OLTL Update Tuesday 10/15/02

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/15/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Jessica wants to know who her mother is. Seth doesn't know, because Corinne didn't say much at all. However, he does know that Rex is scamming Jessica. When Rex accuses him of making all this up, Seth tells her to call Corinne. She decides to do just that. She calls Corinne, who confirms Seth's story. Seth and Rex argue about whether or not Rex knew the truth all along. Jessica tells them to stop it. She can't deal with this right now. She wants Seth to leave, but he refuses to leave her alone with Rex. Jessica loses her temper. Her whole life just fell apart, and he's worrying about this stupid competition with Rex. He obviously doesn't care about her at all. Seth protests that he just wanted to help. She tells him to go, and he reluctantly complies. Rex is curious about what Corinne said about him. According to Corinne, Roxy also had Rex fooled. Jessica can't believe this. She doesn't know who her mother is, or even who she herself is. She's not Roxy's daughter. She's not Rex's sister. She can't believe this is happening all over again. She runs out of the room. Alone, Rex calls Corinne to thank her for not telling Jessica that he knew the truth.

Viki wants an answer. Who is Jessica's biological mother? She yells at Roxy, who pleads with her not to hurt her. Viki demands to know whom the baby was stolen from. Roxy swears that she doesn't know, because she didn't do it. Her husband did, and he never told her. Viki wants to know how he managed to walk into a hospital and kidnap a baby. Roxy informs her that her husband was a doctor--Dr. Walter Balsom. Viki is skeptical at first, then remembers a crucial detail. Her obstetrician was a Dr. Balsom. She can't believe that the name never rang a bell before. Thinking about it, she concludes that it's because she didn't know that Roxy's husband was a doctor. Viki has one more question for Roxy, and if she doesn't get the truth, she'll strangle her. Did Roxy's husband steal Jessica from Viki? Roxy honestly doesn't know. She thought that Viki was Natalie's mother, not Jessica's. Viki admits they had a DNA test run twice. However, it may have been tampered with, or maybe it was just wrong. Roxy jokes that maybe Viki lucked out and neither one is her daughter, but Viki is not amused. Walter never told her whose baby she was. Viki is worried about Jessica's real parents agonizing all these years. Is Jessica her own daughter? Now she knows why Roxy hated Natalie all those years, and why she could never be a mother to Jessica. She never gave birth to either one.

Antonio agrees not to tell Keri that he slept with her mother, but he doesn't like it. Lying is killing him. He's afraid she'll find out some other way. It would destroy her. Liz reminds him that they didn't know each other's relationship to Keri, but that's no comfort to Antonio. Liz wants to find Keri at the diner and have lunch there. As far as she's concerned, Keri never needs to know that anything is wrong.

Keri is sick as Carlotta and Innocencia talk about the woman with the broken-down car, whom Antonio helped. Keri knows that Antonio slept with her, but the older women have no idea. Innocencia describes the woman as young and very beautiful; she'd know her anywhere. Keri claims to be dizzy, and Carlotta makes her sit down. Innocencia goes to the kitchen to whip up a remedy made from ginger root. Antonio and Liz come into the diner, and Keri says that her dizzy spell is passing. She and Liz go back to the apartment to get her sweater. Antonio asks his mother what happened, and she explains that Innocencia was teasing her about the woman he helped with her car. That's when Keri suddenly felt ill. Innocencia comes back and latches onto Antonio. She wants to meet his future mother-in-law.

At the apartment, Liz asks Keri what's wrong. It's too early for morning sickness. Keri fills her in on what happened. Hearing about the woman made it all very real to her. Liz comforts her, urging her to forget about it. Keri admits that she and Antonio have both been with other people. She mentions that Carlotta's friend--the one who saw them together--was in the diner just now. Worried, Liz decides it's time to get out of town. As an excuse, she says that she has to get back to work. Keri tries to talk her out of it, but Liz suggests that she and Antonio visit her in Chicago. Remembering that she left her purse in the diner, she fakes a headache and asks Keri to get it for her. Antonio returns just as Keri is leaving, and he and Liz argue again. Liz is upset because her relationship with Keri was nearly destroyed forever. Antonio is just as upset about his own situation. He tells her about the close call with Innocencia, but she already knows. Antonio still wants to tell Keri the truth, but Liz is adamant. She says that he shouldn't have told Keri about his indiscretion at all, because it hurt her deeply. He'd better keep quiet now before he makes things worse. Keri returns and notices the tension. Liz claims that Antonio was trying to talk her out of leaving, but she has to go. Keri contradicts her; she doesn't have to leave after all. Liz's cell phone rang, and Keri answered it. The funding for her research job wasn't renewed, so Keri has made a decision. Her mother is staying in Llanview, and that's final.

Jen meets Lindsay at the Palace to talk about the wedding. She becomes angry when Lindsay reminds her that she shouldn't have caffeine. She accuses her mother of trying to tell everyone about her condition. She's still angry with her for telling Troy and Nora. If Lindsay messes things up for her, she's out of her life for good. When Lindsay tells Jen that she understands revenge, Nora pokes her head around the corner, then comes over to confront her about the painting. Jen leaves, prompting Lindsay to accuse Nora of driving her away. Nora sits down. Lindsay asks why she had to make it out of the river so fast. This confirms what Nora knew all along. Lindsay was the one who ran her over the bridge. Lindsay accuses Nora of imagining things. Nora starts to leave, but Lindsay stops her. She wants to put all this behind her. In fact, she thinks that they both should, before someone eventually does end up getting killed. Lindsay wants to call a truce. Nora tells her to just stay away from her and Troy. After she walks away, Lindsay laughs to herself.

Troy gets a visit from the artist who painted "Joanna." While she shows him her portfolio, Troy asks her about "Joanna." She explains that it was named by a friend of hers, who was left at the altar for a woman she particularly disliked. Her friend thought that the painting captured the way she felt. Getting the answer to his question, Troy thanks the artist and ends their meeting. Troy tells Emily that it was all just a freaky coincidence. Nora arrives at his loft. Seeing the destroyed painting, she asks what happened. Troy says that Lindsay was pushing his buttons. Besides, the painting is ugly, and there's no way he'd ever hang it in the clinic. Nora fills him in on her latest encounter with Lindsay, and they agree they don't ever want to deal with her again.

The artist meets with Lindsay. She informs her that Troy bought her story. In return for her help, Lindsay will push her paintings. She's about to deliver the final blow to Troy, and he won't even see it coming.

Roxy walks around the house, carrying the urn containing Walter's ashes. He caused her nothing but trouble. Rex comes to the door and comments on the urn. Roxy informs him that it's over, but Rex says that it's not over for him.

Back at Llanfair, Viki thinks about what Niki said. "Viki is more of a mother than she knows." It never occurred to her to have Jessica tested. Could it be? She gets out Jessica's baby book and starts looking through it. Jessica finds her and asks what she's doing.