Lindsay saw the destroyed painting and wasn’t happy about it but he doesn’t think she knows about Joanna either. He also thanks Emily for spending the day with Matthew. Lindsay pays someone to pretend to run a survey and ask Sam, Nora, Troy, Matthew, and Emily how many times they’ve each been married. When Troy joins Emily and Matthew in the “Ew, yuck, Never!” category, Lindsay comes along and insists that Troy tell the truth about the one time that he has been married.

Bo asks for a foolproof DNA test. Shocked by the test’s initial results, he asks to have more tests done for an even more accurate answer. Gabrielle comes in to seduce him away because he was late for their date, but he ensures her that the DNA test results he’s waiting for are of dire importance. He promises to be home just as soon as he can and she takes it well but paints the picture of the romantic scene he’s going to come home to. Finally the tests are ready, and he heads directly to Llanfair.

Jessica looks at a picture of her, Natalie, and Vicki, and rips herself out of it. Vicki has been waiting for Natalie to come home and lets her know. Natalie wants to know why Vicki hasn’t told her that Jessica is her biological and Natalie is not. When Vicki tells her that they are both her daughters, Natalie admits to overhearing her talking to Bo. Vicki tells Natalie that Roxy is not Jessica’s biological mother, but that it has nothing to do with Natalie. Vicki adds that Dr. Balsam was her obstetrician and wants to know if Natalie has any idea why he would have stolen a baby. Natalie says she never knew him very well.

Jessica walks in on the conversation and becomes curious and concerned. Vicki says that it’s a possibility that she’s Jessica’s mother instead of Natalie’s. Natalie insists that the tests do not lie and neither does she anymore and wants to know what would happen to her if she were not Vicki’s biological daughter. She apologizes for her initial behaviors a year ago and Vicki insists that she has seen the changes in Natalie and that she is her daughter no matter what and that their relationship will not change.

Jessica believes that Natalie’s only worried about the money, and is also convinced that Natalie knew all along and that if she didn’t tamper with the DNA results herself then she helped Allison do it. Jessica tries to leave Natalie alone at her mother’s request. Vicki informs Natalie that she loves her and believes in her. Natalie suggests a retest of DNA and Vicki informs them that she’s already done it. Natalie gets upset about it but calms down when Vicki asks her to believe in her in return. Bo arrives, test results in hand, and informs a very shocked family that both Jessica and Natalie are Vicki’s daughters.

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