OLTL Update Thursday 10/10/02


One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/10/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Jessica eavesdrops on a telephone conversation between Jen and Natalie in which Jen asks Natalie to come over so that they can discuss the details of Jen’s bridal shower. Jessica rips into Natalie about trying to break up Cristian and Jen and then about sleeping with Seth. Vicki walks in on the argument. They are extremely happy to see their mother who assures them that Nikki is truly gone but adds that Ben’s condition has not changed at all. Natalie has to leave, as she promised Jen she would be right over, and Vicki doesn’t think it’s a good idea for she and Jessica to leave things as they are. Natalie tells her mother that she intends to explain her side of the story, but that it will have to wait.

At first Jessica does not want to burden her mother with her problems, but upon Viki’s insistence, she tells her all about Natalie and what she believes her sister has been up to as of late. She says that she is upset that Natalie has stolen her life She comforts her daughter and lets her know how loved she is, despite the fact that she is adopted. Vicki is introduced to Rex and then has to go but promises to be back soon. Jessica assures Rex that Seth is out of her life, but he is skeptical. He claims that he is worried that when Seth comes back from Michigan he will make something up in order to make Rex look bad. Jessica tells him not to worry because she knows the truth when she hears it.

Cristian asks Jen to call Natalie back and tell her that she doesn’t have to take care of the shower but Jen insists that her best buddy Natalie be very much a part of their wedding. He tries to back out of having a big wedding and then asks Jen when she’s do. He’s interrupted by a knock at the door, which Jen opens for Natalie while Cristian is still in nothing but a towel after a shower. Jen continuously flaunts Cristian in front of Natalie and keeps talking about the baby. After Cristian leaves, she vows to get Natalie fixed up, with someone just like Cristian, so that she’ll have a date at their wedding and won’t be so lonely. Cristian calls Jen’s doctor to get information regarding the pregnancy.

Sam admits to Blair that he’s been searching for Todd behind her back, partly because he can’t help but still care about Todd and partly because he doesn’t want Todd to come between what he and Blair are beginning to be to one another. She tries to assure Sam that she will not allow Todd back into her life.

Rex tells Roxy that Jessica dumped Seth and that it has made Seth even more eager to go to Michigan and dig up dirt on Rex. He fills his mother in on all that he has been up to lately in an attempt to keep the blank check that is his supposed sister.

Gabrielle tells Bo that Al has gone to North Carolina to visit his younger siblings and asks about what would happen if someone came forth and named Al as the arsonist. Bo informs her that if it came to that Bo would then need to investigate. They change the subject to Bo’s conversation with Nora and he informs Gabrielle that Nora has given them her blessing.

Todd calls Gabrielle and asks her if Blair ever pressed charges. She tells him that if he reappears in Llanview he will certainly be arrested. After hanging up, he spies on his family. Starr hears a ‘scary voice’ and leads her mother toward it but they find nothing. Then she hears a bump and is certain that she is not just hearing things. Sam throws away the papers regarding the search for Todd about the same time that Todd calls out Starr’s name. She turns around, shouts “Daddy!” and runs straight into his arms.

Gabrielle calls Bo but he cannot speak because Vicki has just entered. Vicki blames herself for Ben’s condition and then apologizes profusely to Bo for all that Nikki Smith did to him. She vows to find out what the secret was that Niki knew about and adds that she has an idea of what it could be.