OLTL Update Monday 10/14/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/14/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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While Todd hides in the bushes, Starr tells her mother that there's something there. She's interrupted by the arrival of Bo, who wants to talk to Blair about Todd. Bo informs Blair that Gabrielle received a call from Todd, although she didn't have the impression that he's back in Llanview yet. Bo thinks that Todd was trying to determine whether or not it would be safe to come back. He wants to know what he should do if Todd shows up. Blair tells him to have Todd arrested immediately. Starr insists on telling them something, and Blair finally gives in. Starr makes up a story about finding a rare salamander in the bushes, and Blair tells her to go guard it. Alone with Todd, Starr tells her dad that she didn't want him to go to jail forever. However, she won't leave town with him. Todd stares at her, trying to take in exactly what she looks like. He doesn't ever want to forget. Starr offers to bring Jack outside, but he turns her down. He just wants to hear about Jack from Starr. He tells her to look out for Jack, because that's what big sisters do. This is goodbye; they won't see each other anymore. Starr hugs him. She doesn't want him to go, but she doesn't want him to stay and get arrested either. Todd thinks there's a solution, but he needs her help.

Antonio wants Keri to know the truth, but she doesn't give him the chance to tell her everything. She doesn't want to hear it. Keri says that it was just one night, and he'll never see the woman again. She blames herself for breaking up with Antonio in the first place. It hurts, but she understands why it happened, and she forgives him. A knock at the door interrupts them. Antonio opens the door to find Liz, who informs him that they still need to talk. Her jaw drops when Keri appears behind him. Recovering, Liz says that she was looking for her daughter. While Keri goes down to the diner for takeout, Liz thanks Antonio for not telling Keri the truth. Antonio insists that he won't keep things from Keri. He already told her about spending the night with a woman; he just didn't have a chance to identify the woman yet. Her mouth hanging wide open, Liz accuses him of trying to ease his guilty conscience by telling Keri. Antonio insists that she deserves to know the truth. Liz gapes, insisting that he shouldn't hurt Keri any more than he already has. Antonio says that Keri is stronger than she thinks. Liz asks how he'll feel if this destroys her. Antonio gives in. He won't tell Keri that he slept with her mother.

Someone is watching through the window at the diner. When Natalie gives Carlotta an invitation to Jen's shower, Carlotta accuses her of playing a cruel joke. Natalie insists that she tried to get out of it, but couldn't. It was all Jen's idea. Carlotta's explanation for this is that Jen is sweet and innocent. Natalie remarks that Jen's not that innocent. She's having a baby, isn't she? Carlotta doesn't like this at all. She cops her usual sanctimonious attitude with Natalie, who has all she can stand before walking out.

After Natalie leaves, Carlotta's friend Innocencia comes into the diner. As they talk, Keri comes in and makes a huge order, wanting all of Antonio's favorites. Carlotta introduces her to her friend, pointing out that Innocencia is the one who saw Antonio when he was helping that woman. Not wanting to be reminded of that, Keri looks sick.

Natalie sits down on a park bench, thinking that Carlotta was right. Nobody loves her, and she doesn't deserve anyone. She cries, unaware that she's being watched.

After hearing Seth's news, Viki doesn't understand how this is possible. Seth doesn't know. All he knows is that Rex's aunt said that Jessica isn't Roxy's kid. Viki wants to know who Jessica's parents really are. The DNA tests proved conclusively that Natalie is her own daughter. Seth doesn't think Corinne knows any more than what she told him. Viki wonders whether Niki's secret is somehow connected to this.

Jessica, Roxy, and Rex are at the Palace for lunch. Rex admits that there was something big for Seth to find in Michigan. Roxy tries to shush him, but to her surprise, he tells a tale of juvenile vandalism. Seth will find this out from the cops, but he'll also learn that no charges were pressed. Jessica doesn't think any less of Rex because of this. She wants to go home now and spend time with Viki. Roxy is upset that Corinne didn't do any better raising Rex than she would have. She's glad to hear that Rex's story was a lie. He was just trying to make Jessica believe that he's being completely honest with her. There's no way he's going to give up his new life of luxury. Jessica is the key to that, and if Roxy works on it, she may be able to get back in Jessica's good graces. For that to happen, Jessica can never find out the truth.

Jessica and Rex are unhappy to see Seth at Llanfair. He won't leave until he tells Jessica what he found out in Michigan. Jessica doesn't want to hear it. She already knows what she needs to know, and she doesn't care. Seth is appalled. He can't believe that it doesn't bother her. She must not really know everything. His suspicion is confirmed when Jessica tells him that she knows all about Rex's trouble with the police. He announces that Rex isn't really her brother. That's what he found out when he went to Michigan. Rex protests, but Seth continues. She's not Roxy's daughter; Roxy is not her mother.

Viki pays Roxy a visit to find out the truth. She's been thinking quite a bit about the baby switch. When it all came out, she agonized over not being able to tell the difference between the baby who was taken and the one who was "returned" to her. However, a month had passed, and she assumed the differences she saw were due to normal growth. Roxy can't possibly use that excuse, because she was never missing a baby for a month. After asking several direct questions about the labor and delivery, it's obvious that Roxy can describe Rex's birth but not Jessica's. Viki accuses her of not giving birth to Jessica. Roxy tries to cover, but Viki is relentless. Losing her temper, she tells Roxy that she wants to know everything. Roxy can either tell Viki, or she can tell the police. Viki picks up the phone, which Roxy grabs out of her hands. Roxy admits that she didn't give birth to either baby. In fact, she never gave birth to any baby girl. Jessica was stolen. Viki wants to know what kind of monster would take a newborn baby girl from her mother. She demands to know how Roxy got the baby. Who is her real mother?