OLTL Update Friday 10/11/02

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/11/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

Blair reassures Sam that she’s through with Todd, seals it with a passionate kiss, and he starts to believe it. Nora comes to the home to drop off some papers for Blair and finds Sam. Blair eavesdrops as Nora asks Sam what he’s doing there and he tells her that he’s seeing Blair romantically. They discuss Blair’s recent acts against she and Troy. She adds that she doesn’t think Blair will be able to stay away from Todd. Sam responds by singing Blair’s praises. Blair comes out, Nora soon leaves, and Blair admits to Sam that she was eavesdropping. He tells her that its okay and she thanks him for what he said to Nora with a very passionate kiss and embrace.  

Starr kicks her father, reiterates everything that her mother told her about he and Jack, and tells him that she hates him and never wants to see him again. He tells her that he’s missed her and asks her for just one visit, adding that it has to be a secret. Starr asks why he didn’t see her and he tells her about the deserted island. He adds that he made it all this way just to see her. She doesn’t believe him at first, but when she asks if he was lonely and he shows her the picture he’s been holding, she begins to believe him. She hugs him and says that she hopes he never has to go away again. He suggests that maybe he won’t have to. She tells him to go away so he doesn’t get into worse trouble. He tells her that he wants more visits with her and Jack. Starr tells her father that she won’t keep secrets from his mother and warns him that if he doesn’t leave within the next ten seconds she’ll scream for her to come. He stays, she screams, Blair comes, he hides but does not yet leave.  

Jessica tells Rex that Seth went to Michigan and came back with a ‘deep, dark secret.’

Rex plays it cool and tells her that he wants to take her out so that she can forget about Seth and won’t be there when he calls. As she heads upstairs to prepare, Roxy shows up to give him more money. She tells him to ‘keep his mouth shut’ as Jessica’s coming down the stairs. She asks what’s going on and he tells his sister that he’s been borrowing money from Roxy to pay for schoolbooks that she didn’t want him to tell Jessica because she’d be upset he didn’t go to her for her help instead. Jessica agrees, thanks Roxy, offers to repay her, and allows her to tag along on their outing. Rex takes a moment first to assure his mother that no one will find out that Jessica is not really her child. At the table, Roxy makes a toast to her children, “the smartest thing she ever did.” 

Vicki tells Bo that the only truthful thing Dr. Hannon got Nikki to divulge is that

Vicki is “more of a mother than she knows.” Bo offers to help in any way he can and she is appreciative for it and for his decision not to arrest her. Gabrielle comes over and Bo tells Vicki that she is now more than a roommate to him. She admits that she’s not thrilled about it but makes a comment about it being better than he trying to seduce Bo and poison Gabrielle. She asks Gabrielle to at least try to forgive her mistakes since she is trying to do the same with her.  

After Vicki leaves, Gabrielle tells Bo that it is wrong not to press charges against Vicki. She goes on about how Al would need to pay the consequences for his actions if evidence should arise and that she herself went to prison for a long time for a crime she didn’t commit, and how is it fair that Vicki doesn’t pay for her crimes. Bo replies that Vicki has paid enough with the life of her husband and so forth. She admits that she’s worried that Vicki’s opinion of her will rub off on Bo. He tells her that Vicki is important to him but that his opinions are his own and he’s not changing them. She begins to let the issue go and tells Bo that part of the reason she is on edge is because she received a telephone call from Todd earlier.  

Vicki calls Rae and asks her to meet her with her files on Nikki Smith. She is flattered that Vicki is seeking her advice and still willing to be her friend. Vicki calmly states that Rae was never her friend and adds that she’ll never forgive her for destroying her life. She apologizes for making a mistake but says that she can’t put all the blame on her and that some of it needs to go to Nikki Smith. She insults Vicki by saying that if she weren’t so weak as to need to make up Nikki in the first place then none of this would have happened. Vicki calmly states that if she hadn’t known before that Rae was a fraud she would know at that moment because of Rae throwing in her face her father sexually abusing her as a child. Rae apologizes and Vicki walks out stating on her way that if she doesn’t get what she needs from the files then she will torment Rae until she does. Vicki goes home and continues her search for Nikki’s secret. She is interrupted by a knock on the door and Seth there ready to divulge to Jessica what he learned in Michigan. Instead he gets Vicki and gives her the message, Rex is not really Jessica’s brother, and Roxy is not her mother.  

Keri pushes Antonio to tell him what he’s hiding and swears that nothing can break them up. Keri blames herself, sensing what Antonio is about to say and swears that she doesn’t need nor want to hear anymore. All she wants to know is if he still loves her. He tells her that she’s not just a part of her life; she’s a part of his soul. He says that he can’t however, just avoid the truth, and must tell her what she does not wish to hear.

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