OLTL Update Thursday 10/17/02


One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/17/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Todd surprises Blair by waiting for her in the living room. At first she doesn’t react but when he questions it she tells him to go to hell. She informs him that they’re divorced again. She threatens to have him arrested for showing up but he’s certain that the legal document she signed is already filed. He informs her of the deserted island, adding that the only thing that kept him going was thinking about his children. She says that she doesn’t believe him but that if its true then he got what he deserved. She adds that she hoped everyday that he would never come back. Blair tells him that she wants a normal life and he reminds her that it isn’t in the cards for either of them. He tries to get upstairs to see Jack and she threatens to have him thrown in jail under violation of the restraining order. She begins to call Bo and he grabs the phone. Todd finally agrees to leave and she warns him never to return. He has no intentions of heeding the warning.

At the doctor’s office, a nerdy classmate working at the hospital recognizes Jen as the prettiest girl in school. Jen calls Gabrielle who assures her that Al will keep his distance. Cristian wants to go into the doctor’s office with Jen but she says she feels to weird and tells him to go to class. He finally agrees to leave but asks her to get the due date so that they can plan accordingly. She asks her doctor to lie to Cristian about the due date.

Roxy tries to tell Max about the kidnapping but tells him about seeing Luna instead. At first he becomes defensive and then she shows him the tapes and goes upstairs so that he can watch them. Later, she creeps downstairs and out the door with some baggage.  She phones Rex to say that she's leaving town before the cops arrest her for kidnapping.  Inside, Max cries while watching Luna, who tells him to keep an open heart and mind.  Max comes outside and asks Roxy where she's going; she lies that she is just taking the stuff to the garage.  He thanks Roxy for showing him and videotapes and asks her to eat dinner with him tonight.

R.J. wants to know why Antonio and Liz are arguing, but he gets a lecture rather than an answer. R.J. offers a truce to Liz so that they can plan the wedding that he insists on funding. Liz agrees to the truce but still leaves upset. Keri follows, leaving R.J. alone with Antonio to ask him what the problem is. He’s curious as to Antonio’s excuse of Liz not liking him, since they only recently met. He also asks if the dislike is mutual. Cristian comes and R.J. leaves, after first apologizing. Antonio tells Cristian that the woman he slept with is Keri’s mother. He supports his brother’s decision to not tell Keri.

Keri asks her mother to stay but Liz claims to feel guilty about Keri being the surrogate. Keri asks her mother to trust her enough to let her be the judge of her own happiness. Keri informs Antonio of the great news, Liz has agreed to stay until Keri gives birth. R.J. arrives at Liz’s door, ready to lend an ear, but she isn’t interested. She does, however, inform him that she’s staying in town.

Al knows why his mother is trying to get him out of town to North Carolina to see his siblings. Gabrielle reminds Al of the seriousness of Jen’s threats and he wonders how she can be so cruel to him so soon after making love, twice. When Al suspects that Gabrielle is doing this because of Bo, she tells him that she’d give up Bo in a heartbeat for Al. Al agrees to go to North Carolina. He goes up to the counter to pay and when he drops his change Carlotta, who is on the phone with Jen and talking about the pregnancy, says his name. Jen begs Carlotta to cover and she does, by telling Al that she was talking to Keri. He questions this because she mentioned being a grandmother. Not pacified by Carlotta’s answer, he waits until she is gone and presses call return, getting Jen’s voice mail. Al arrives at Jen’s doorstop, asking her if she wants him to leave town because she’s pregnant.