OLTL Update Wednesday 10/16/02

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/16/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Carlotta shows Cristian the invitation she received from Natalie. She's very angry about the fact that Natalie is Jen's maid of honor. Cristian defends Natalie. He tells his mother to leave her alone, because she doesn't know what she's talking about. When she persists, Cristian storms out of the diner.

Also at the diner, Max and R.J. talk about Keri's pregnancy. Max asks about Antonio's reaction. For some reason, Antonio says he's fine with this. Max isn't too sure about that. It doesn't sound like something that any man would be okay with. The conversation turns to Max's desire to find a way out of his marriage. He still doesn't understand how Roxy found out about the secret divorce hearing. "There's no telling," R.J. says, hiding his guilt. Max admits that Roxy recently gave him some good advice about Al, and he was almost grateful. He needs to get away from her before his brain rots. Carlotta stops by the table, and R.J. thanks her for the engagement party. He would appreciate her input on the wedding plans. Carlotta will think about it. When she's gone, Max laughs at his friend for being so civil to her. R.J. admits that he's all but thrown in the towel on this one. Keri and Antonio have made it through obstacles most couples wouldn't be able to. If he had a way to use the pregnancy against them, he most certainly would.

Keri insists that her mother should stay in Llanview; it's perfect. Liz disagrees. Keri doesn't understand. There's nothing tying her mother to Chicago. Besides, she and Steve had originally planned to have their surrogate live with them anyway, so this is the right thing to do. Keri urges Antonio to voice his agreement, but he agrees with Liz. At Keri's request, he gives her and her mother some privacy. He goes to the diner, where he mentions to Carlotta that Liz is going back home. R.J. hears this, and his reaction makes Max think that he's still interested in Liz. R.J. denies this, but Max doesn't believe him.

Keri demands to know what's really going on. She didn't want to believe it, but this is obviously about Antonio and his one-night stand. In shock, Liz asks how she figured it out. Keri replies that it's obvious. Her mother hates her fiance because of what he did, but she shouldn't. She defends Antonio. Liz agrees with her; she won't judge him. Antonio arrives just outside, followed closely by R.J. They hear a loud argument inside the apartment. Keri accuses her mother of hiding something to do with Antonio. R.J. looks at him with suspicion.

Roxy tells Rex that it's all over, but he disagrees. It's not over for him. Viki and Jessica will never know that he knew the truth all along. He mentions the possibility of prison to Roxy, adding that the statute of limitations probably ran out years earlier. Rex advises her to check this out with a lawyer. In any case, she shouldn't drag him down with her, because she'll need him on the outside. As he leaves, he points out that she could skip town. Roxy doesn't know what to do about her predicament. Talking to Walter's ashes doesn't help. She decides to consult with Luna about this. She digs out the videotape and picks up where she left off. Luna tells Max to let love find him again, and embrace it. He should find a woman with a good heart, who makes him happy. This woman will be there when he needs her. She'll do one pure, selfless act, and he'll know that she's the one. He'll look into her eyes and know. Roxy thinks she's talking to her. It's weird. She thinks Max will look into her eyes and turn her in. She turns off the video and tries to flee. Max is at the door. She doesn't want him to look in her eyes. Finally, getting her courage up, she tells him that she's keeping something from him.

From the park bench, Natalie senses that someone is watching her. She calls out, but there's no answer. Instead, Bo calls to her from a different direction. Sitting down to talk with his niece, he asks how things worked out with Al. Realizing what he means, Natalie apologizes for giving him the wrong idea. She's not interested in Al. She's interested in another man, but he's completely unavailable. Bo offers her some encouragement that there's someone out there for her. He answers his phone, then makes sure that his niece is okay before continuing with the call. He encourages her to come to him if she ever wants to talk. Natalie thanks him. She's looking forward to sharing things with Viki again. After Bo leaves, Natalie stands up, accidentally dropping the invitations. Cristian has just walked up behind her. He helps her pick up the invitations, touching her hand in the process. She pulls away. He was looking for her. He wants to apologize for what his mother said to her. Natalie doesn't need him to come to her rescue anymore. She tries to leave, but he stops her. He wants to get her off the hook for being Jen's maid of honor. Natalie orders him not to do that. If she can make everyone believe that she doesn't love him, maybe eventually she'll believe it herself. She leaves. Cristian looks at one of the invitations, then tosses it down onto the bench. As soon as he's gone, Natalie's stalker picks it up. The hand holding the invitation is that of a man.

As Viki goes through Jessica's baby book, Jessica comes into the room. Viki starts to tell her what she's learned, but Jessica already knows. She found out from Seth. Once again, Jessica doesn't know who she is. She wants to know where she came from, and why she was taken from her mother. Viki wishes that she could answer Jessica's questions, but she can't. Jessica's convinced that someone must know. She finally came to terms with having Roxy for a mother, and now that's not even true. It's even worse than she thought. Why didn't her real parents ever look for her? Viki promises to find her mother, but Jessica doesn't want her to do that. She tells her to stop looking through those old pictures, because it won't help. She simply can't go through this again. What if her biological mother is even worse than Roxy? Viki doesn't think that's even possible. In fact, the woman may still be looking for her. Viki has to know the truth. Jessica runs upstairs.

The doorbell announces Bo's arrival. Viki informs him that she needs his help. She would like to have a confidential DNA test run, to find out who her daughter is. Viki fills Bo in on the situation. They both struggle to make sense of the clue Niki provided. Viki wants to have both Natalie and Jessica tested. She gives him some of Jessica's baby hair, and says that she'll get some of Natalie's hair from her brush. She wants Bo to supervise the test from start to finish. He's happy to oblige. Natalie overhears Viki say that she thinks Jessica might be her daughter after all.

Blair admires a bouquet of flowers from Sam. He's taking her out on a date later on, but the destination is a surprise. Starr interrupts, unaware that Todd has just slipped inside the house behind her. Starr expects a present from Sam for Jack's birthday, and she knows what she wants. She wants a legal paper stating that Blair can't send Todd to jail. If she can show that to the kids at school, they won't make fun of her and say that her dad's a jailbird. Sam informs Starr that it's not his decision to make. Blair tells her that Todd did something wrong, and has to be punished. Starr thinks that he's already been punished enough. Sam advises Blair not to do it, but she doesn't want her kids to be ridiculed by other kids. She has him draw up the form. Blair signs the form, and Sam notarizes it. Starr runs off, happy. Sam's uneasy about this, but he won't let Todd hurt Blair again. They're looking forward to their date. Blair sees Sam out, then goes back inside. She finds Todd sitting on the couch.